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Reasons why fastener users choose Driv-Lok above the rest! 3 Driv-Loks technical engineering assistance provides Solution Resolution for our customers needs. 3 Driv-Loks customer service hours provide full coverage for our global customers. 3 Driv-Loks delivery performance exceeds all industry standards. 3 Driv-Lok led the industry in carrying a full line of press fit fasteners for over 60 years. 3 Driv-Lok exceeds industry standards at customer responsiveness. 3 Driv-Lok has been QS9000/ISO 9002 certified since 1996. 1140 Park Avenue, Sycamore, IL 60178 Phone: 815/895-8161 FAX: 815/895-6909 Website: Email: DRIV-LOK , Inc. 2002 DRIV-LOK, Inc. Catalog DLPG-6 DRIV-LOK , Inc. A Complete Line of Press Fit Fasteners Metric sizes also available QS9000/ ISO9002 CERTIFIED

Holding The Future Together DRIV-LOK has extensive machining capabilities to produce a wide range of special press fit fastening and joining products to solve many problems. The special fasteners on these pages are a small sampling of these Special Press Fit Fasteners

DRIV-LOK, Inc. 1 broad capabilities. If you do not see the type of fastener to meet your requirements, please send a sketch of the fastener or a description of the application to the DRIV- LOK Sales Department Phone: 815/895-8161 Fax: 815/895-6909 Website: Email: Fasteners shown at actual size 4 squares 1" SKETCH PART CONCEPT WITH

2 Mission Statement DRIV-LOK is the preferred source of innovative, cost effective solutions for our customers who need press fit fastening, joining and special component applications. DRIV-LOK provides the highest quality, superior customer service, shortest lead times, and unequaled technical assistance through a team of dedicated professionals. CORE VALUES 1. Uncompromising integrity and pride in everything we do. 2. Nurture an environment of harmony and teamwork throughout the corporation. 3. Commitment to helping all team members strive to be the best they can be. 4. Dedication to provide our customers the highest quality workmanship and value. 5. Intense desire for continuous improvement and elimination of waste. 6. A resolve to create a safe, friendly, and fun atmosphere where teamwork and creativity are valued. OVER 60 YEARS OF SOLUTION RESOLUTION IN THE PRESS FIT FASTENER INDUSTRY Whatever we call the major DRIV-LOK products, grooved pins, knurled

DRIV-LOK, Inc. Product Guide Index Special Pins 1 History Mission Statement 2 Product Guide Index 3 Grooved Pins 4, 5 6 High Alloy SHEAR-PROOF Pins 7 Hardened Lok-Dowels 8 Vent Dowels 8 Knurled Pins 9 Grooved Studs 10 BARB-LOK Pins and Studs 11 Ferrol Pin and Studs 11 Slotted Coiled Spring Pins 12 13 Split Hollow Dowels 13 Plain Pins and Dowels 13 Parallel Keys 15 Grooved Keys 16 Weights Measures 17 18 Technical Data 19 Ordering Information 20 21 Quality Plus 22 Technical Assistance 23 Dimensions, availability, and data contained herein are subject to change without notice. The product information contained in this Comprehensive Guide to DRIV-LOKs press fit fastening and joining products includes: APPLICATION DESCRIPTION FUNCTION STANDARD TYPES SPECIAL TYPES SIZES DIMENSIONS SPECIAL ORDERS OPTIONS TECHNICAL DATA WEIGHTS MEASURES ORDERING INFORMATION In addition to the

4 Grooved Pins APPLICATION Grooved pins are non-threaded press fit fasteners. A PRESS FIT fastener is a fastener which is PRESSED into an appropriate size hole which will provide the proper interference FIT to lock the fastener in place. Grooved pins differ from many conventional press fit fasteners, such as dowel pins, in that the holes into which the grooved pins are inserted do not have to be reamed prior to insertion. This gives the grooved pin an important economic advantage over other types of press fit fasteners. Grooved pins are commonly used as locking devices, pivots, bearing faces, or locating elements. They are used where there is not a high degree of end load. Basically, grooved pins are shear-resistant type fasteners. For high shear applications, see High Alloy SHEAR-PROOF Pins on page 7. DESCRIPTION The groove of a grooved pin is formed by a swaging operation in which three tools penetrate the nominal diameter of the metal at 120 intervals. This

20 Ordering Information STANDARD AND SPECIAL OPTIONS The table below indicates various characteristics which are standard or available as options. If you do not see the option you desire, call DRIV-LOKs Sales Department for assistance. KEY: A Available on special orders E Engineering evaluation required NA Not Available S Standard S/A Standard or Available depending upon diameter length, or material (inquire for specific details). Options Fastener Type Grooved Pins Grooved Studs Lok- Dowels Vent Dowels Knurled Pins Spring Pins BARB-LOK Studs BARB-LOK Pins Square Keys Rectangular Keys SHEAR- PROOF Pins Dimensions* Nominal Diameter/Width S S S S A A S S A S A Expanded Diameter S S S S NA A S S A A A Pin/Shank Length S S S S A A S S A S A Groove Length S S S S A NA NA NA NA A A Groove Location S S S S A NA NA NA NA A A Knurl Length NA NA NA NA NA A NA NA NA NA NA Knurl

Pin Diameter Decimal Equivalent Recommended Drill Size Hole Tolerances ADD To Nominal Diameter 6 Grooved Pins (cont.) GROOVED PIN DRILLING PROCEDURES AND HOLE TOLERANCES Insertion and holding forces vary with hole size and groove length. Recommended hole size tolerances are based on a groove length to hole diameter ratio of approximately 5 to 1. A higher ratio than 5 to 1 may require adjustment in hole size. If the ratio is 1 to 1 or less then the hole tolerance should be reduced approximately 60%. Smaller hole size variation should result in more consistent insertion forces. These factors should be considered when designing press fit fasteners for your application. Hole sizes should never be smaller than the nominal diameter of the grooved pin. Minimum hole size equals nominal grooved pin diameter. Maximum hole size equals minimum hole size plus recommended hole tolerance from the chart. Example: 1/8 diameter pin: Min. hole .125 Max. hole .125 .003 =.128 A

18 Spring Pins WEIGHTS (lbs.) per 1000 Pieces Round Head Steel Studs WEIGHTS (lbs.) per 1000 Pieces Weights Measures (cont.) NOM. DIA. 1/16 5/64 3/32 1/8 5/32 3/16 7/32 1/4 5/16 3/8 7/16 1/2 3/16 0.12 0.18 1/4 0.16 0.25 0.36 5/16 0.20 0.31 0.45 3/8 0.24 0.37 0.54 0.91 7/16 0.28 0.43 0.63 1.06 1.56 1/2 0.32 0.49 0.73 1.21 1.78 2.72 9/16 0.36 0.55 0.82 1.36 2.00 3.06 4.25 5/8 0.40 0.61 0.91 1.52 2.23 3.40 4.72 5.58 11/16 0.44 0.68 1.00 1.67 2.45 3.75 5.19 6.13 3/4 0.48 0.74 1.09 1.82 2.67 4.09 5.66 6.69 10.38 15.27 13/16 0.52 0.80 1.18 1.97 2.89 4.43 6.13 7.25 11.25 16.54 7/8 0.56 0.86 1.27 2.12 3.12 4.77 6.60 7.81 12.11 17.81 15/16 0.60 0.92 1.36 2.27 3.34 5.11 7.08 8.37 12.98 19.08 1 0.64 0.98 1.45 2.43 3.56 5.45 7.55 8.92 13.84 20.36 24.29 1 1/8

8 Hardened Lok-Dowels Vent Dowels APPLICATION Vent Dowels are most commonly used in blind hole applications because they eliminate the need for costly machining which would be necessary to prevent air locks. The Vent Dowel is interchangeable with most standard machine dowels. DESCRIPTION The Vent Dowel had three helical grooves on its diameter as shown above. The diameter is ground to a total tolerance of .0005 in. with a surface roughness of 32 RMS maximum. Vent Dowels may be made from a variety of steels. FUNCTION The three helical grooves on a DRIV-LOK Vent Dowel function as vents to relieve air locks that may occur when standard dowels are inserted into blind holes. The helical grooves provide a width and depth sufficient to relieve the air lock without disturbing the .0005 in. total diameter tolerance of the pin. SPECIAL ORDERS All Vent Dowels are special orders and are manufactured to customer specifications. Available Vent Dowel diameters range from

16 Grooved Machine Keys APPLICATION Grooved machine keys are used in the same applications as standard parallel machine keys where reduced backlash and increased holding power is required. Machine keys are pressed into keyways which are cut into a shaft and hub assembly parallel to the axis of the shaft. Machine keys are most commonly used in this manner to lock shaft and hub assemblies together to transmit torque. DESCRIPTION Type 1 grooved machine keys have grooves on one surface where permanent assembly is not required. Type 2 grooved machine keys have grooves on two opposite surfaces for permanent or semi-permanent assembly. The grooves impressed in the key displace metal which expands the width to provide positive holding action. This eliminates costly drilling and tapping for set screws or other additional processes which would be required to hold the pin in place. Most square keys are available with 45 chamfers at both ends for easy insertion and

10 Grooved Studs ORDERING INFORMATION See pages 20 21. SPECIAL STUDS In addition to standard round head grooved studs, flat heads, button heads, and T heads are also available a special orders. DRIV-LOKs engineering staff will work with customers to provide technical assistance. Special materials, diameters, shank lengths, end configurations, and finishes are available by request as special orders. See ORDERING INFORMATION on page 20 for options available. APPLICATION Grooved studs are commonly used for a variety of applications including fastening brackets, control arms, knobs, handles, instruction panels, and nameplates. DESCRIPTION Grooved studs have three parallel grooves spaced at 120 intervals around the diameter of the shank. Standard grooved studs are manufactured from low carbon steel and are zinc plated for corrosion resistance. FUNCTION Grooved studs function in the same manner as grooved pins. They provide the same positive holding features as

14 Split Hollow Dowels Plain Pins and Dowels APPLICATION Plain pins and dowels are used in the same manner as grooved pins when highly accurate location is required. Plain pins and dowels may be used as locking devices, pivots, bearing faces, or locating elements. Use of plain pins and dowels generally requires a drilled and reamed hole. They are used where there is not a high degree of end load and are basically shear resistant type fasteners. DESCRIPTION Plain pins are solid cylindrical pins which have a cold drawn finish. Plain pins with diameters up to 1/8" have a tolerance of +.000/-.001 in. and diameters 1/8" and over have a tolerance of +.000/-.002 in. Dowels are solid cylindrical pins which have a centerless ground finish with total precision tolerances. All plain pins and dowels are special order items. Various materials, diameters, lengths, end configurations, heat treatment, and finishes are available. See ORDERING INFORMATION on page 20 for options

DRIV-LOK, Inc. 13 Coiled Pins CARBON STEEL AND OTHER MATERIALS AVAILABLE ASME B18.8.2-1995 Slotted Coiled Spring Pins (cont.) SPRING PIN STANDARD DIMENSIONS A C RECOMMENDED HOLE SIZE MINIMUM DOUBLE SHEAR STRENGTH POUNDS Carbon Steel and 420 Stainless Steel Min. Max. B Max STOCK THICK- NESS Nominal Maximum (Go Ring Gage) Minimum 1/3 (D1+D2+D3) Min. Max. 1/16 (.062) .066 .069 .059 .007 .028 .015 .063 .065 430 5/64 (.078) .083 .086 .075 .008 .032 .018 .079 .081 800 3/32 (.094) .099 .103 .091 .008 .038 .022 .095 .097 1,150 1/8 (.125) .131 .135 .122 .008 .044 .028 .125 .129 1,875 5/32 (.156) .162 .167 .151 .010 .048 .032 .157 .160 2,750 3/16 (.187) .194 .199 .182 .011 .055 .040 .188 .192 4,150 7/32 (.219) .226 .232 .214 .011 .065 .048 .219 .224 5,850 1/4 (.250) .258 .264 .245 .012 .065 .048 .250 .256 7,050 5/16