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Complete Line of Press Fit Fasteners by Driv-Lok, Inc.

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Catalogue: Driv-Lok, Inc. Complete Line of Press Fit Fasteners
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2 Mission Statement DRIV-LOK is the preferred source of innovative, cost effective solutions for our customers who need press fit fastening, joining and special component applications. DRIV-LOK provides the highest quality, superior customer service, shortest lead times, and unequaled technical assistance through a team of dedicated professionals. CORE VALUES 1. Uncompromising integrity and pride in everything we do. 2. Nurture an environment of harmony and teamwork throughout the corporation. 3. Commitment to helping all team members strive to be the best they can be. 4. Dedication to provide our customers the highest quality workmanship and value. 5. Intense desire for continuous improvement and elimination of waste. 6. A resolve to create a safe, friendly, and fun atmosphere where teamwork and creativity are valued. OVER 60 YEARS OF SOLUTION RESOLUTION IN THE PRESS FIT FASTENER INDUSTRY Whatever we call the major DRIV-LOK products, grooved pins, knurled pins

Pin Diameter Decimal Equivalent Recommended Drill Size Hole Tolerances ADD To Nominal Diameter 6 Grooved Pins (cont.) GROOVED PIN DRILLING PROCEDURES AND HOLE TOLERANCES Insertion and holding forces vary with hole size and groove length. Recommended hole size tolerances are based on a groove length to hole diameter ratio of approximately 5 to 1. A higher ratio than 5 to 1 may require adjustment in hole size. If the ratio is 1 to 1 or less then the hole tolerance should be reduced approximately 60%. Smaller hole size variation should result in more consistent insertion forces. These factors should be considered when designing press fit fasteners for your application. Hole sizes should never be smaller than the nominal diameter of the grooved pin. Minimum hole size equals nominal grooved pin diameter. Maximum hole size equals minimum hole size plus recommended hole tolerance from the chart. Example: 1/8 diameter pin: Min. hole .125 Max. hole .125 .003 =.128 A s

16 Grooved Machine Keys APPLICATION Grooved machine keys are used in the same applications as standard parallel machine keys where reduced backlash and increased holding power is required. Machine keys are pressed into keyways which are cut into a shaft and hub assembly parallel to the axis of the shaft. Machine keys are most commonly used in this manner to lock shaft and hub assemblies together to transmit torque. DESCRIPTION Type 1 grooved machine keys have grooves on one surface where permanent assembly is not required. Type 2 grooved machine keys have grooves on two opposite surfaces for permanent or semi-permanent assembly. The grooves impressed in the key displace metal which expands the width to provide positive holding action. This eliminates costly drilling and tapping for set screws or other additional processes which would be required to hold the pin in place. Most square keys are available with 45 chamfers at both ends for easy insertion and elimination is not a reseller or dealer of Driv-Lok, Inc..

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