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callaway eyewear the right decision for better vision callaway eyewear all feature neox™ lenses so you can track the flight of your ball better see the lie of the ball better read the greens better see all the angles and lines with greater sharpness and accuracy than any other non-prescription pair of sunglasses can provide neox lenses are engineered to adjust to the decreased depth of field caused by most sunglasses they also counteract the optical displacement caused by wraparound lenses the most accurate visual performance you can get for your game advanced solar protection and prevention against ocular disease and reduction of fatigue in neox g22 22 visible light transmission to allow golfers to see the course clearly higher level of blockage of damaging light than sunglasses that are darker in terms of light transmission green tint when worn on the course allows golfer to see contours of course features more distinctly lens technology • neox lens technology is a revolutionary optical product made up of advanced optical polycarbonate materials employing a design combination of base curve specially developed tint color and myopia counteracting optics • original lens developed by ocular specialists from countless hours of r&d supported by years of optometric education practical experience and product comparisons harmful rays ultraviolet 100 280 315 visible 400 infrared 700 wavelength nm blocks out many of the harmful rays in the ultraviolet range • the perfect marriage between performance protection and prevention thereby surpassing current market technology medical benefits •a superior lens formula that provides both advanced optical clarity and increased solar protection •the neox lens allows approximately 14-22 visible light transmission while filtering out up to 423nm of damaging blue light •by filtering out the wavelengths that place the greatest demand on the eye’s primary vision center neox enhances the eye’s defense against the development of degenerative eye conditions that can damage vision •visual enhancing anti-fatiguing tint gives you long-lasting comfort with minimized eyestrain 2 callaway eyewear