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distance high speed cavity back 2.0 with fly-brace technology the all-new fly-brace technology increases stability and delivers more forgiving distance flexloft adjustability flexloft is customization simplified independently adjust your loft and face angle to optimize launch conditions and maximize distance and accuracy enhanced 2014 nexcor face technology the larger and reengineered nexcor face delivers faster ball speed and increased distance

hybrids • high-speed cavity back design featuring new fly-brace technology for longer and straighter shots • nexcor face technology creates our hottest hybrid ever • larger moi from larger footprint • proportionally descending head size from #2 hybrid to 5 hybrid • larger head size on #2 and #3 hybrids for maximum forgiveness and speed off face • reduced head size on #4 and 5 hybrid for precision shot making from any position • mitsubishi rayon kuro kage black 70 graphite shaft club hand loft length custom lengths lie angle volume face angle head wt swing wt vr _s covert 2.0 hybrid 2 rh lh 17˚ 41.00 +1.50 to -1.00 58.5˚ 119cc square 231.5g d1-d3 vr _s covert 2.0 hybrid 3 rh lh 20˚ 40.50 +1.50 to -1.00 59.0˚ 121cc square 236.0g d1-d3 vr _s covert 2.0 hybrid #4 rh lh 23˚ 40.00 +1.50 to -1.00 60.0˚ 121cc square 242.0g d1-d3 vr _s covert 2.0 hybrid 5 rh 26˚ 39.50 +1.50 to -1.00 60.5˚ 111cc square 248.0g

irons • polymer-filled pocket cavity long and mid-irons 3–6 produce a high strong trajectory with uncompromising feel • split cavity scoring clubs 7–pw offer stability and precision coming into the greens • forged 1020 carbon steel for superior feel in a profile desired by the most discerning golfers • high-frequency x3x grooves for enhanced spin control and shot-to-shot consistency • true temper dg pro shaft features a progressive design tailored to the playing characteristics of each iron club hand loft custom lofts length custom lengths lie angle custom lie angles offset head wt swing wt 3 pocket cavit y rh 21.0˚ +2° to -2° 39.00 +2.00 to -1.00 59.0˚ +4° to -4° 0.155 246.0g d1-d3 #4 pocket cavit y rh 24.0˚ +2° to -2° 38.50 +2.00 to -1.00 60.0˚ +4° to -4° 0.150 251.0g d1-d3 5 pocket cavit y rh 27.0˚ +2° to -2° 38.00 +2.00 to -1.00 61.0˚ +4° to -4° 0.140 258.5g d1-d3 6

verdana 11 piece set and bag • ultra-lightweight driver with additional loft for higher trajectory • #3 wood with 18° loft and low center of gravity for maximum distance • #4 6 hybrids with wide soles and deeper faces for more control and forgiveness • #7 9 irons pitching wedge and sand wedge with variable face thickness for added distance • weighted heel-toe blade putter for precision strokes • lightweight ergonomic golf bag driver fairway wood hybrid iron putter carry bag club metalwood hand loft length lie angle volume face angle head wt swing wt driver hl rh 14.5˚ 44.50 58.0˚ 460cc 0.0˚ square 185.0g c2 fairway wood 3 rh 18.0˚ 42.00 57.5˚ 172cc +1.0˚ open 202.0g c1 hybrid #4 rh 24.0˚ 39.00 59.0˚ 108cc +1.0˚ open 240.0g c1 hybrid 5 rh 27.0˚ 38.00 60.0˚ 104cc +1.0˚ open 246.0g c1 hybrid 6 rh 30.0˚ 37.00 61.0˚ 100cc +1.0˚ open 252.0g c1 club iron hand loft length lie angle offset head wt

custom shafts irons wedges 355 taper model flex weight torque butt od launch surcharge tour-caliber spin control and tip stability in a lightweight package pxi s lighter weight produces greater distance and improved feel through an optimized butt-to-tip stiffness calibration pxi project x graphite stiffness profile that matches project x steel the shaft’s bend profile and stability enhancements was designed to reduce both directional and distance dispersion project x pxi iron 6.5 117.0g 1.7° .600 mid g 6.0 112.0g 1.8° .600 mid g project x steel 6.0 87.0g 3.0° .605 mid d 5.5 87.0g 3.0° .605 mid d 5.0 86.0g 3.0° .600 mid d 4.5 83.0g 3.0° .600 high dv flex weight torque butt od the patented rifle design features a discrete constant taper for each shaft in the set longer taper rates result in more energy transfer to the ball getting the ball up faster and flattening out quicker for a penetrating trajectory and ball flight steel 7.0 130.0g 1.5° .600

flexloft adjustability guide wrench nike golf flexloft adjus ta bilityguide choose the loft choose the face angle with a simple pull-turn-push adjustment flexloft technology fits your club to your swing flexloft screw face angle settings left neutral right alignment mark loft settings loft adjustment fa ceangleadjustment left handed 8.5 9.5 11.5 10.5 12.5 right handed

shaft selection guide grip selection guide grip size 9 high d 8 nike r correct 7 mid when in the proper grip size the fingertips of the top hand left hand for right-handed players should gently touch the thumb pad 6 d nike s 5 tip stiffness too small 4 low 3 d 2 nike x too big if the fingertips of the left hand are “covered” by the thumb pad the grip is too small if the fingertips of the left hand do not make contact with the thumb pad the grip is too large 1 1 2 4 4 5 6 7 8 9 butt stiffness index too much in the fingers the key to proper shaft selection is realizing the shaft s primary purpose to place the club head in the optimal position at impact the best shaft will produce square contact and optimum spin incorrect grip position can lead to an incorrect fit that is most often “too small” shafts in the ng360 fitting system are color-coded based on their static flex profile green shafts have a softer tip section and promote a higher ball flight too much in

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