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sergio garcia pga tour

larger lighter more forgiving r11 t i f airway r11 f airway cg placement promotes a higher draw -biased trajectory r11tm adjust the loft with flight control technology fct adjust the face angle with the new adjustable sole plate asp promotes up to 60 yards of side-to-side trajectory change and ±500 rpm backspin change draw-biased with cg positioned lower deeper and closer to the heel larger head size 175cc 3-wood than r11 steel fairways the larger size lighter weight and draw-bias that s engineered into each r11 ti fairway wood are ideal for players seeking more distance forgiveness and easier launch tom olsavsky taylormade senior director metalwoods product creation grip taylormade 360 55g fujikura ® blur® 60 x s r m reax® 50 l shaft club loft 3 15.0º 5 18.0º 7 21.0º w hand r/l r r/l r r/l r lie 58.0º 58.5º 58.5º volume 175cc 165cc 165cc length 43.5 42.5 43 42 swing weight d4 d0 d4 d0 d4 d0 42.5 41.5 custom options available women s specs p.05 2011 taylormade

dominate with distance from speed burner ® superfast 2.0 lighter weight longer shaft and new low-drag aerodynamics promote faster swing speed for more distance new head shape large address footprint and low cg promote exceptional ease of launch and long carry white non-glare crown and black clubface makes alignment easy the burner superfast 2.0 fairway promotes legendary burner speed in a more conventional head shape tom olsavsky taylormade senior director metalwoods product creation grip b11 winn lite 25g golf pride tour velvet lite 44g b11 winn lite w 20g shaft matrix xcon 4.8 x s r m l matrix radix hd7 x s r club loft t3 13.5º 3 15.0º 4 16.5º 5 18.0º 7 21.0º 5 18.5º 3 15º w hand r lie 56.5º 59º 59.5º 59.5º 57º 60º 56.5º volume 151cc 200cc 175cc 175cc 166cc 135cc 152cc length 43.5 43.75 43.5 43.25 43.25 43 42.75 42.25 41.75 42.75 swing weight d3 d9 d9 d9 d9 d3 d2 d2 d3 d2 r/l r/l r r r/l r/l r r r custom options available tp available tp specs

a multi-material forged cavityback that s beautiful powerful and playable tour preferred ® cb advanced construction melds a forged face with a cast undercut cavity to deliver the pure feel of a forged iron and the forgiveness of a deep cavityback highest moi player s iron we offer to promote the ultimate in distance control from shot to shot precision-weighting port guarantees precise swingweights while ensuring optimal cg location in every clubhead uniting a forged face with a cast cavity allows us to deliver the best of both worlds the soft feel of a forging with the stability and forgiveness of a deep undercut cavityback bret wahl taylormade senior director iron research development grip golf pride tour velvet 58 51g shaft true temper dynamic gold xp x s r steel fujikura ® tp 90 s r graphite club loft lie offset flex length swing weight men s r l 3 20º 60.5º 5.05mm x,s,r 38.75 d2 4 23º 61.0º 4.7mm x,s,r 38.25 d2 5 26º 61.5º 4.35mm x,s,r 37.75 d2 6 29º 62.0º

sergio garcia pga tour

corza ghost alignment made easy white finish stands out against green grass three black easy-to-see alignment lines circular hole creates a vivid secondary alignment aid pure roll titallium insert promotes forwardspin and smooth roll tour-proven winner of multiple worldwide events grip taylormade winn grip 58g insert model corza ghost corza ghost center corza ghost belly corza ghost long hand r/l r r r type large mallet large mallet large mallet large mallet material 6061 aluminum 6061 aluminum 6061 aluminum 6061 aluminum offset 3/4 shaft no offset 3/4 shaft 3/4 shaft length 33 34 35 33 34 35 custom 41 43 custom 48 head weight 345g 345g 370g 440g shaft single bend straight single bend single bend toe hang face balanced face balanced face balanced face balanced loft 4.0º 4.0º 4.0º 4.0º lie 70º 70º 70º 78º dave stockton pga tour professional tm-110 tm-770 tm-880 model tm-110 tm-770 tm-880 hand r/l r r type blade small mallet 1/2 mallet material stainless steel stainless steel

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shaft options d riv e r fai r way tip size .335 tp only .350 stock only fujikura® blur® 60 flex xsrm torque 3.8 3.8 3.9 4.0 tip size .350 .350 .350 .350 butt .600 .600 .600 .600 weight 64 g 60 g 59 g 58 g trajectory mid to high mid to high mid to high mid to high flex xsrm torque 3.5 3.6 3.6 3.7 tip size .350 .350 .350 .350 butt .600 .600 .600 .600 72 g 70 g 68 g 66 g fujikura® blur® 70 weight trajectory mid to high mid to high mid to high mid to high r11 t p c ust om shaf t s fujikura® blur® 65 flex x s r torque 4.1 4.1 4.1 tip size .335 .335 .335 butt .605 .600 .600 weight 64 g 63 g 63 g trajectory low to mid low to mid low to mid flex x s r torque 3.3 3.3 3.3 tip size .335 .335 .335 butt .600 .600 .600 fujikura® motore® f3 80 weight 80 g 80 g 80 g trajectory mid to high mid to high mid to high fujikura® blur® 55 flex x s r torque 3.3 3.4 3.5 tip size .335 .335 .335 butt .600 .600 .600 weight 60 g 59 g 58 g trajectory high high high flex

custom grip options wi n n l amk i n cont item n1628301 description xi 7 red black std core .600 weight 50g feel round item n1744701 description performance plus white/black core .580 weight 59g feel round item item n1628401 description xi 7 blue black midsize core .600 weight 52g feel round 850270 83922601 description crossline tm logo crossline tm logo core .600 .580 weight 52g 54g feel round round item n1628501 description dsi black std core .580 weight 41g feel round item n1859401 description lamkin permawrap 3g white core .580 weight 54g feel round golf pride tour v elv et item n1628601 description pci tl black std size core .600 weight 50g feel round item 848712 description tour velvet tm logo core .580 weight 51g feel round item n1807601 description b11 core .620 weight 25g feel round item 849441 26789301 849443 848603 848604 description tour velvet ribbed tour velvet full cord tour velvet full cord ribbed tour velvet midsize tour velvet undersize core