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perma·soft® glove men’s assorted red kelly orange ocean blue m e n ’ s wo m e n ’ s pearl taupe solid black solid pearl performance comfort and durability pearl·black wo m e n ’ s assorted coral grape style no description ■ ■ offers soft comfortable feel smooth cabretta leather resists rain and perspiration to dry soft and retain gripping properties provides durability and performance coolmax® mesh panel ■ colors lime medium blue sizes 6540 regular left pre-pack assorted 1-s 2-m 3-ml 4-l 2-xl 6541 cadet left pre-pack assorted 1-s 2-m 3-ml 4-l 2-xl 6543 regular left pearl s m ml l xl xxl 6545 cadet left pearl s m ml l xl 6547 regular right pearl s m ml l xl 6548 regular left pearl s m l 6549 regular left 1/2 dz pre-pack assorted 1-s 3-m 2-l 6559 regular right 1/2 dz pre-pack assorted 1-s 3-m 2-l enhanced fit comfort and breathability as the hand flexes precisely placed seams do not interfere with grip satin

midsize staff bag tb3sf4-0 · black f u l ly featured smaller sizestaffbag midsize staff bag features ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ velour underside of sling lower assist handle dry grip bottom rubber feet overlay bottom towel ring matching zippered rainhood pockets ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ horseshoe-shaped velour-lined accessory pocket full-size ball pocket additional accessory pocket u-shaped entry apparel pocket zippered pocket behind billboard panels zippered pocket on either side of handle u-shaped zippered accessory pocket hidden umbrella well top-cuff ■ ■ padded mesh top-cuff and dividers 6-way club dividers boxed full-length 3-ways msrp ■ $260 the titleist midsize staff bag is available for custom embroidery for more information refer to page 49 or ask your titleist sales representative

lightweight cart bag

lightweight stand bag tb4sx6-0 tb4sx6-016 tb4sx6-00c8 tb4sx6-044l tb4sx6-641 tb4sx6-610 tb4sx6-414r tb4sx6-471 tb4sx6-301 tb4sx6-051 tb4sx6-501 · black · black · white · red · black · charcoal · mango · charcoal · navy · ice blue · red · navy · white · crimson · white · black · navy · white · royal · navy · citron · white · apple · black · silver · charcoal · pink · silver · eggplant · grey · silver thelightweight f u l ly featuredstandbag lightweight stand bag features ■ new auto-fit strap system primary strap secures position on shoulder secondary strap slides to allow easy on and off while carrying ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ foam padded comfort mesh covered hip pad external pen holder lower assist handle dry grip bottom umbrella cord with lower grommet black coated lightweight towel ring matching zippered rainhood 5.2 pounds pockets ■ ■

stadry waterproof stand bag â„¢

adjustable headwear pigment dyed â–  â–  th4apd-9 assorted msrp $28 q-max â–  navy grape plum royal turquoise seafoam kelly lime mango orange cherry magenta tour â–  â–  th4atr-9 assorted msrp $25 â–  â–  black black black navy navy navy khaki khaki khaki white white white navy charcoal purple kelly slate red khaki â–  th4atrf-9 assorted msrp $25 royal purple turquoise kelly orange red purple royal red jade kiwi cayenne tour performance fashion th4atrp-9 assorted msrp $26 â–  â–  black 34 black tour fashion tour performance â–  â–  th3aqmx-1 white msrp $24 navy charcoal khaki white th4atrpf-9 assorted msrp

™ collection drihood™ towel · bag hood ■ accessories ■ ta9ac05 msrp $40 ■ ■ dual purpose rain hood and towel one side is water-repellent nylon – keeps clubs and bag top-cuff dry in rainy conditions ■ one side is 100 cotton terrycloth for wiping and drying clubs ■ quick release clip hooks onto upper sling attachment at top-cuff stadry premier waterproof stand bag ■ ■ 44 sold in 1/2 dozen refer to page 27 for details msrp $230 stadry waterproof bucket hat ■ ■ stadry waterproof cap th4wdrybkt-0 msrp $36 ■ ■ th4wdrycap-0 msrp $30 stadry waterproof stand bag ■ ■ refer to page 29 for details msrp

custom golf bags midsize staff bag â–  â–  tb3sf4 shown on page 13 lightweight staff bag â–  â–  lightweight cart bag tb4ltsf shown on page 15 â–  â–  staff stand bag tb4ct5 shown on page 19 â–  â–  tb4sxsf shown on page 17 14-way lightweight stand bag â–  â–  tb4sx14 shown on page 21 the lightweight cart bag can be customized either on the side or the spine lightweight stand bag â–  â–  tb4sx6 shown on page 23 ultra lightweight stand bag â–  â–  tb4sx1 shown on page 25 stadry premier waterproof bag â–  â–  tb4sx0 shown on page 27 stadry waterproof bag â–  â–  tb4sx6 shown on page 29 carry bags â–  â–  â–  tb4cy1-0 left tb3cy0-0 right shown on page 30