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two table of contents bags staff staff bag cart midsize staff bag lightweight staff bag staff stand bag lightweight cart bag 4 5 6 7 8 stand 14-way stand bag lightweight stand bag ultra lightweight stand bag single strap stand bag stadry™ waterproof stand bag carry bags custom bags 9 10 11 12 13 14 34-35 headwear fitted adjustable women’s visors striped beanies junior sun stadry collegiate mlb custom headwear 16 17-19 19 20 20 21 21 21 22 22 36-37 travel professional travel gear gear essential travel gear custom travel gear 24-25 26 38 accessories stadry collection essentials elements custom accessories 28-29 30 30 38 gloves players™ 32 playersflex 32 perma-soft® 32 custom custom gloves custom bags custom headwear custom travel gear custom accessories 33 34-35 36-37 38

six lightweight staff bag lightweight fully-featured staff bag 6.1 pounds n n n 6-way divided top-cuff with 3-way full-length dividers integrated handle built into top-cuff 8 zippered pockets nnnn velour-lined valuables pocket insulated beverage pocket 2 full-size ball pockets available for custom embroidery see page 34 for details tb5ltsf-016 · black · white · red msrp

ten lightweight stand bag lightweight fully-featured stand bag 5.6 pounds n n n 4-way divided top-cuff with 2 full-length dividers integrated lift handle in top-cuff velour-lined valuables pocket with weather-resistant zipper n n n 6 zippered pockets insulated beverage pocket available for custom embroidery see page 34 for details msrp 205 tb5sx6-0 tb5sx6-016 tb5sx6-461 tb5sx6-014 tb5sx6-031 tb5sx6-104 tb5sx6-163 tb5sx6-453 tb5sx6-418 · black · black · white · red · navy · red · white · black · white · blue · black · green · grey · black · silver · light blue · charcoal · red · lime · navy · purple · lime · slate · silver · mango tb5sx6-3 tb5sx6-4 · hunter ·

fourteen premium carry bag premium carry bag 2.8 pounds n n n 3-way molded top with integrated feet to elevate bag off turf water-resistant bottom and underside 3 zippered pockets and 1 beverage pocket carry bag carry bag msrp 100 1.9 pounds tb5cy1-0 tb5cy0-0 · black · black n n n 2-way top-cuff 3 zippered pockets velour-lined valuables pocket with water-resistant zipper msrp

eighteen adjustable headwear grey navy royal lt blue charcoal performance pique n n navy charcoal khaki n n navy charcoal khaki tour performance n n royal turquoise seafoam kelly lime mango n n th4apd-9 assorted msrp $25 indigo purple jade orange carrot cherry grass magenta silver tour fashion th5atr-9 assorted msrp $25 black plum orange white tour grape pigment dyed th5acsp-9 assorted msrp $25 black navy th4atrp-9 assorted msrp $25 white n n th5atrf-9 assorted msrp $25 purple royal aqua kiwi red orange tour performance fashion n n th5atrpf-9 assorted msrp $25 sold in 1/2

twenty one junior sun stadry headwear black navy charcoal khaki white junior performance cap n n th5ajrp-9 assorted msrp $20 white n n black th3fjrsm-01 black white msrp $20 navy royal charcoal red khaki white junior performance visor n n black junior fitted sports mesh th5vjrp-9 assorted msrp $20 bucket cap stadry waterproof bucket cap nnnn th4wdrycap-0 cap msrp $30 th4wdrybkt-0 bucket msrp $36 for more stadry collection items please refer to pages 28-29 white khaki aussie n n th3waus-9 assorted msrp $36 navy royal kelly grape cherry mango pigment dyed bucket n n th5weabkt-9 assorted msrp $36 sold in 1/2

twenty five professional travel gear professional backpack n n ta5tvbp msrp $225 wheeled roller n n ta5tvwrlr msrp $300 travel cover n n ta5tvtc msrp $325 professional messenger bag n n ta5tvmsg msrp $200 wheeled duffel n n ta5tvwdfl msrp $300 professional briefcase n n ta5tvbc msrp $225 duffel n n ta5tvdfl msrp $225 cabin bag n n ta5tvcabin msrp

twenty nine stadryâ„¢ collection titleist premier umbrella nnnnn the radial tensioning systemâ„¢ rts creates a strong aerodynamic umbrella with no sharp points the rts redirects transfers and distributes the effort used in opening the umbrella throughout the entire canopy surface in the unlikely event that your titleist premier umbrella blows inside out it has been designed so it can be flipped back easily without breaking ta4acpub-01 msrp $120 single canopy umbrella n n ta4acscu-01 msrp $50 double canopy umbrella n n ta1acdcu-01 msrp $70 folding umbrella n n ta4acfub-01 msrp

thirty three custom gloves titleist players™ custom glove custom embroidery available full embroidered tab shown titleist q-mark® custom glove nnnnn features your club or corporate logo in superior detail custom ball marker magnetically attaches to glove tab allows quick and easy ball marking q-mark options die struck hand-painted baked enamel in gold silver or copper raised sandblasted metal in gold silver or copper epoxy dome n n n die struck hand-painted baked enamel raised sandblasted metal epoxy dome titleist custom glove packaging celebrate your club or special event a variety of custom glove sleeves available basic color templates full-color signature holes postcards and more nnnnn we can accommodate a horizontal format

thirty seven custom headwear q-max performance black white navy red royal structured chino junior cap stone black navy khaki stone white stone white chino visor embroidery only black navy khaki stone white sonic weld black navy khaki embroidery available with sublimation sonic weld applique or

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