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Architectural Antiques by Drummonds

Catalog: Architectural Antiques
Company/Brand: Drummonds

antique in Architectural Antiques by Drummonds

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c lassic handmade qualitytheworldofdrummond s
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as a major supplier of architectural antiques providing a wide range of reclaimed ... a vast array of wonderful original antique bathroom equipment and door furniture ...
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reclaimed flooring and architectural antiques as well if any questions remain please ... door and window furniture architectural antiques page 06 page 58 page 68 page 98 ...
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architectural antiques in addition to being specialist makers ... is one of the largest architectural antiques suppliers in the uk with 70,000 square ... enamelling cast iron baths to repairing antique thunder-boxes experience specialist ... fittings help provide solutions to most antique bathroom restoration challenges ... for more information on architectural antiques please visit the website www.drummonds- ...
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from architraves to wrought iron gates drummonds hindhead showroom is a cornucopia of architectural delights grand staircases and doorways from some of britain s finest homes rub shoulders with complete collections of brass door furniture from victorian terraces drummonds reputation means that it enjoys the pick of britain s unused domestic heritage each piece is lovingly restored by experienced craftspeople to guarantee functionality in modern homes 100
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the exquisite staircase shown here during restoration was originally the centrepiece of the mappin and webb headquarters in london and features a bronze figure of victory cast by the artist alfred drury ra and dated 1918 it is typical of the complex and lengthy restorations undertaken by drummonds on behalf of clients all over the world 101
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one of the country s finest stocks of antique exterior and interior doors all periods ... divided into smaller units drummonds antique or new solid brass door furniture ...
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care for your drummonds products vitreous enamel cast iron bath drummonds cast iron baths are the only new baths on the market today that are enamelled using the traditional vitreous dry frit powdered glass process the resultant enamel is incredibly hard and durable and approximately three times thicker than the wet coated enamel more commonly used today drummonds is so confident that one of our baths will last you a lifetime that each one is supplied with a market leading 25 year guarantee the guarantee covers manufacturing defects or physical deterioration in the interior enamel finish china ...
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the kirkpatrick buildings 25 london road hindhead surrey gu26 6ab tel 01428 609444 fax 01428 609445 78 royal hospital road chelsea london sw3 4hn tel 020 7376 4499 fax 020 7376 4488
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