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Architectural Antiques by Drummonds

Catalog: Architectural Antiques
Company/Brand: Drummonds

bathroom catalogue in Architectural Antiques by Drummonds

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drummonds ranges of new handmade bathrooms door and window furniture and ... reclaimed flooring services within this catalogue over the years we have handled a vast ... array of wonderful original antique bathroom equipment and door furniture from ... our fabulous range of solid brass bathroom and door furniture products the lost ...
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is worthwhile i hope you find this catalogue a useful resource in choosing your new ... bathroom or items of door furniture indeed i ... shaw founder contents baths and bathrooms flooring brass door and window ...
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when cleaning use any proprietary bathroom cleaner never use abrasive cleaning ... on brassware use a mild non-abrasive bathroom cleaner for stubborn stains ... and product descriptions within this catalogue are correct at the time of going to ...
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