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Architectural Antiques by Drummonds

Catalog: Architectural Antiques
Company/Brand: Drummonds

bathroom door in Architectural Antiques by Drummonds

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drummonds ranges of new handmade bathrooms door and window furniture and ... array of wonderful original antique bathroom equipment and door furniture from ... our fabulous range of solid brass bathroom and door furniture products the lost ... that for every component in a finished door knob or plumbing fitting an original in ...
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a useful resource in choosing your new bathroom or items of door furniture indeed i ... shaw founder contents baths and bathrooms flooring brass door and window ...
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stock a wide selection of reclaimed bathrooms doors and windows door and window ... for the restoration of period bathrooms from re-enamelling cast iron baths to ... help provide solutions to most antique bathroom restoration challenges drummonds ... are also experienced in copying door furniture designs to provide matching ... for customers requiring replacement door furniture but who cannot find existing ...
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