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Architectural Antiques by Drummonds

Catalog: Architectural Antiques
Company/Brand: Drummonds

door and window fittings in Architectural Antiques by Drummonds

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range of reclaimed building materials and unique architectural features today ... we manufacture play a significant and increasing role in our business we are ... ranges of new handmade bathrooms door and window furniture and information about ... original antique bathroom equipment and door furniture from amongst all these ... designs using traditional methods and the same exacting standards applied ... fabulous range of solid brass bathroom and door furniture products the lost wax ... that for every component in a finished door knob or plumbing fitting an original in ...
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-owners architects interior designers and builders searching for original ... selection of reclaimed bathrooms doors and windows door and window furniture ... fire surrounds staircases and parts lighting gates and railings ... garden features and fountains restoration and custom ... -boxes experience specialist knowledge and its collection of custom fittings help ... are also experienced in copying door furniture designs to provide matching ... for customers requiring replacement door furniture but who cannot find existing ... powder which liquefies on contact and fuses over the whole interior surface ... finish distinguishes a drummonds bath and is proof of this enamelling method the ...
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