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aero 6 aero #flatoutfast aerodynamics describe the interaction of an object with its surrounding medium air to us aero means minimal drag in all conditions allowing you to go faster than ever without any compromises in weight stiffness and braking performance we want to create the most efficient and complete system

aero 12 dt swiss aero wheels benchmark comparison no matter which rim depth you choose the arc 1100 dicut® line up with its three rim depths gives you the perfect option depending on your demand independent of the rim depth all wheels have a very low base drag level with a delta of only 0.4 watt at 0° yaw angle the arc 1100 dicut® 62 the arc 1100 dicut® 80 even how fast are the arc 1100 dicut® wheels when compared to the industry benchmark we can proudly say they are the new benchmark comparing the arc 1100 dicut® 80 with the industry benchmark zipp 808 nsw we notice a one watt shift across the entire yaw range which aero drag create negative drag and show the desired sailing effect at higher yaw angles above 12° the arc 1100 dicut® 48 is the perfect wheel for gusty wind conditions creating very low steering moment at higher yaw angles and having a smooth and predictable stall behavior aero drag arc 1100 dicut® 80 arc 1100 dicut® 62 arc 1100

performance 18 pro develop ment the prc 1400 spline® wheels can be seen as the result of our 4-year sponsorship with the swiss pro-team iam cycling endless hours of testing and discussing with world-class riders and their mechanics brought us tons of valuable feedback which has flown into the development of the prc 1400 spline® wheels improved carbon lay-up for precise and safe braking on long downhills the perfect spokes combination for ideal stiffness and the most advanced hub technology for thousands of kilometers with low friction and outstanding quality are only a few points to mention go ahead and find out about the fruits of this unique partnership

performance 24 the comparison +1 comparing the prc 1400 spline® 35 with the first version of the rc 38 spline® wheels from 2013 a technical evolution is clearly visible while the weight has stayed the same the inner rim width was increased to a contemporary 18 mm resulting in a stiffer rim and improving the support of 25 mm tires which have become the most popular tire width for both +20 wheel set weight pros and amateur riders what might seem to be minor adoptions to the hub result in an increase of 15 rear wheel side stiffness last but not least the optimized architecture of the carbon layup leads to a massive 20 increase in heat resistance making the rim brake versions extremely safe in long downhill sections +15 rim inner width +20 rear wheel side stiffness resin heat resistance 2013 2015 2016 2018 rc 38 spline® rc 38 spline® rc 38 spline® mon chasseral prc 1400 spline® 35

endur ance 30 endurance #longdaysout endurance means to pursue a goal no matter what might happen along the way each and every wheel in the dt swiss endurance line up is designed with this goal in mind they unite top notch aerodynamics with comfort and reliability now bring on the cobbles rain and headwind situations

endur ance 36 erc 1100 dicut 47 ® weight from 1513 g disc brake eur 2408 usd 3173 developed by dt swiss in cooperation with swiss side whatever road you choose the erc 1100 dicut® delivers the best performance benchmark aerodynamics developed with our partner swiss side generate maximum speed on tarmac unparalleled handling comes through the revolutionary aero development approach plus rethinking the wheel from scratch has led to a 47 mm deep 1530 g tool for any road mission leaving you with no excuses and giving you all the more reasons to get out and ride – wherever the road may take you price per wheel set

cross road 42 cr 1600 spline 23 ® weight 1728 g what feels better than passing a mountain biker on his trail while your gripping the hoods of your cross bike not much but the cr 1600 spline® offers more than that whether you are cutting through mud dancing on icy frozen trails or exploring dusty desert roads you will feel the c 1800 spline 23 ® weight 1745 g disc brake disc brake eur 578 usd 762 eur 408 usd 538 great efficiency of these wheels wide straight pull spokes attached to a beautifully machined high end ratchet system hub will keep encouraging you to attack new challenges as soon as the last one is over and the cr 1600 spline® is totally up to it price per wheel set when heavy duty riding is your passion the c 1800 spline® is the right partner for any mission with its high end sleeved rim ready to take up mtb-sized rubber and the tough build featuring our sturdiest bladed spokes it is right at home at anything from jumping obstacles cutting through the mud to

components 54 components a wheelset is only as good as its separate components are as a matter of fact dt swiss components meet the highest standards for quality and set the foundations for our outstanding product quality ever since dt swiss spokes hubs and rims are are synonymous with precision swiss manufacturing in order to keep this quality level the consistent improvement of our components is given the highest priority in our r&d process

components 60 spokes dt champion® classic dt champion® straightpull dt competition® classic dt competition® straightpull dt competition® race classic dt competition® race straightpull dt super comp® dt revolution® dt alpine® dt alpine® iii dt aerolite® classic dt aerolite® straightpull dt aero speed® dt new aero® dt aero comp® classic dt aero comp® straightpull nipples dt standard brass dt standard aluminum dt pro head® brass dt hidden aluminum dt squorx pro head® brass dt squorx pro head® aluminum