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hot 4 in 1 heating oil treatment concentrate thermo trap heat absorbing paste silver king all brass force suction pump silverking hydronic formula no 5 silver king stop leak snoop gas leak detector boiler stop leak silver king boiler stop leak pipe joint compound high pressure steam boilers heat absorbing paste hydronic formula no 5 hot water heater boiler hot water heater boiler prices hot 4 in 1 oil treatment concentrate natural gas leak repair compound high density yellow gas pipe compound oil and gas pipeline valve natural gas plastic pipe and fittings prices industrial stainless steel pipe and fittings price list duff water softener pipes by duff co snoop leak detector oxygen teflon tape snoop leak detection septic tank heaters perma cement perma cement patching cement propane leak detector septic tank size cpvc pipe 4 cpvc pipe 3 cpvc pipe pipe dope natural gas yellow teflon tape pipe detection tape lp gas plastic pipe pvc cpvc pipes hydronic zone valves king force pump cpvc pipe price orange teflon tape yellow gas pipe thread tape food grade tub trace a leak silver king formula propane gas line yellow solar hot water heaters natural gas plastic pipe joint food grade water tub natural gas leak indicator natural gas yellow pipe natural gas sealant adhesive back teflon tape natural gas plastic pipe price

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compounds and chemicals duff power duff co muriaticacid 2 0 1 gal industrial strength cleaner for tiles brick porcelain masonry toilet bowls and removes scale from metal surfaces made only from pure ingredients fig no 16104 price duff power duffpower opens clogged drains dissolves organic matter and melts heavy grease deposits contains special corrosion inhibitors and won t harm piping systems septic tanks or cesspools for professional use see special notice inside each carton quart size fig no 16071 duff conditioner a non-acid liquid drain cleaner for cleaning of hair grease paper lint and organic matter ecologically safe contains no solvents 1 quart fig no price 44345 price cloroben p t dissolves grease soap fat and detergent eliminates regular grease-trap cleaning stops frequent septic tank and cesspool pumping restores soil absorption to drainfields opens sluggish drains and lines kills odors non-acid non-caustic harmless to digestive bacteria size fig no price quart

compounds and chemicals form-a-gasket no.1 fast drying improves gasket sealing power adds reliability to rigid or permanent assemblies eliminates delays seals and repairs a wide range of gaskets fills in uneven flanges surfaces seals pipe fittings air ducts boilers plumbing connections and threaded assemblies dries fast sets hard for sealing permanent or rigid assemblies easy to apply ul listed approved by bureau of standards and appeals of nyc conforms to mil-s-45190c ord type i duff co form-a-gasket no.2 increases reliability of gasket seal on flexible assemblies saves time cuts cost seals and repairs gaskets on flanges cover plates steam lines hose connections and threaded assemblies dries slowly set to pliable film for sealing semipermanent or flexible assemblies applies easily removable ul listed approved by bureau of standards and appeals of nyc conforms to mil-s-45190c ord type i fig no price fig no price 3 oz tube 11 oz tube 37708 16030 polycel foam seal triple expanding

duff co acryllic latex caulk with silicone compounds and chemicals trace-a-leak dye tablets and 16 oz liquid designed for use in tracing water leaks following water lines examining water currents colors available fluorescent green red non-flourescent blue fig no price fig no clear white price 75924 38561 liquid wrench loosens rust and corrosion quickly with teflon 11 oz spray can fig no 16036 price tablets liquid 38196 47658 3 oz squeeze can fig no 20265 price markal e-z break copper antiseize lubricating compound copper based resists rust and corrosion recommended for coating nuts bolts valves flanges spines for easy breakout after years of service meets mil spec mil-a907e temperatures to 1800 degrees f fig no 16097 price silicone sealant 3 oz tube fig no price white clear 16026 38847 silicone rubber sealant 10.3 fluid ounces for caulk gun mold resistant paintable permanently flexible oem fig no price penetrating oil -a highly effective penetrant that breaks down rust and

compounds and chemicals duff co rectorseal 5 rectorseal no 5 yellow rectorseal 100-w virgin white teflon pipe joint compound specifically formulated for threaded connections where cleanliness as well as positive sealing is essential it will not stain hands soil uniforms or leave a messy appearance acids diluted air compressed gaseous recommended for threaded con ammonia brine carbon dioxide caustic alkalis diluted cutting oils diesel fuel nections on lines carrying oil fatty acids liquid freons all acids lpg alkalis odorants anhydrous gasoline heating oils hydraulic oils ammonia oils brine petroleum gases kerosene liquefied petroleum gases butane other gases except oxygen manufactured gases nitrogen gaseous caustics propane corrosives solvents petroleum solvents steamlines vegetable fuels steam oils water gas fig no price fig no price pipe joint compound -meets requirements of american gas assoc for lp-gas work and national board of fire underwriters pamphlet #58 recommended for

duff co yellow compounds and chemicals premium teflon tapes green gray industrial white gas oxygen stainless industrial thicker with more teflon density than regular teflon tapes color coded for specific applications meets or exceeds mil spec t-27730a can withstand temperatures of -450of and +550of yellow size length 1/2 260 yellow gas line teflon thread seal tape designed for gas lines of all types natural gas propane and butane lines meets gas company standards world wide full density 1.6 and also 4 mils thick makes this the heaviest tape available seals threads easily and quickly with confidence has a temperature range of -450f to +550f exceeds mil spec t-27730a ul listed color coded green for oxygen applications grease free density of 1.2 and 4 mils thick this is the tape for all your oxygen lines will not support combustion temperature range of 450f to +550 f exceeds mil spec t-27730a ul listed this tape has nickel pigment color added for use on all stainless steel fittings

compounds and chemicals scrubs hand cleaner towels duff co scrubs hand cleaner towels heavy duty hand cleaning anywhere anyplace anytime!scrubs in a bucket provide pleasant smelling removal of heavy grease lubricants adhesives oils tar asphalt inks wax and many other difficult to remove soils such as coal dust graphite and grass stains and where these soils are absorbed into the patented scrubs towels they do not retransfer back onto the skin fig no 50952 price fast orange hand cleaner original formula quickly removes deeply embedded grease oil dirt and most stubborn soil contains lanolin and other soothing emolients to help condition hands against drying cracking and chapping size fig no 43715 58087 price copper brite instant cleaner eliminates cleaning of copper fig no 38945 price 14 oz 1 gallon teflon tape inert non-toxic easy to use tape for use on all threaded connecduff tions as a pipe dope it withstands pressures to 10,000 psi and conforms to mil-t-27730a made of dupont

duff co compounds and chemicals nu-clear thread cutting oil dark thread cutting oil sulphur base may be used on iron steel stainless steel and other metal material 350o f flash point fig no price 1 qt 1 gal 12681 12682 duct seal compound seals around j-boxes flashings service entries and more easy to use forms around irregular surfaces and configurations resists cracking drying shrinking cuts and trims easily and can be painted immediately after application 20 f working temp -40of to 250of service temp fig no price 1 lb 5 lb 52596 49003 fig no qt gal 5 gal 55 gal 34615 30336 30460 34617 price roof flashing cement an elastic black fibre cement for repairing around vent pipes chimney etc provides weather-proofing around new or old flashings 1 gallon fig no price 12658 dark thread oil fig no price qt gal 5 gal 55 gal 34615 30336 30460 34617 sludge kleen sludge solvent and fuel oil conditioner for all grades of fuel oil to reduce soot formation keeps nozzles from clogging and disperses

compounds and chemicals pipe protection tape all weather pipe protection tape is a tough pvc plastic tape with special high tack adhesives formulated to resist corrosion provides positive protection against abrasion and corrosive action for steel pipe fittings electrical conduit systems and gas lines 100 roll duff co snoop liquid leak detector fig no 82344 74557 width 2 2 thick 10 mil 20 mil price pipe wrap primer quick drying rubber base primer that permeates pits and irregularities on the pipe surface and prepares the metal for tape application quart size snoop liquid leak detector with the snooper tube to detect any type gas leak even in hard to reach areas in industrial and residential applications air natural gas propane helium acetylene nitrogen oxygen features non-toxic-pure non-flammable no residue-dries clean will not collect dust no chlorine or halogen additives bubbles indicate size of leak detect leaks on vertical surfaces virtually odorless extendible snooper tube

duff co compounds and chemicals iron out chemically changes iron oxide rust into a clear soluble state that will easily flush away removes rust and stains from water softeners toilets sinks/tubs white clothes and dishwashers size 18 oz 5 lb micromet a slowly soluble food-grade hexametaphosphate product that is safe for use in drinking water supplies for preventing red iron water problems lime scale and controlling corrosion rust 5 lb fig no 16126 price fig no 9302 9303 price all out extra heavy duty safely cleans lime rust soap and hard water deposits 1 1/2 pint solar salt descr solar salt 50 lb solar salt 80 lb pellet salt 50 lb red out salt 40 lb rock salt 80 lb rock salt 50 lb fig price no 9304 9301 46832 47517 50865 50864 fig no 47832 price furnace cement for temperatures up to 1800 degrees f for sealing and patching hot surfaces duff food grade silicone 1 lb 1/2 gal 1 gal fig no 24842 12674 12675 price food grade silicone a multi-purpose product that lubricates waterproofs

compounds and chemicals silverking hydronic formula no 5 with silicone sk-471 will reduce fuel consumption in hot water systems up to 20 by more efficient boiler operation waste of energy and pollution are greatly reduced lubricates metal plastic plastic and rubber parts and protects entire internal system against fouling contains no petroleum duff co quick cleaner and inhibitor with anti foam silicone sk-24 guaranteed to stop boiler surge instantly for high and low pressure steam boilers use 1 can for each 150,000 but s of boiler rating will reduce fuel consumption in steam heating systems up to 30 by more efficient boiler operation waste of energy and pollution are greatly reduced guarantee removes sludge frees and lubricates zone valves protects the pump by lubricating the seal removes insulating sludge on submerged coils prevents clogging of automatic hot water valves frees and lubricates stuck flow valves fig no 16046 price safe boiler stop leak with anti foam silicone

duff co heating chemicals compounds and chemicals viking coil cleaner an efficient inhibited acid for removal of scale lime rust calcium iron etc for coils water heaters urinals heating and air conditioning equipment one gallon fig no 16099 price gallon no freeze 30 low temperature heat transfer to protect hot water heating systems from freeze-ups excellent for summer homes rv s solar collectors marinas etc can withstand temperatures of 350 deg f over extended period and normal makeup water odorless safe one fig no price 12687 calcleandetergent heavy duty liquid cleaner for spray cleansoot scoot toss-in duo-pac ing evaporator coils air cooled eliminates soot in combustion condenser coils metal filters fan chambers for more efficient perblades and other surfaces soiled formance easy to use no mess with greasy dust and dirt will fig no price not corrode any metal when used 12667 a s directed also cleans pots pans floors woodwork etc 4 liter hydrozorb fuel tank water absorber clears