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air eliminator cast iron max working pressure 150 psig pressure gauges boiler drain hot water heater drip pans hoffman 40 automatic air vent for steam radiators 24 volt relay to 120 volt for fan control fin tube baseboard honeywell gas valves hydronic zone valves steam traps design oil burners pressure gauges boiler asme relief valve boiler air vent valves steam boiler lp gas pressure regulating air vent valves steam radiators hydronic control valve asme relief valve american air vent 60736 oil pressure gauges boiler water heater element immersion propane gas water heater boiler water pressure relief valve adjustable pressure relief valves watts propane gas water heater valve oil furnace boiler 75 gallon propane gas water heater 24 volt water heater element 120 volt water heater element 80 gallon electric water heater steam boiler safety valve setting honeywell water pressure regulator honeywell water pressure regulating valve indirect water heaters bradford white electric water heater 10 gallon electric water heater solar hot water heaters 3 prong electric hot water heater solar hot water heater mushroom vent cap natural gas yellow teflon tape lp high pressure regulator 3 prong cord electric hot water heater gas 50 gallon commercial water heater 80 gallon electric water heater sensor natural gas pressure hose propane 24 volt hot water heater sure flex coupler shaft pressure relief valve installed hot water boiler propane gas quick disconnect fitting 18 hoffman air valve low water cutoff burner for gas water heater 1a vari vents modulating control valve for hot gas control yellow gas line connectors gas shut off valve fire automatic

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heating duff co duff offers a complete line of custom and replacement tube bundles and coils for all your replacement and new work needs tapered tube plugs for repairing heat exchangers boilers 1/4 through 1 1/4 readily available sold in packs of 24 emergency deliveries available with build times as fast as we sell solutions b&g armstrong taco amtrol trane carrier mcquay and many more 48 hours we can field measure just give us a call 610-275-4453 page 269 for additional information call 610-275-4453 or fax 610-279-6299 please call for current

duff co water heater dip tube fig no 8719 price water heater accessories lower thermostat ul listed 1 yr warranty energy efficient range setting built in safety switch to prevent overheating adjustable temperature range 110o-170o fig no 8712 price heating elements water heater drip pans polyethylene fig no price 73938 8721 aluminum fig no price 51156 51157 universal flange replaces flat or round head elements kit contains 1 element 2 gaskets 4 bolt immersion element 2 1/2 diagonal bolt hole center descr 1500w 120v 2000w 120v 1500w 240v 2000w 240v 2500w 240v 4500w 240v 6000w 240v 4500w 480v fig no 8742 8748 8751 8754 8756 8761 8763 48952 price size 24 30 size 20 26 water heater element wrench fig no 8718 price water heater insulation jacket upper thermostat ul listed 1 yr warranty energy efficient range setting built in safety switch to prevent overheating adjustable temperature range 110o -170o fig no 8713 one price element screw inimmersionelements fits kelvinator montgomery

duff co heating cast iron baseboard center leg fig no 15198 price cast iron hi baseboard 9 7/8 high 3.4 sq ft lin ft sold per foot longest continuous length 6 call us now with your requirements fig no 15192 price per foot holding lug fig no 15197 price also available push nipple 15199 tie bolt nut 15201 assembly tool 41967 fin left hand valve enclosure 5 fig no price right hand valve enclosure 5 fig no price 4 4/8 inside corner fig no price tube baseboard 15194 15193 15195 embassy fin tube baseboard heat 3/4 copper fin tube 8 lengths only how to order complete package includes assembled baseboard damper vane heating element with expansion cradles and 2 splice plate set cover assembly includes everything in complete package except element or expansion cradles heating element includes heating element only no enclosure available 1 1/4 copper and 1 1/4 iron pipe 2 descr complete cover ass element fig no 43251 43252 43253 price 3 fig no 9092 9114 9423 price 4 fig no 9094 9116

duff co universal temperature control goldline single stage electronic temperature control designed to be a direct replacement for outdated and unreliable electromechanical controls provides on/off temperature control with single-pole double-throw relay output controlling temperature is the most important part of any hvac/r system and it provides tight temperature control of 1of from the setpoint temperature this cotnrol can be mounted up to 1000 from the sensor which allows the installer to position the control in a more accessible and secure area take the error out of temperature controlling and give yourself the accuracy you deserve applications include walk-in coolers and freezers greenhouses radiant floor heating systems aquariums domestic hot water refrigerated and frozen display cases environmental rooms limit for pressure systems such as steam air non-combustible gases or non-corrosive fluids spdt mercury switch stainless steel sensing element connection is 1/4 fpt with

heating duff co spiralink permanent replacement coupling for b&g theo and armstrong pumps single retrofit elminates future coupling replacement easy installation reduces labor hours and down-time superior flexibility extends pump life by absorbing torque load on bearings and seals model versatility reduces coupler inventory up tp 70 b&g 75 100 125 150 1-1/2 2 2 1/2 ld3 hd3 hv 1 hv 1-1/4 hv 1-1/2 1 pr pd-35 pd-37 pd-38 pd-39 old new 60-1 60-2 60-3 60-4 60-5 60-6 60-8 60-11 60-13 60-14 60-15 60-16 60-17 60-19 armstng hp rot shaft b&g armstrong fig no price 5-25 5-34 5-35 5-45 s-46 1 1/2 118705 or 189110 806026 1/6 ccw 1/4 1/3 1/2 x 1/2 118473 or 118723 118705 or 189110 806168 46960 806026 h-32 h-41 5-55 5-57 5-60 h-51 h-52 h-53 h-54 h-63 h-64 h-66 h-65 h-67 1/6 2/3 3/4 1 1/4 1/3 1/2 3/4 1/2 3/4 1 118473 1/2 x 1/2 118708 or 118709 or 1/2x5/8 1/2 x 5/8 118476 or p77271 or 5/8x5/8 b&g 1/2 x 1/2 armstrong 1/2 x 5/8 1/2 x 5/8 118473 118709 or p77234 807436 or 806137 812734 816665

heating kunkle 6000 series duff co steam and water safety valves kunkle 252 series models 252-253 254 models 6010-6021 6030 6221 6230 6238 fbf-fba pressure limits steam to 250 psig 406of air/gas to 300 psig 300of models 6030 6130 6230 to 300 psig steam 422of model 6186 to 150 psig air/gas 300of applications steam boilers and generators air/gas compressors reciprocating or rotary portable or stationary intercoolers and after coolers pressure vessels containing steam air or nonhazardous gas including tanks receivers sterilizers and autoclaves pressure limits 250 psig 406of applications steam boilers and generators pressure reducing stations air/gas compressors reciprocating or rotary pressure vessels including tanks receivers intercoolers oil gas separators lines kunkle consolidated lonergan lunkenheimer etc call today with your specifications rebuild service now available brass iron stainless pvc ductile call us today special expediting service for those hard to get settings

heating water gauge sets duff co gaugeglasscutter standard gauge glass cutter with carbide whel for round tubular gauge glasses fig no 17470 price steel gauge valves call for price and availability pinch and cut glass cutter squeeze pop glass cutter cuts cast iron tile and asbestos cement pipe in seconds with no tyurning cutter chain is wrapped around tubing right at the point where cut is to be made any length from 1/2 to several feet may be cut custs up to 3/4 od fig no price forged bronze for cutting by the rotation of a hardened steelwheel about the outside of a tube of any size not larger than 1-1/8 it employs two v guides to align thetubing at a position normal to the cut the wheel is held normally open by a coil spirng fig no 49662 price page 319 17473 for additional information call 610-275-4453 or fax 610-279-6299 please call for current

duff co heating regulators temperature regulator watson mcdaniel style 0 used to increase the temperature good for steam of a medium liquid or gas by pressure reducing valve remotely sensing that medium s pressure reduction for numerous temperature and throttling steam types of systems and equipment flow to it typical uses are platindustrial plants hospitals ing or finishing tanks hot water hotels power plants etc a generators and storage tanks small highly-versatile valve that heat exchangers fuel oil storage tanks and heaters offers a wide range of reduced pressures it provides steam tables open tank or kettle control heating accurate regulation where demand and incoming ducts circulating dryers or ovens sterilizing equip pressure are fairly constant ment size rang fig no price balanced main valve for better temperature control of dial thermometer optional 1/2 0-10 55610 control down to 2 size 1/2 3/4 1 1 1/4 1 1/2 2 fig no 9055 9056 9058 9059 9063 9064 price 1/2 1/2 1/2 3/4 3/4

duff co all fuel stainless steel and aluminum chimney liner kit heating heating accessories all fuel chimney type b gas vent for use with low-heat appliances sized 6 to 12 call now for specs for venting all listed gas appliances having draft hoods sized 3 to 8 oval and round call now for specs ready for immediate delivery call with your specifications draft regulator for oil and solid fuel field type swh side wall vent hood designed for standard vent pipe and class b type double wall connection to be used inside wall venting of oil or gas fired heating systems provides proper clearances between flue-gas stream and wall combustibles available for immediate delivery in 3 4 5 6 and 8 sizes field power venters model swg our new patented power venter design is a giant step forward in the evolution of sidewall venting it s the safe economical easy to install answer to power venting the swg series from field controls combines the fan motor and vent hood into one complete and compact

duff co fit all thermocouple kit heating heating accessories tank sticks thermocouple tester see page 732 for water finding paste for quick testing of thermocouple output provides visual indication of proper thermocouple operation fig no 66260 size 18 24 36 fig no 16852 16858 16864 price price size 9 ft 14 ft fig no 25678 29220 price thermostat cable with plastic jacket self tapping boiler plugs size 1/4 5/16 3/8 7/16 fig no 16799 16804 16812 16817 price size 18-2 18-3 18-4 18-5 18-6 fig no 8838 8845 8864 8865 8867 price floor and ceiling plates electrical tape copper size fig no price iron pipe size fig no price ace boiler plug 1/2 3/4 1 1 1/4 1 1/2 2 16879 16884 16886 16894 16899 21354 1/2 3/4 1 1 1/4 1 1/2 2 2 1/2 3 4 16908 16909 16914 16915 16917 16922 16924 16926 16931 size 3/4 x 60 fig no 15332 price ignition cable size std jumbo fig no 16829 16833 price 4-in-1 radiator handle fits rajah terminal perfectly 25 ft to plastic box fig no price folding tank sticks 34312 ignitors

duff co duff quiz 1 how many british thermal units btu s are required to raise one pound of water 1 degree fahrenheit a 212 b 100 c 1 d 513 2 a b c d 3 a b c d one cubic foot of water weighs 1 lb 8.33 lbs 7.48 lbs 62.4 lbs one gallon of water weighs 1 lb 8.33 lbs 7.48 lbs 62.4 lbs 5 how many btu s are in 1 kilowatthour a 212 b 3,412 c 1,000 d 62.4 6 if you mix 180-degree hot water with 40-degree cold water to obtain 140-degree tempered water what percentage of the mixed water is hot water a 88.3 b 71.5 c 75.2 d 50.0 7 if you have a storage tank that is 30 inches in diameter by 60 inches high how many gallons of water will the storage tank hold a 183.62 v=3.142xr xrxh b 1,800 231 c 120.5 d 100 heating 8 how many btu s are in one cubic foot of natural gas a 212 b 1,000 c 2,500 d 3,200 9 how many btu s are in one cubic foot of propane a 212 b 1,000 c 2.500 d 3,200 10 in gas water heaters scale deposits on the bottom of the water heater insulate the bottom of the water heater from the