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self priming centrifugal pump 316 threaded stainless steel pipe fittings schedule 80 pvc pipe prices little giant pump company small submersible pump little giant pumps grundfos jet star pump 12 volt water pump self prime single hole well seals for submersible pumps submersible sump pump 12 volt submersible sump pump pitless adapter for pvc casing pvc well casing franklin submersible pump automatic jet charger jacuzzi shallow well jet pump shallow well jet pump pvc well screens 12 x 3 sch 40 pvc pvc well casing pipe glass filled noryl 304 stainless steel well casing liquid level control diagram watertight well cap 316 stainless steel well casing 316 stainless steel pipe prices schedule 80 steel pipe nipple foot valve for water jetting schedule 80 pvc nipple shell and tube condensers schedule 80 steel pipe nipples schedule 20 pvc 6 x 20 pipe schedule 20 pvc pipe transfer pump gas for hand drill pvc schedule 20 pvc pipe pvc schedule 20 pvc pipe 6 schedule 20 pvc 8 x 20 pipe schedule 80 steel pipe prices schedule 80 pvc 6 x 20 pipe schedule 80 pvc 8 x 20 pipe schedule 80 pvc 8 x 10 pipe sumpless sump pumps sumpless sump pump jockey pump grundfos sewage pump sewage pumps submersible pumps jacuzzi grundfos 5s03 9 pump price grundfos 10s03 6 pump price grundfos water pump submersible pump abs abs submersible pump jockey pump jacuzzi pumps jacuzzi pump

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pumps duff co duff sump pumps and controls duff submersible and pedestal sump pumps are designed to pump any basement drainage water and residential flooding tools and materials needed for submersible or pedestal sump pump installation duff hose kit or pvc pipe and cement or galvanized pipe pvc adapter same size as pvc/abs pipe check valve plastic fiberglass or concrete sump basin screwdriver pipe wrench adjustable wrench med large hacksaw with 24-tooth blade for cutting plastic pipe knife or round file for smoothing inside of plastic pipe connections basic submersible sump pump installation check valve basic pedestal sump pump installation discharge pipe check valve pvc pipe/fittings as required sump basin pedestal sump pump sump basin submersible sump pump float switch relief hole for additional information call 610-275-4453 or fax 610-279-6299 please call for current prices page

duff co pumps sewage pump 2 solids 115v 1/2 ip sewage ejector completely pre-assembled 2 solid handling 2 discharge vent 3 or 4 inlet capacity 37 gallons for residential and light commercial installations up to 60 fixture units packaged residential sewage system fig no price 9129 used in #9130 assembly 1/2 hp 2 solids-handling 2 discharge features heavy cast iron cosntruction with 2-vane semi-open hytrel impeller oil filled thermally protected motor permanently lubricated bearings all stainless steel fasteners stainless steel rotor shaft 10 ul approved power cord with quick disconnect design standard consult factory for longer cord lengths mercury-free float with series plug on automatic models features durable polyethylene basin with reinforcing ribs for structural strength 20 x 30 `torque stops molded into the base provide added pump stability and assure proper clearance for the float switch molded inlet hub has no bolts or gaskets sized for 4 flexible couplings 25

duff co cold water condnsate pumps an inexpensive trouble-free solution to condensate removal where gravity drainage is impossible or impractical little giant automatic condensate units are designed to fit most mechanical refrigeration and air conditioning units also for use in the disposal of waste water of drinking fountains humidifiers ice makers beverage machines and other applications pumps little giant pumps features except where noted all units feature vertical type pump unit leakproof rustproof high-impact polystyrene tank abs motor tank cover volute and impeller stainless steel shaft snap action switch 3/8 od barbed discharge 6 power cord with 3 prong molded plug thermal overload protection model vcl-14uls pump engages in 3.56 of water and disengages in 2.6 of water includes safety switch model vcl-24ul same as above with larger motor no safety switch thermally protected ul listed model vcl-24uls model vcm-15ul same as model vcl-24ul above with safety pump engages in

pumps duff co bell gossett itt centrifugal pumps b&g series 1510 pumps to 2500 gpm 400 ft head 100 hp single stage vertical split-case design can be used for open or closed systems seal options standard mechanical flushed single or double and packing b&g series 80 in-line pumps to 2500 gpm 375 ft head 60 hp compact vertical design saves space vertical or horizontal mounting in pipe saves installation time seal options standard mechanical flushed single or double and packing b&g series vsc pumps to 4000 gpm 400 ft head 200 hp single stage double suction pump saves up to 50 of floor space cuts piping requirements easily servicedwithout distrubing volute or motor seal options standard mechancial flushed single or double and packing b&g series vscs pumps to 8000 gpm 300 ft head 2500 hp single stage double suction pump same as vsc series except eith side suction and top discharge call duff now for your pricing and availability 610-275-4453 for additional information call 610-275-4453 or

pumps duff co how to select the correct submersible pumping equipment for additional information call 610-275-4453 or fax 610-279-6299 please call for current prices page

duff co jacuzzi submersible pumps pumps jacuzzi sandhandler 5 gpm jacuzzi sandhandler 7 gpm 30s47-33 15s45-28 2s47-25 1s45-21 15s47-20 7s45-18 1s47-15 5s45-13 7s47-12 3s45-9 5s47-9 3s47-6 page 406 for additional information call 610-275-4453 or fax 610-279-6299 please call for current

duff co pumps call duff first for all your pump needs page 412 for additional information call 610-275-4453 or fax 610-279-6299 please call for current

pumps pressure switches duff co pressure switches and control systems these electric control pressure switches are dependable and sure-acting for all water systems easy to install and easy to service each switch has a removable cover that exposes the entire mechanism and the electrical leads the contacts are of fine silver double break type that permit a more efficient flow of current ghg-2 fig no price 80/100 fsg-2 fsg-2 20/40 30/50 30/50 g5 30/50 p 40/60 30/50 m4 fig no 8229 8254 8267 50216 45486 8286 price gsg-2 25322 fig no price gsg-2 or ghg-2 20/40 30/50 40/60 50/70 60/80 8307 8317 8327 8347 8361 floatless liquid level control systems provides automatic low level cutoff protection for submersible pumps and deep well turbines liquid level submersible pump control system consists of a standard enclosed type lh induction relay which operates from two type e1-s insulated electrodes suspended at desired levels properly installed these components provide reliable automatic low level

pumps pump accessories pipe holder holds pipe while it is being lowered or raised in well adjusts for 1 1 1/4 1 1/2 2 fig no price 10583 duff co torque arrestor ta-48 precision molded from virgin rubber to provide the finest method available for protecting submersible pumps from starting torque damage deluxe torque arrestor is fieldadjustable to hold pump centered in well insuring a snug fit in all well casings from 4 8 id two piece design installs quickly eliminates flashing problems and has a longer life after easy casing adjustment cable guard 4 or 6 wells protects pump and the unit is securely fastened to 1 or 1 1/4 drop pipe with the two stainless steel clamps provided cable this cable guard will keep the special feature power cable from abrading against adjustable 4 to 8 the casing or natural side of the well a minimum of three to five fig no price should be used one at the pump and one between 10801 25 and 30 above the pump furnished in 6 size although cut tabs

duff co size pumps stainless steel well screen price 1 1/4 x5 sss0105 1 1/4 x10 sss0110 2 x5 sss0205 2 x10 sss0210 4 x5 sss0405 4 x10 sss0410 5 x5 sss0505 5 x10 sss0510 6 x5 sss0605 6 x10 sss0610 8 x5 sss0805 8 x10 sss0810 size fig no stainless steel casing type 304 stainless steel 1 1/4 x5 ssc0105 1 1/4 x10 ssc0110 2 x5 ssc0205 2 x10 ssc0210 4 x5 ssc0405 4 x10 ssc0410 5 x5 ssc0505 5 x10 ssc0510 6 x5 ssc0605 6 x10 ssc0610 8 x5 ssc0805 ssc0810 8 x10 stainless points threaded plugs threaded caps and slip caps also available stainless steel insert fittings all machined from 316 alloy stainless steel pipe fig no price 50487 mass-3 48688 mass-5 mass-6 mass-8 37862 37863 62983 stainless steel insert fittings valvesfig no size male adapter 1/2 3/4 1 1 1/4 1 1/2 2 1 1 1/4 1 1/4 x 1 extra long male adapter price reducing male adapter mptxinsert mpt x insert extra long reducing male adapter 1 1/4 x 1 rass5-4 coupling 1 1 1/4 css4 css5 hex bushing mptxfpt 1 1/4 x 1 6960

duff co standard sch 40 pvc well screens with male x female flush thread standard sch 40 pvc casing with male x female flush thread non-slotted pumps size 2 x2 1/2 2 x5 2 x10 2 x20 4 x2 1/2 4 x5 4 x10 4 x20 .010 slot 48672 48673 48674 48675 48676 48677 17810 48678 price .020 slot 48679 48680 17811 48681 48685 43652 21261 48682 price size 2 x2 1/2 2 x5 2 x10 2 x20 4 x2 1/2 4 x5 4 x10 4 x20 pvc flush joint plugs fig no 30196 30327 48669 48670 21266 21264 21267 48671 pvc flush joint caps price standard sch 40 pvc well screen plain ends non-threaded size .016 slot price .010 slot price .020 slot price size 2 4 2x10 52584 4x10 51609 51610 fig no 30197 21262 price size 2 4 fig no 30195 21263 price clear pvc bailers size 11/4 x15 11/4 x36 11/4 x48 fig no pvcv215 pvcb236 pvcb248 price pure gold pure gold bentonite descr fig no price 5 gallon pail 3/8 tablets 50 lb bag chips 50 lb bag one step grout 48683 48684 25041 monitoring well manhole 12 x 12 flush mount