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duff company shut off valve retention tank epoxy coated steel tanks duff co rt42s hot high pressure water treatment dwc water softener 2850 water softener stenner check valves duckbill check valves duckbill check valve well pro chlorine pellets toilet flush valve seated 237 buna n autotrol repair parts micron filters for bed filters boiler water treatment duff company water meters duff company water flow meters uv lamps water treatment water treatment plumbing supply cooling tower water treatment res up water treatment water softener dwc water softener dwc 255 water softener fleck 2900 dwc 48 water softener 5600 water softener water trap sediment dwc water softener 255 time clock water 5 gpm cartridge filter well water sediment filter cartridges 10 micron water filter vessels water softener std duff company check valve duff company contact resin bed water systems boiler water pressure relief valve water closet price sea water filter housing pressure relief valve installed hot water boiler 3 inch diameter water pipe sump pump domestic water tank types turbidity in water 24 volt hot water valves water filtration for homes water meter valve price list high flow water pipe 10 inch high flow water pipe 16 inch pipes by duff co brine tank sediment trap brine valve duckbill check fleck 5600 fleck 4600 5600 fleck 3150 brine tank valve

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water treatment duff co a division of duff company products for quality water clearly great water throughout your home fdceababc whole house system hot water system ice maker filter d e f drinking water system under-sink filter point-of-use filter for additional information call 610-275-4453 or fax 610-279-6299 please call for current prices page

duff co water treatment harmsco up-flow cartridge filtration a design so superior it s patented harmsco s up-flow design out performs conventional filters fluid enters the filter under pressure and flows through the filter media holes in the center tubes and perforations in the rods that hold the cartridges in place as the fluid continues its path it flow upward past the top seal where it spills over into the standpipe as it hits the filter s domed lid the top of the standpipe is at the high point of the filter also note the the filter cartridges are sealed at the bottom and held in place with threaded pipe caps up-flow stainless steel industrial filter housings cartridge filters 304 stainless steel cpvc standpipes cpvc cartridge holders and threaded caps cartridge cluster filters to remove entire set of cartridges at one time for cleaning or replacement no air entrapment no vents cartridge cluster filter with easy cartridge removal for cleaning or replacement no fluid by-pass during

duff water treatment water requirements of other establishments to be used as guidelines only animals gpd co each horse 10 add 5 in stables each milking cow 15 add 15 with drinking cup each dry cow 10 with drinking cup add 10 each hog 3 each sheep 2 each 100 chickens in lighted henhouse 5 beauty/barber shops 200 gallons per day per operator boilers to determine daily make-up in gallons 1 multiply boiler horsepower by 4.25 2 then multiply 1 by hours per day of operation 3 then multiply by the percentage operating rating 4 then subtract the percentage of condensate return clubs showers x 600 gpd lavatories x 150 gpd meals x 4 gallons cooling towers to determine daily make up in gallons 1 multiply the tonnage by 4 this includes 2 gallons per ton hour evaporation and 2 gallons per ton hour bleed off 2 then multiply 1 by the hours per day of operation dormitories estimate 40 gallons per person per day total water usage estimate 16 gallons per person per day hot water only golf

duff co 1 a b c d e day clock regeneration water treatment commercial water softeners f g 7 and 12 day regeneration cycles available standard regeneration time 2:00 am this can be altered with new 24 hour label twin systems with clock regeneration usually will have staggered regen eration times min 3 hour difference twin clock systems come standard with hard water by-pass during regenera tion systems can be designed with no hard water by-pass single or twin systems must be designed for minimum 1 day capacity note special systems with multiple regenerations per day are avail able consult duff co clock type systems are best suited where water consumption is constant on a day-to-day or peak demand days are predictable on the same days each week twin systems usually are used when high peak flows are needed 2 water meter initiated a 5 basic metered systems 1 1 tank-1 meter immediate regeneration hard water by-ass during regeneration has no bearing on system no reserve capacity

duff co water treatment autotrol replacement parts 255 series page 514 for additional information call 610-275-4453 or fax 610-279-6299 please call for current

duff water treatment fleck valve part assemblies service equipment bypass valves and yokes fig no 36464 42632 co price part 60040 60041 model 5600 model 5600 1 description brine valves and components fig no 45490 45506 44760 45513 45514 42630 45515 42631 38957 part 60026 60025-ffa 60029 60031 60032 60034 60033 60350 60027-ffa description float grommets model 400a body only model 1600 short stem 2500/2700 model 3600 no blfc model 4600 5600 model 2900 brine valve model 3100 model 9000 2300 safety valve assembly wo/float price service equipment fig no 45491 36268 36269 36464 45641 45647 45648 part 16516 11098 13061 60040 13759 60460 60461 description stuffer 2850/3100 stuffer 2500/2750 puller 2500/2750 model 5600-brass 3/4 npt tool fir 5600 d.l.f.c meter checker std range meter checker ext range price injector assembly plastic complete fig no 38960 42654 45567 42655 size 0 1 2 3 4 kmno4 color red white blue yellow green gray part 60080 60084 60384 60385 description model 1500

duff co purolite grade td mb pl tl cl fl dl strong dl weak s c g purofine uniformity coefficient maximum 1.70 1.70 1.45 1.35 1.35 1.55 1.35 1.35 1.50 1.50 1.50 1.2 water treatment gradesizprangtlimitleios,imm uamesh on resinpsincipal are i c at n ze s ni s e effective r size mm typical 0.50 0.50 0.55 0.80 0.55 0.55 0.60 0.40 0.55 0.55 0.63 0.45 <0.3 42 <0.5 63 71 63 85 <1.0 <1.2 50 40 35 30 25 30 20 18 16 applications 1 1 5 standard quality 2 mixed beds mixlite 2 5 condensate polishing polilite 1 1 5 three component mixed bed trilite 1 5 continuous processes contilite 2 10 floating beds counter-flow operation fludite 5 25 layered beds lower layer doublite 3 5 layered beds upper layer doubleite 2 2 special applications demineralization of sugar 2 2 high flow rate applications 10 ultra low pressure loss 2 1 1 high efficiency demineralization good kinetics good regeneration efficiency grades particle size cation resins purolite grade std mb pl tl cl fl dl strong dl weak s c g

duff co water treatment pulsafeeder series 200 parts page 546 for additional information call 610-275-4453 or fax 610-279-6299 please call for current

duff water treatment mechanical non-electricchlorinator apf automatic proportional feeders model 2 fig no price flow capacity maximum minimum pressure maximum minimum water temp output max feed ratio min feed ratio max delivery min delivery suction lift of additive minimum maximum 38978 co model 20 42581 18 gpm .25 gpm 80 psi 5.5 bar 5 psi 0.3 bar 33o-100of .002 .0001 52 gpd .04 gpd 60 .01 .2 18 gpm .25 gpm 80 psi 5.5 bar 5 psi 0.3 bar 33o-100of .02 .001 518 gpd .36 gpd 60 .1 2.0 c400 pvc chlorinator non electrical chemical feed system powered by water pressure and operates only when water is used the c400 uses chlorine pellets and does require a carbon tank union adapters up to 1 1/2 descr c400 chlorinator 14 lb pellets 35 lb pellets for additional information call 610-275-4453 or fax 610-279-6299 prices are a guide only please call for current prices fig no 46955 47505 38980 price page

duff co reverse osmosis ro is one of the most convenient and economical methods of reducing unwanted contaminants in your drinking water ro is the process by which water molecules are forced by water pressure through a semipermeable membrane most of the impurities and other contaminants are rinsed to the drain while the refined water is routed to a special holding tank typical installation of reverse osmosis drinking water system faucet with air gap water treatment reverse osmosis drain optional cover product holding tank drain inlet activated car reverse osmo sediment prebon post filter sis membrane filter housing housing housing for best results with cta membrane the following incoming water specifications need to be followed cta is cellulose triacetate membranes that are chlorine tolerable page 568 for additional information call 610-275-4453 or fax 610-279-6299 please call for current