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North American Headquarters:
Duravit USA, Inc.
2205 Northmont Parkway, Suite 200
Duluth, GA 30096

Phone 770 931 3575
Fax 770 931 8454

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Catalogs by Duravit USA

Badmagazin 2013

Badmagazin 2013 by Duravit USA

Take a closer look at Duravit with this sampling of bath products, bathroomn ideas and innovations.

News Edition 5 2013

News Edition 5 2013 by Duravit USA

Essentials for living bathrooms. In 2013, we are pleased to introduce our new essentials for living bathrooms that, as always, have been designed in close collaboration with the best in their field.

SensoWash 2013

SensoWash 2013 by Duravit USA

SensoWash®. A new sense for design, comfort and purity. Nothing is as thorough, as hygienic, as natural and as refreshing as cleaning with water. Also after using the toilet.

Starck 2 Flyer 2012

Starck 2 Flyer 2012 by Duravit USA

Starck 2. The power of a nuance. So often the smallest changes have the greatest impact. And the new Starck 2 washbasins, with which Duravit are continuing the re-design of their successful bathroom range, are the proof.

News Edition 4 2012

News Edition 4 2012 by Duravit USA

Living bathrooms just keep on getting better. Our new products also feature impressively durable quality, timeless design and good ideas.

D-Code 2011

D-Code 2011 by Duravit USA

Good design is affordable. D-Code from Duravit is a new kind of bathroom range with alternatives and solutions for all imaginable bathroom situations.

Darling New 2011

Darling New 2011 by Duravit USA

Darling New is the evolution of both a Duravit classic and a good idea, namely lots of design for little money.

Onto 2012

Onto 2012 by Duravit USA

A new type of bathroom design. When an architect and designer such as Matteo Thun designs a bathroom for Duravit, it’s normal to expect something really special.

Fancy a Duravit bathroom? 2012

Fancy a Duravit bathroom? 2012 by Duravit USA

From the powder room to the luxury bathroom!

Book of well-being 2011

Book of well-being 2011 by Duravit USA

Wellness is coming home. Despite all the short-lived fashions, trends and hype, “wellness” has become an enduring and serious part of our lives.

World of Duravit 2011

World of Duravit 2011 by Duravit USA

The "World of Duravit" reference brochure focuses on hotel projects and provides impressive evidence of how Duravit bathroom products are being enjoyed all around the world.

SensoWash C (English/Spanish) 2012
SensoWash C 2012
Cucina Edition 2 2011

Cucina Edition 2 2011 by Duravit USA

Ceramics for the kitchen. The kitchen is familiar territory for Duravit. It started to manufacture crockery as early as 1817. With the Cucina range of ceramic kitchen sinks, Duravit has come full circle ...

PuraVida 2012

PuraVida 2012 by Duravit USA

PuraVida. A new sense of lightness in the bathroom. The more complex and advanced our world becomes, the more we desire an escape to a new, more “emotional” way of seeing things.

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