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singapore changi int airport singapore the worldwide unique design of terminal  3 of changi airport in singapore allows complete daylight lighting for optimum lighting of the 52,000 m² terminal a sophisticated roof construction with specially developed skylights and shade systems from durlum has been installed depending on the position of the sun and the brightness the shade systems on the roof align automatically and regulate the incident amount of daylight and energy input when required artificial lighting systems installed outside on the roof switch on additionally overall this special design allows easy maintenance and saves 2,400 tonnes of co2 annually durlum products 919 skylights consisting of parabolic panels and butterfly panels made of anodized aluminium being electronically controlled using a bus system custom made lighting systems incl 90 spotlights 128 pieces of indirect lighting and 300 pieces of reflective spotlights for the access

mumbai india chhatrapati shivaji int airport the newly built terminal 2 of mumbai airport opened up in 2014 its interior design from som architects articulates emotion in many ways integrating regional patterns and textures subtly into the architecture more than 12,000 m² of perforated metal ceiling with a particular dur-graphics wood-print texture installed in different areas of the airport emphasize the emotional approach whilst still providing all the advantages of a metal ceiling in addition customized linear metal ceilings in a bronze color were deployed durlum products s4 linear metal ceiling in dur-graphics wood optic with l08 perforation [12,000 m² customized linear metal ceiling perforated in l08

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new delhi india indira gandhi int airport the delhi indira gandhi international airport is one of the largest airports in the world for the national and international piers of terminal 3 which opened in 2010 durlum supplied 135,000 m² of various types of customized linear metal ceilings with and without perforation in less than six months durlum products 135,000 m² of s4 hook-on system special design ceiling

closed metal ceilings open metal ceilings functional ceilings raft ceilings and acoustics design ceilings project lighting interior and exterior lighting lighting management daylight tubes redirection systems shading

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