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Catalog Confidence Platinum 2017

dynaudio confidence tweeter voice coil hi fi cabinets midrange speakers for surround sound system 75 ohm to 50 ohm floor to floor cable connector stereophile 6 ohm woofer mocca 6 ohm tweeter sound baffle wood cone woofer mocca brown av cabinet lower radiator baffle 3 layer cabinet speaker spikes tandem match radiator top plate

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all the breath there is all the detail there is all the timing there is all the beauty there is all the power there is all the purity there is all the confidence there is confidence platinum the best confidence

a milestone for dynaudio a monument in the history of high-end speakers the confidence series has been one of the most successful and most acclaimed high-end loudspeaker ranges in the world for nearly two decades even the very first confidence generation of the 1990’s established a benchmark in the authentic reproduction of music the latest confidence platinum series features dynaudio’s innovative ddc technology the legendary esotar2 tweeter and expertly built and elegantly finished cabinets making it the finest sounding and most distinguished confidence range yet incorporating select high-performance drive units and the finest hand-crafted finishes the new confidence models have been further refined every model features dynaudio’s outstanding esotar2 tweeter in its latest version the esotar2 is further optimized via dynaudio’s precision coating improving the exceptionally smooth response and ensuring the authentic reproduction of all fine musical details

a titan among the greatest musical instruments the confidence c4 platinum the confidence c4 platinum is a no-compromise world-class loudspeaker design the c4 captivates with unparalleled sound quality from incredibly deep bass to clear smooth detailed highs even in larger rooms the construction mates an especially slim cabinet with an innovative baffle design the distinctive cnc-machined baffle minimizes resonance due to its multi-layer construction while it extends beyond the cabinet to incorporate larger woofers than the slim cabinet would otherwise allow the assymetrically shaped baffle with gently rounded edges minimizes sound breaking up and therefore yields a homogenous sound radiation from the tweeters and midrange drivers the two esotar2 tweeters are seamlessly mounted into a solid glass-blasted aluminium plate this suppresses even the most minute movements from the tweeters which otherwise would distort phase and sound dispersion in the higher frequencies these two tweeters

in the realm of the absolute senses the confidence c2 platinum the confidence c2 platinum is one of the world’s most advanced two-way-loudspeaker designs it merges the homogeneity and the precise imaging characteristic of a wellmade compact monitor with the impact and power only a floor standing speaker can provide the confidence c2 platinum adapts the reflection-minimizing ddc technology to an elegant slim profile two esotar2 tweeters two high performance mid/bass drivers with special kapton voice coil formers and an advanced crossover yield a seamlessly balanced yet detailed sound and incredible sound staging like the larger c4 the c2 also incorporates the innovative baffle design the characteristic shape minimizes sound waves breaking up at the corners and improves sound radiation while the multi-layer construction reduces resonance the two esotar2 tweeters are seamlessly mounted into a solid glass-blasted aluminium plate which provides a firm and acoustically ideal

the smallest source of ultimate energy in the known universe the confidence c1 platinum the confidence c1 platinum delivers a level of musical performance and refinement that is unequalled by any other loudspeaker in its class the distinctive slim cabinet incorporates the advanced esotar2 tweeter a high performance mid/bass driver with an aluminium voice coil and kapton former mated to a highest-quality 1st order crossover dynaudio has a long tradition with excellent high-end compact monitors the legendary contour 1.3 se the crafft and the confidence 3 were each milestones in their field and became real classics the confidence c1 platinum continues this tradition the esotar2 with precision coating neodymium double magnet and absorbing rear chamber provides the perfect platform for the higher frequencies while the woofer with its msp cone light aluminium wire voice coil and kapton former is also one of dynaudio’s best the 1st order cross-over filter consists of select components

the peremptory expansion of your event horizon the confidence center platinum the confidence center platinum ensures multi-channel performance on the same exalted sound quality level of the confidence range consequently the confidence center is fitted with two esotar2 tweeters and the elaborate cabinet construction the two tweeters midrange drivers and cross-over filter design enables precise imaging and allows a seamless balance between the center channel and the main speakers the cabinet features an integrated adjustable plinth to precisely angle the center while dispersion can be further optimized for placement above or below the video image via a switch on the back panel like all confidence models the cabinet construction is extremely low-resonance and has a front baffle designed for ideal sound dispersion while the two tweeters are solidly mounted in an aluminium plate which eliminates any unwanted influence on the high-frequency performance the confidence center platinum is the

all the world’s a perfect stage with dynaudio ddc after years of development experience with dynaudio professional studio monitor loudspeakers it became clear that many recordings are of superb quality but due to listening room acoustics the potential of these recordings could not be fully experienced in particular reflections from floor and ceiling boundaries interfere with a faithful realistic sonic reproduction because of distortions and added time delays with ddc dynaudio has created a technology that effectively reduces these effects in the confidence c2 and c4 the vertical symmetrical drive unit array and sophisticated crossover topology reduce the energy dispersed to the floor and ceiling by approximately 75 percent the controlled vertical dispersion makes the loudspeaker far less dependent on the room and much less influenced by positioning as compared to conventional designs ddc isn’t simply arranging the drivers in a symmetrical array for ddc to succeed every

from the very people who gave the world the loudspeaker probably the best loudspeaker company in the world thanks to the danes we have speakers as early as 1819 hans christian Ørsted discovered the basics of every loudspeaker electromagnetism in 1915 the first dynamic speaker was developed – also by a dane for more than 35 years dynaudio in danish skanderborg has specialized in authentic music reproduction via loudspeakers the dynaudio engineering team relies on its own innovations in all aspects of the development materials selection and manufacturing processes special attention is paid to even the most minute detail dynaudio speakers are a unique combination of innovative technology the most modern production techniques precision craftsmanship and danish sensitivity this kind of input is out of the question for most speaker manufacturers – but at dynaudio in denmark it is the basic requirement for the company’s legendary audio experience high-precision

true technology center platinum c1 platinum c2 platinum c4 platinum sensitivity 2.83 v/1 m 87 db 2.83 v/1 m 85 db 2.83 v/1 m 88 db 2.83 v/1 m 89 db iec long term power handling 300 w 4 ohms 170 w 4 ohms 300 w 4 ohms 400 w 4 ohms impedance 4 ohms 4 ohms 4 ohms 4 ohms weight 20 kg 11 kg 40 kg 50 kg dimensions w xhxd 800 x 270 x 380 mm 200 x 445 x 430 mm 224/420 x 1550 x 445 mm 250/420 x 1750 x 445 mm crossover 6 db/oct 6 db/oct 6 db/oct 6 db/oct tweeter 2 x 28 mm soft dome 1 x 28 mm soft dome 2 x 28 mm soft dome 2 x 28 mm soft dome mid/woofer 2 x 17 cm msp-cone 75 mm pure 1 x 17 cm msp-cone 75 mm pure aluminium-wire voice coil aluminium-wire voice coil 2 x 17 cm msp-cone 75 mm pure aluminium-wire voice coil 2 x 15 cm msp-cone 38 mm pure aluminium-wire voice coil 2 x 20 cm msp-cone 75 mm pure aluminium-wire voice coil woofer – – – subject to change 1 2 3 4 1 rosewood rosewood veneer stained in a glowing dark red finished with clear piano lacquer 2 bordeaux

all there is dynaudio a/s 8660 skanderborg denmark sales marketing dynaudio international gmbh ohepark 2 21224 rosengarten germany phone +49 4108 41 80 0 © dynaudio international gmbh confidence platinum 0514 item no 466890 all text and image copyrights reserved subject to change without