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the extensive dynaudio accessories range has been spe able spikes for precise leveling and are available in satin cially developed for dynaudio speakers but is suitable for black satin white black gloss or white gloss finishes mounts for flat screen tv monitors the sf1 center base and center base2 models are ideal dynaudio offers two speaker stands for optimizing free center speakers on sideboards lowboards and shelves standing placement of compact speakers stand 6 and stand the speakers are raised slightly above the surface and are 3x stand 6 which features a particularly low-resonance angled slightly upwards for better sound dispersion many other designs as well also available are two wall solutions for the installation of compact speakers and aluminum construction is the ideal speaker stand to obtain the optimum sound quality from medium to large high-end the adjustable dynaudio wall mount is ideal for particularly compact speakers stand 3x features a slimmer raked-pro discreet wall-mounted installations of compact speakers file aluminium column and a smaller footprint making it ide while the larger wsb1 is also suitable for heavier compact ally suited for medium to smaller sized loudspeaker designs models and allows greater flexibility and adjustment both models feature cable-management provisions adjust possibilities on the wall technical specifications desk stand xeo 2 only stand 3x stand 6 dimensions top plate 140 x 190 mm 5.5 x 7.5 inch 235 x 169 mm 9.3 x 6.7 inch dimensions base plate 162 x 139 mm 6.4 x 5.5 inch 282 x 204 mm 11.1 x 8 inch 320 x 235 mm 12.6 x 9.3 inch stand height 84 mm 3.3 inch 620 mm 24.4 inch 638 mm 25.1 inch finishes aluminium high-gloss white high-gloss white satin black high-gloss black high-gloss black satin white satin white satin black satin black stands customize your system and optimize its sound.