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Catalog Brushhless external rotor motor VD/VDC series (version 2017-05)

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definitions for vd/vdc motors continuous stall power pbn0 [w weight [kg is an approximate value for the voltage-independent maximum weight of the delivered unit without additional units or packaging permitted output p=u x i that can be taken from the dc voltage max shaft load fradial/faxial [n source in holding status the permissible forces are divided into radial and axial load values permissible peak torque short-term mmax [mnm they are based on the maximum permissible values for the motor is the torque which the motor can usually deliver in a short time bearing during operation at normal rating and a defined service life expectancy l10 permissible peak current motor lead imax [a is the current that must flow in to the motor lead as a peak value to service life l10 achieve the short-time peak torque the values for the l10 service life specified in conjunction with the permitted bearing loads have been calculated to din iso 281 in induced voltage uimax [v/1 000 rpm addition to the

information technical drawing 1.2±0.1 65±0.5 2.5+0.15 39.5+1 7.2±0.3 56 vd/vdc motors all dimensions in mm control electronics Ø 25-0.05 Ø 18+0.5 Ø 52,8±0.1 Ø 4.5+0.3 56 65±0.5 Ø 5-0.01 -0.005 r 4.5 19±0.5 20±0.5 28-0.15 f radial f axial l1 faxial 9n fradial 35 n l1 10 mm permissible shaft load at nominal speed and life expectancy l10 nominal operation of 20 000 h at tu max 40°c function 6 phase w 7 phase v 8 phase u signal wire no function 1 ub 2 gnd 3 hall c 4 hall b 5 hall a accessories no 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 modular construction kit vtd-xx.xx-k3 on request vtd-60.13-k5sb on request basic motor spur gearheads compactline 91 page 56 general information recommended external control electronics rotor protection cap page 66 connection cables page 67 19 2017-05-b accessories ebm-papst around the world supply wire gearheads electrical

vdc motor vdc-54.14-k3 – 3-phase external rotor motor with ec technology – drive with completely integrated k3 operation and control electronics – integrated speed control function – interface with analog and digital control inputs – very good synchronization characteristics – long lifetime by using precision ball bearings – electrical connection via the circuit board edge plug nominal data type vdc-54.14-k3-b01 vdc-54.14-k3-b00 nominal voltage un v dc nominal speed nn min–1 6 000 24 nominal torque mn mnm 100 150 nominal current in a 3.60 2.80 62.8 3 500 nominal output power pn w starting torque mmax mnm speed at no-load operation nl min–1 8 000 no-load current il a 0.51 0.21 recommended speed control range min–1 300 8 000 300 4 000 rotor moment of inertia jr kgm2 x10–6 47.6 120 4 000 145 overload protection integrated permissible ambient temperature range tu °c weight kg order no ip 00 subject to

general information accessories gearheads control electronics vtd-xx.xx-k4s position 36 vtd-60.13-k5sb canopen 38 33 vd/vdc motors 34 ebm-papst around the world vtd-xx.xx-k3 speed 2017-05-b information control

information vd/vdc motors technical drawing f radial f axial faxial 500 n permissible shaft load at nominal speed and life fradial 350 n expectancy l10 nominal operation and operating factor 19 mm cb 1 see page 70 of 5 000 h at tu 40°c l1 l1 gearheads control electronics image of 1-stage gearhead 2-stage design completely cylindrical all dimensions in mm length of the possible motor gearhead combinations l 2-stage vdc-49.15-k3-p63 mm 107 128 vdc-49.15-k4-p63 mm 107 128 accessories l 1-stage 47 2017-05-b general information subject to alterations ebm-papst around the world motor

spur gearheads compactline 90 – minimum space requirement due to compact design – high power density – high torques from the smallest possible dimensions – very quiet operation thanks to optimized gear geometries and materials – maintenance-free over entire service life nominal data gearheads compactline 90.2 reduction ratio 16.0 no of stages efficiency 57.8 79.1 compactline 90.4 121.6 189.3 368 2 3 4 0.81 0.73 0.66 max input speed n1 rpm rated output torque mab nm 1.90 3.80 6.20 7.00 7.00 9.00 9.00 short-term torque mmax nm 4.75 9.50 15.50 17.5 17.5 22.5 22.5 gear play ° 0.70 1.60 0.70 1.60 0.70 1.60 permissible operating temperature tu °c -20 +80 4 000 4 000 4 000 -20 +80 -20 +80 operating mode s1 s1 s1 protection class ip 50 ip 50 ip 50 weight kg 0.30 0.35 0.40 shaft load radial axial n 120 40 120 40 120 40 service life h 5 000 5 000 5 000 lubrication installation position subject to alterations on request 2017-05-b 32.0

information vd/vdc motors technical drawing motor control electronics all dimensions in mm f radial f axial l1 faxial 50 n permissible shaft load at nominal speed and a fradial 150 n life expectancy l10 nominal operation and operating factor 17 mm cb 1 see page 70 of 5 000 h at tu 40°c l1 gearheads l±1 length of the possible motor gearhead combinations mm vdc-54.14-k3-f85 mm 70 subject to alterations bestellzusatz bestellzusatz bestellzusatz bestellzusatz c01 c01 c01 c01c01-k02 c01-k02 c01-k02 c01-k02 c01-k03 c01-k03 c01-k03 c01-k03 c01-k04 c01-k04 c01-k04 c01-k04 standard standard standard standard fürfür motorfür motorfür motormotoranschraubanschraubanschraubanschrauborder add-on for motor mounting position vdc vdc vdc -3-49-15 vdc -3-49-15 -3-49-15 -3-49-15 position position position position gearhead vdc-49.15 vdc vdc vdc -3-49-15 vdc -3-49-15 -3-49-15 -3-49-15 vdc-3-54-14 vdc-3-54-14 vdc-3-54-14 vdc-3-54-14 c02 c02 c02 c02c02-k02 c02-k02 c02-k02 c02-k02

standards and guidelines basic information on standards and guidelines for electrical definition of the electric motor small-power motors and drive systems operated with a dc voltage an electric motor is a motor without electronics or a motor with inte of max 75 v dc nominal voltage grated electronics of low complexity such as commutation sensors simple commutation electronics or commutation electronics with simple the vd/vdc series described in this catalog are direct current motors speed control with a voltage range of <75 v dc nominal voltage for in an electronically commutated design which are designed and spec use by customers who incorporate them into end devices ified for a nominal voltage of max 75 v dc thus the supply voltage of according to this definition electric motors include for example these drives is within the range of safety extra-low voltage selv on the vd/vdc-xx.xx-k1 series this basis ebm-papst would like to provide some information intended to help you 37967-7-8811 ∙ 2017-05 ∙ wa-2 ebm-papst ebm-papst zeitlauf st georgen gmbh co kg gmbh co kg hermann-papst-straße 1 industriestraße 9 78112 st georgen 91207 lauf a d pegnitz germany germany phone +49 7724 81-0 phone +49 9123 945-0 fax +49 7724 81-1309 fax +49 9123 945-145