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discover ebm-papst in commercial kitchen equipment durable and reliable products for constant

about ebm-papst as a leader in technologies for ventilation and drive engineering ebm-papst is in demand as an engineering partner in many sectors with over 15,000 different products we provide the right solution for just about any challenge our fans and drives are reliable quiet and energy efficient six things that make us the ideal partner our systems expertise as experts in advanced motor technology proximity to our customers at 57 sales offices worldwide electronics and aerodynamics we provide system solutions from a single source our standard of quality our quality management is uncompromising at every step in every process our spirit of invention our 600 engineers and technicians will develop a solution that precisely fits your needs our sustainable approach we assume responsibility with our energy-saving products environmentally friendly processes and our lead in technology with our greentech ec technology we set social commitment new standards worldwide and our lead is your

durability for guaranteed enjoyment tangential blowers –– ideal for distributing hot and cold air –– save space thanks to flat compact design –– especially broad and uniform air stream –– also available in energy-saving ec design with speed control e.g temperature-controlled –– minimal heat dissipation into refrigeration circuit –– largest product range worldwide with roller diameters of 30 to 100 mm possible applications 1 2 3 6 15 gas/air composite system –– complete system solutions with blower venturi and gas valve 0.5 kw to 150 kw –– components work together perfectly for ideal mixing of gas and air –– compact and space-saving –– for all gas-operated applications in kitchen equipment –– especially rapid output availability thanks to use of gas –– speed control for optimum regulation of cooking and drying processes

example applications for ebm-papst products 1 refrigerated display case salad bar 6 refrigeration units 11 oven 2 heated display case 7 mobile food warmer 12 steamer 3 bottle cooler 8 deep fryer 13 gas-powered clothes dryer 4 beverage dispenser 9 universal slicer 14 dishwasher under-counter 5 ice maker 10 extractor hood 15 commercial dishwasher 1 2 3 4 5

15 14 13 10 11 8 12 9 6 7 8

hot-air blowers –– perfect results with ovens heated displays or mobile food warmers –– proven and reliable shaded-pole motor technology –– heat-resistant impellers made of hot-dip aluminized or stainless steel or die-cast aluminum –– installation of motor outside of cooking area with adjustable bracket –– ball bearings used for reliability and long service life –– available with impeller diameters of 120-225 mm possible applications 2 7 11 energy-saving motors –– ideally suited for driving axial fans to distribute cold in evaporators and for cooling in condenser applications –– high potential energy savings thanks to ec technology –– compatible with existing shaded-pole motors for easy replaceability –– can be used in indirect contact with foodstuffs thanks to plastic housing –– service life up to 90,000 hours possible applications

reliability made by ebm-papst as a technology leader and premium manufacturer we attach great importance to the quality of our products to ensure that we can meet this standard of quality we test our products thoroughly the insights we gain flow into our development and production processes continuously enabling constant improvements in our product quality convincing results our qualification and endurance tests have given us decades of experience in understanding how various design parameters and temperatures can affect the service life of a product some of these tests have been in progress since the 1980s – proof of the legendary reliability of products from ebm-papst thanks to our wide range of tests we are able to provide our customers with exact product specifications when performing our tests we are guided by international standards as well as by our ebm-papst environmental classes load profiles for each product test are based on both industry-standard application fsc logo ebm-papst landshut gmbh hofmark-aich str 25 84030 landshut germany phone +49 871 707-0 fax +49 871 707-465 37995-7-8811 · 2016-12 ·