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Catalog Energy-saving axial fans - Unit cooler

A solution specifically designed for unit cooler applications.

10 position rotary switch 4 position fan speed rotary switch 3 speed rotary switch 100 240 vac 4 position rotary switch 5 position rotary switch 6 position rotary switch 8 position rotary switch 3 position rotary switch 8 positions rotary switch 2 position rotary switch position rotary switch 5 position rotary switch 240 v 4 position rotary switch lock 40 position rotary switch 35 position rotary switch permanent magnet motor permanent magnet motors permanent magnetic motors 25 position rotary switch 16 position rotary switch 11 position rotary switch uses permanent magnet motor uses of permanent magnet motor axial fan external rotor axial fans 6 replacement axial fan replacement axial fan fan blades fan blade fan assembly 3 speed fan switches fan blades installation motor fan assembly three speed fan switch wireing 3 speed fan switches single speed fan motor wiring fan speed switches fan speed switch two speed fan motor wiring wiring two speed fan motors 4 contacts fan switch air vac rotary speed switches rotary switch 3 position magnetic motors shaded pole motor finger guard finger guards air chamber rotating switch single speed 1500 rpm air motor 50 100 rpm bolt circle two speed switch

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energy-saving axial fans a solution specifically designed for unit cooler applications 10-position rotary switch the engineer’s

ec axial fans new s1g305 series designed for unit cooler applications sickled blades s-series single inlet Ø 305 highlights – motor current limit – soft start – over-temperature protected electronics – locked rotor protection material blades and struts pp plastic mounting position shaft horizontal with the harness in the 6 o clock position condensate discharge holes none direction of rotation clockwise seen on rotor unit cooler the new s1g305 series uses 30 less power than typical unit cooler fans with psc motors specifically designed for unit cooler applications the s1g305 fan series is equipped with a very efficient electronically commuted permanent magnet motor motor blade power cable and three mounting options are integrated and available as a single part number the s1g305 fans are equally suited for both oem and retrofit use fan replacement or retrofit of walk-in evaporators is a breeze with the winning combination of wide voltage range and rotary

s1g305-da02-07 dimensions shown in millimeters inches notes s1g305-da02-10 performance curves for the 10 speed settings s1g305-da02-10 performance curves in wg 0.45 air performance measured on an air chamber designed to meet iso amca210-99 and iso 5801 with fan installed as per iso 5801 installation category a but without protection against accidental contact fan speed setting 0.40 1650rpm step 10 1600rpm step 9 1550rpm step 8 0.35 1500rpm step 7 1400rpm step 5 1300rpm step 4 1200rpm step 3 0.25 dimensionally the same as the single speed s1g305-da02-07 the values given are valid under the measuring conditions mentioned and may vary accoring to the actual installation situation 1100rpm step 2 900rpm shown without cover plate unit otherwise the fan was mounted in a square-edged orifice to simulate worst case unit cooler applications 1450rpm step 6 0.30 view of rotary switch speed selector step 1 0.20 for detailed information on the measurement set-up please contact ebm-papst 0.15 0.10

s1g305 field replacement guide step-by-step visual instructions the ebm-papst s1g305 unit cooler fan assembly can be used to replace failed ec psc or shaded pole inefficient motor/blade/mount assemblies providing a quick repair and immediate energy savings by upgrading to an ec motor standard evaporator with motor blade and mounting fixture scan here to see for yourself how easy the s1g305 makes replacing a broken or inefficient fan assembly or visit our youtube channel at https user/ebmpapstusa s1g305 field replacement guide 2 remove existing fan blade and mount as complete assembly no disassembly required since these parts will not be required 3 install the new preassembled ebm-papst ec fan with existing hardware 1 remove existing finger guard and nuts for re-use 5 4 final installation re-using existing fingerguards printed in the usa 04/2016 ebm-papst inc north america 100 hyde road farmington ct 06034 phone 1 860-674-1515 fax 1 860-674-8536 © ebm-papst inc 2016 ebm-papst inc reserves the right to change any specifications or data without notice the engineer’s