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corvette hei replacement distributor cap harness connector 1986 corvette mass air flow sensor mass air flow sensor 1988 corvette rear sway bar end link gas tank filler neck seal gas tank filler neck seals rear sway bar end link kit high flow mass air flow sensor two tone leather seat covers under hood light wire harness 1990 corvette engine parts 1990 sta dri moisture protection kit upper center air deflector brace timing chain cover bolt kit advanced optical encoder trigger design for corvette zr1 oil cooler hose corvette cooling fan switch connector grand sport corvette hood emblem 1984 corvette throttle body mass air flow sensor corvette outer tie rod end corvette 1984 corvette power steering hose corvette 1992 engine coolant temperature sensor 1984 corvette sport seat covers 89 corvette mass air flow spark plug wires for 1992 corvette mass air flow sensor 86 corvette corvette leather sport seat covers corvette leather seat covers corvette corvette brake caliper seal kits idle air control valve 1985 corvette 1984 corvette under hood light switch power steering hose kit corvette idle air control valve corvette mass air flow sensor 85 corvette mounted corvette leather seat covers 1996 corvette grand sport convertible wheels two tone corvette seat covers 84 88 corvette clutch fork push rod center bolt valve covers corvette corvette rear wheel hub bearing assembly side mount exhaust system for corvette corvette parts and accessories headlight motor override knob c4 corvette c4 parts and accessories parts of the front of the indoor part of a car tps throttle position sensor cast blast spray paint tie rod ball joint cooling fan switch connector sway bar end links throttle body air foil gas tank filler neck plastic lug nut caps brake booster vacuum hose

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air conditioning heating 1984-87 r12 to r134a refrigerant a/c conversion kit 45279 42990 42989 31960 40594 1984-96 air conditioning compressors · no core required 31960 31961 45279 42989 1984 new w/clutch 1985-87 new w/clutch 269.99 ea 1988-96 w/o clutch hose attaches to rear acdelco 259.99 ea · allows easy conversion · includes all conversion parts these kits include a new compressor which will operate with r134a refrigerant a drier an evaporator orifice and the oil seals fittings and adapters 40594 1984 289.99 kit 40595 1985-87 299.99 kit 489.99 ea 539.99 ea 1984-87 r12 to r134a a/c refrigerant retrofit kit · converts r12 a/c systems to ozone safe r134a this kit contains 8 ounces of oil high and low side fittings and compressor o-rings 40591 39.99 kit 1988-96 new w/o clutch hose attaches to front 1985-87 air conditioning compressor bracket · reproduction of original · made using gm tooling · replaces gm 14084340 25-00209 new 1984-96 accumulator drier · replacement 31962

electrical 1985l 4 3 overdrive switch · reproduction of original · meets or exceeds all factory specifications 59090 99.99 ea 1992-96 egr solenoid connector · replacement connector for 1992-96 models note can be used for c5 outside air temperature sensor p/n 53311 53262 12.99 ea 1992-96 adjustable throttle position sensor kit · allows you to tune throttle response performance · easy to install/easy to tune the tps throttle position sensor is a variable resistor connected to the throttle shaft on the throttle body when the accelerator pedal moves the tps sends a signal to the computer the computer calculates the fuel delivery and the air being consumed based on the throttle valve angle our adjustable tps lets you fine-tune your corvette s throttle response for maximum performance by changing the voltage of the sensor the stock tps is preset and cannot be adjusted out-of-adjustment tps s can cause erratic idle stumbling surging and overall poor engine performance this tps kit

engine related 1985-95 air intake temperature sensor relocating kit · ideally locates mat sensor · dramatically improves performance 46165 the air temperature relocating kit repositions your engine s air intake temperature sensor from the hot plenum area to the air filter base where it can sense cooler air this enables the ecm to adjust fuel to more accurate air temperatures resulting in increased engine performance this kit can be used with or without the forced air induction system includes the following iat sensor cad/cam designed and cnc machined aluminum mount bracket with stainless steel hardware and 78 extension harness and cable ties installation takes approximately 30 minutes using step-by-step instructions 46165 46166 1985-91 l98/lt5 1992-95 lt1/lt4/zr1sensor harness 51.99 kit 51.99 kit 1984-93 hypertech power chips · produces instant power · improves throttle response · easy 15 minute installation would you like to reduce your 0-60 elapsed times by almost a 1/2

exterior parts trim 1984-90 factory rear emblems · manufactured from original gm tooling · easily applied with peel-off backing 44203 unpainted 29.99 ea 22701 1984-90 abs rear emblems 22703 · durable abs construction these original style rear emblems attach like the stock emblem with self-adhesive back 22701 gold satin silver 39.99 ea 39.99 ea 1990-95 factory zr1 emblems · manufactured from original gm tooling · easily applied with peel-off backing 44204 unpainted 39.99 ea 22703 1991-96 abs rear letters · custom-fit into recesses · durable abs construction 32326 chrome except zr1 39.99 set 35950 35923 brakelight red 1984-96 acrylic emblems and letters · fits all except zr1 raised plastic letters are affixed by self-adhesive backing 35948 35950 35923 35923 35923 1984-90 black emblem rear bumper 1984-90 chrome emblem rear bumper 1991-96 black letters rear bumper 1991-96 red letters rear bumper 1991-96 chrome letters rear bumper 24.99 ea 26.99 ea 23.99 set 23.99 set 23.99 set

exterior parts trim 1984-96 motorsports rear wing · three-pedestal mount 43846 43847 1984-90 1991-96 469.99 ea 469.99 ea 1986-96 convertible lock pillar upper trim covers · reproductions · black only 48051 54909 49836 1986-87 1990-93 1988-89 48051 49.99 pr 49.99 pr 49.99 pr 49.99 pr 54903 1994-96 paint as required 1984-90 gtl rear wing · hand laminated fiberglass construction · bolt-on installation · ready to sand prime paint 10319 409.99 ea 1991-96 gtl rear wing · hand laminated fiberglass construction · also fits 1984-90 with zr1 style bumper · bolt-on installation · ready to sand prime paint 13082 419.99 ea 1986-93 glass window convertible top retrofit kit enjoy the benefits of a glass rear window and rear defroster by installing a 1994-1996 top on your 1986-1993 corvette convertible does not include the wiring for the defroster 31685 189.99 kit 1986-96 convertible top side tension cables 1984-96 xpo rear wing · hand laminated fiberglass construction 10990 459.99 ea

interior parts trim 1984-96 mounted standard seat covers · all original colors · professional quality installation · choice of 100 leather original 1984-96 standard leather seat covers · all original colors · includes 2 backs and 2 bottoms · 100 leather install on existing seat foam or for a complete restoration order new standard seat foam 32064 44363 32065 1984-88 with perforations 1984-88 without perforations 1989-93 699.99 set 699.99 set 699.99 set 709.99 set leather-like lower cost alternative or driver leather get the greatest value for your restoration dollar when you order our professionally installed mounted standard seat covers price includes seat covers seat foam installation hardware and all labor 100 leather seat covers mounted 34340 44366 34341 35181 1984-88 with perforations 1984-88 without perforations 1989-93 1994-96 999.99 set 999.99 set 1019.99 set 1205.99 set 35185 1994-96 specify color leather-like seat covers mounted 34342 44365 34343 35182 1984-88 with

steering suspension 1984-89 mahogany finish leather combination replacement steering wheel · replaces worn factory leather wheel · adds a custom look note can be used on 1984-85 with purchase of horn cap p/n 20216 horn contact p/n 35496 48013 289.99 ea 1984-89 reproduction steering wheel · reproduction of 1986-89 wheel · upgrade wheel for 1984-85 s bolts on and provides better feeling thicker rim · no core required note can be used on 198485 with purchase of horn cap p/n 20216 horn contact p/n 35496 45104 229.99 ea 1988 35th anniversary steering wheel · reproduction of original · no core required 20213 249.99 ea 20255 standard 35782 euro-style 1984-96 wheelskins® steering wheelcovers · genuine leather · custom lacing ensures glove-like fit · euro-style two-tone covers available available in standard one-color design and new euro-style two-tone note leather does not cover spoke areas of 1984-89 wheels 1984-96 restored original steering wheels · restored like new

wheels tires 1984-96 chrome plated factory wheels · available exchange or outright · triple chrome plated ­ mirror finish with limited 5 year warranty now you can have chrome plated factory wheels without having any downtime just purchase the chrome wheels plus the core charge and when you return your undamaged matching original equipment wheels within 15 days eckler s will refund the core charge you can verify your oe wheels by locating the gm part number or logo on the inside of the wheel for your convenience eckler s shipping price includes return shipping of cores by fedex easy-to-follow instructions for core returning are provided if you are wanting to replace your original wheel with a different design see retro-fit chart at bottom of page all wheels carry a limited 3 year warranty against defects in chroming except for 1988-90 wheels which carry a one year warranty full credit will be given for plateable wheels of the same size and style in mint condition returned within

car care protection tools p21s paintwork cleanser this thick gloss-enhancing liquid removes water acid spots swirl marks and other minor imperfections without scratching easy to apply without leaving powder residue ideal for all modern clearcoats 88-0221-1 11.8 oz 15.99 ea p21s chrome polish a unique multi-surface polish specifically formulated for the variety of surfaces found on today s automobiles p21s chrome polish and finish restorer easily renews badly tarnished metals to a brilliant shine yet remains mild enough to use on paintwork and plastics 88-0224-1 3.56 oz 10.99 ea p21s window wash boost high performance detergent eliminates dangerous windshield streaking easy to use concentrated mixture makes 6-1/2 gallons 88-0220-1 18 oz 8.99 ea connolly hide care hide care is a concentrated cleaner that feeds the leather to achieve a rich polished finish and to help prevent cracking great for vinyl as well 88-0232-2 13 oz 29.99 ea p21s concours paste wax give your car the ultimate

gift apparel men s c6 black/gray hexport jacket new · smooth finish lofty poly-knit bonded to micro-fleece provides warmth without bulk color block design at shoulders arms sides zippered pockets open cuffs hem c6 emblem embroidered on left front chest imported · sizes s-xxxl men s black/gray men s black/red women s black/gray women s black/red 79.99 ea 79.99 ea 79.99 ea 79.99 ea · · · · · · 56559 56560 56562 56563 corvette red/black twill jacket · 100 cotton twill with poly lining · c6 emblem embroidered on left chest back · elastic waist adjustable cuffs · two outside two inside pockets · sizes s-xxl · imported 56556 59411 c6 logo c5 logo not pictured 89.99 ea 89.99 ea 51173 lightweight twill jacket · embroidered logos front and back · 2 inside pockets/one zippered 45415 sizes s m l xl xxxl imported 89.99 ea 51171 51176 corvette satin jacket · embroidered front rear logos · snap front closures · knit collar cuffs waistband · soft felt inner lining ·