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power package cylinder heads heads patented design superior features of all edelbrock heads all edelbrock cylinder heads include high-grade stainless steel swirl-polished valves ductile iron seats and guides teflon® valve stem seals radius valve job and heavy duty valve springs they are made of a356 aluminum heat treated to t-6 specs edelbrock heads must be used with edelbrock manifolds see page 17 19 valve spring specs for performer rpm heads maximum valve lift .650 1.460 od with dampener installed seat pressure 175 lbs installed height 1.800 titanium retainers and 7° locks valvetrain and service parts performance across the power band edelbrock heads deliver a flat torque curve with no power loss at the bottom end.this flat torque curve provides power you can feel across the entire rpm range velocity is key for increasing performance the volume of air that a cylinder head can pass is important while edelbrock cylinder heads produce excellent cfm results volume is just one component of effective air flow velocity is the other component it is a measurement of how fast a given volume of air travels high-velocity airflow provides quick throttle response awesome acceleration and excellent mid-range power edelbrock heads are a balance of volume and velocity manifolds three exclusive features have been proven on the road and on the dyno to increase hp and torque 1 rectangular shaped intake port 1 edelbrock s unique rectangular-shaped intake ports are the first v-twin motorcycle ports designed to create a laminar flow for the incoming air-fuel mixture charge the flat floor of the intake port slows the lower section of the charge down as it crosses the lower short side radius this flow rate is equal to the speed of the upper charge as it moves along the top of the port the smoother flow eliminates charge turbulence and makes for a more evenly atomized intake mixture this is the most efficient port shape that can be developed in the working space available in v-twin cylinder heads an edelbrock intake manifold with matching rectangular ports must be used with all edelbrock heads nitrous carburetors accessories 2 2 dual-quench combustion chamber the dual-quench combustion chamber features a patented design that creates more turbulence on the compression stroke for a more uniform mixture this prevents pinging and detonation and produces more efficient combustion for more power from idle to redline better cruising capabilities and better mileage technical info 3 d shaped exhaust port 3 the d shaped exhaust port is designed to provide a larger area for increased flow and velocity as well as to create a mismatch between the exhaust pipe and the exhaust exit this purpose-built mismatch reduces power-robbing reversion by keeping the majority of the exhaust gasses from going back into the engine dealer/index notes you must use an edelbrock manifold to match your edelbrock heads pages 17-19 13