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facilities our team of engineers bring years of experience to the table in the performance parts industry they are not only trained professionals using the latest design and manufacturing tools and techniques they are performance enthusiasts as well who love the sound feel and total experience of the high-performance machine edelbrock products begin with an idea an idea that comes from an intense desire to improve performance edelbrock engineers know how good it feels when a bike moves like a well-tuned machine edelbrock s philosophy has always been proven performance and the proven comes from testing our parts on our own bikes the foundry edelbrock s sand cast aluminum parts take shape in one of the most modern high-tech green sand aluminum foundries in the western united states the edelbrock foundry in san jacinto california the design process is a place that prides itself on quality and beginning with pro/engineerĀ® this sophisticated efficiency the 117,000 sq/ft complex is capable design program utilizes 3d imagery to produce an of producing over 3,000 castings a day and many exact rendering that can be made into a working of the processes have been automated the composite model using a rapid prototyping process computer-controlled pouring stations ensure that the known as stereolithography the sample is so molten metal is at the correct temperature and that the right amount of aluminum is used to accurate that it can be tested as if it were the ensure outstanding consistency and quality other equipment includes three automated molding finished product using tools like our superflow sf lines 21 core machines including a new state-of-the-art cold set core machine and a self1020 flowbench it can then be modified for optimum contained sand handling system that is capable of processing 100 tons of sand per hour in performance before it even makes production saving 2007 we will be adding a new permanent countless man-hours the r&d process improves the mold and heat treat facility next to our product while it s being developed and is a true existing sand cast foundry an over 8 testament of the commitment to performance that million dollar commitment to made in goes into all of our products whether they re usa products and performance manifolds fuel injection systems cylinder heads nitrous systems or carburetors you can rest assured that the final product was directly influenced by the passion for performance that is an integral part of our research and development team edelbrock products are tested and tuned in the lab and on the road to determine if a part really performs you need to do both our superflow sf-840 eddy-current chassis dynamometer tells us how much more torque and horsepower we ve attained but riding the bike tells us how good it feels we call it seat of the pants performance we also use the chassis dyno to develop the perfect tune for our power packages for efi-equipped bikes with various pipes each system requires a different calibration and the sf dyno helps us nail it so you know you are getting all the performance your bike is capable of edelbrock s superflow chassis dyno