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power package cylinder heads nitrous systems accessories precision cnc-machined stainless steel construction for maximum performance and reliability fuel is pre-atomized before mixing with nitrous for complete combustion and safer power levels nitrous exits here e2 series nozzles designed with noted drag racer billy glidden stainless steel edelbrock/glidden e2 nitrous nozzles are used in victor and super victor direct port nitrous kits they are capable of as much as 500 hp gains in v8 engines using a single-stage direct-port injection system this exclusive patented edelbrock/glidden design precisely atomizes the nitrous fuel mixture for accurate power gains with 5 to 20 lbs of fuel pressure replace your outdated nozzles with e2 nozzles they re a direct bolt-on upgrade for other brands that use a 90° 1/16 npt design e2 nozzle 1/16 npt 1 only 72552 valvetrain and service parts e2 nozzle #72552 taper face jets a full range of stainless steel edelbrock nitrous oxide and fuel taper face jets are available in virtually any size for your power tuning requirements edelbrock jets won t erode like brass jets size part no qty .024 73024 1 .026 73026 1 .028 73028 1 size part no qty .030 73030 1 .032 73032 1 .034 73034 1 inductive rpm sensor #71937 manifolds inductive rpm sensor 1-1/2 liquid-filled nitrous pressure gauge #73801 this unit is a simple easy to install component for use on h-d efi and carbureted models that do not have an rpm pick-up installed all of the 2004-later h-d s get their rpm signal from the data bus which is not an accessible means to get a tach signal from for items such as our nitrous systems or anything else that requires a tach signal inductive rpm sensor 71937 nitrous rpm adjustable nitrous control module rpm adjustable nitrous control module #72230 carburetors this is a direct replacement for the non-adjustable module supplied in edelbrock nitrous kits and provides the experienced rider/tuner the capability to fine tune system activation and shut down the rpm at which the system activates can be selected in 200 rpm increments from a range of 2000-5000 the second adjustment switch controls the rpm limit at which the system shuts down this adjustment is in 125 rpm increments starting at 5250 and ending at 7125 rpm rpm adjustable nitrous control module 72230 accessories stainless steel hoses for nitrous systems constructed using russell power-flex stainless steel braided hoses our lines feature a teflon ® inner liner and 308 stainless steel outer braid for the ultimate in strength corrosion resistance and appearance the russell hose ends feature precision crimp installation using a hydraulic crimping method that provides a leak-free connection all lines feature straight an hose ends on both ends use lines with blue fittings for nitrous and red fittings for fuel accessories replacement fuel solenoid 72050 replacement nitrous solenoid 72000 fuel solenoid rebuild kit 72201 nitrous solenoid rebuild kit 72200 replacement fuel pump 77500 replacement fuel filter 76513 12 oz polished aluminum bottle 72470 2 lb polished aluminum bottle 72460 glycerin-filled nitrous pressure gauge 0-1400 psi 73801 ­4an purge/gauge adapter 76512 technical info russell braided stainless hoses ­3 an nitrous/fuel hoses part no length/color 658770 658780 658040 658070 658080 658090 658100 658110 10 blue 10 red 12 blue 12 red 15 blue 15 red 18 blue 18 red description ­3 an nitrous line ­3 an fuel line ­3 an nitrous line ­3 an fuel line ­3 an nitrous line ­3 an fuel line ­3 an nitrous line ­3 an fuel line ­3 an nitrous/fuel hoses part no length/color 658120 658150 2-foot blue 2-foot red description ­3 an nitrous line ­3 an fuel line dealer/index our nitrous and fuel lines are available in a variety of lengths sizes and configurations ­4 an nitrous hoses part no length/color 658270 658310 658330 658340 2-foot blue 3-foot blue 4-foot blue 6-foot blue description ­4 an nitrous line ­4 an nitrous line ­4 an nitrous line ­4 an nitrous line 22