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power package cylinder heads carburetors edelbrock performer series 6 more horsepower than leading competitor s carburetor dyno tests of a 40mm edelbrock carburetor on a 1994 fxr showed a 5 horsepower gain over the leading competitor s butterfly style carb the 80incher was equipped with edelbrock/je pistons edelbrock performer heads and camshaft white brothers 2-into-1 e series exhaust and a crane hi-4 ignition adjustment tool attaches here for off-idle to 1/2 throttle adjustments needle adjuster assembly controls the needle s position each click equals 1/4-turn slide cutaway velocity airflow a flat slide-style carb offers better throttle response and acceleration than butterfly carburetors part throttle wide open throttle valvetrain and service parts edelbrock carb airflow goes through a well-defined opening for better fuel atomization and flow control stock carb butterfly splits airflow causing turbulence and poor fuel delivery edelbrock carb airflow is only restricted by a .125 wide needle stock carb the butterfly restricts flow and creates power-robbing turbulence manifolds simple to adjust changing the fuel calibration is easy with the edelbrock performer series carb determine what area of the throttle position needs to be adjusted idle is controlled by an idle air bleed system which is changed by replacing the air bleed jet itself in the mouth of the carburetor the larger the air bleed jet used the leaner your engine will idle all eps carbs are shipped with two spare air bleeds one richer and one leaner off-idle to 1/3 throttle is controlled by the needle position in the slide this is adjusted with the metering adjustment tool which is included with all eps carburetors by opening the throttle to wide open and engaging the tool into the needle adjuster turn it to the right to richen or left to lean 1/3-2/3 throttle is controlled by the needle size itself the higher the number needle the richer this throttle position will become beyond 2/3 throttle the new eps main jet takes control the main jet allows more or less fuel depending on the size of jet used the jet is accessed through a plug in the bottom of the float bowl all eps carbs are shipped with two spare main jets one richer and one leaner nitrous actual cutaway of slide with needle carburetors change the needle for 1/2 to full-throttle adjustments each edelbrock carb comes with two extra needles one for leaner setting and one for richer setting edelbrock air bleeds main jets and needles are available on pg 29 accessories 3 steps to carburetor selection #1 select correct mounting style for your application #2 select the correct size · · · · · · · 74 to 84 use 38mm 85 to 103 use 40mm 104 and up use 42mm performer package use 38mm evo performer rpm package use 40mm twin cam performer rpm package use 42mm sportster performer rpm package use 38mm technical info #3 select the correct part number flange-mount spigot-mount dealer/index an edelbrock carb can be purchased in a quick kit or in a complete kit complete carburetor kits include an edelbrock carburetor air cleaner with k&n filter all necessary installation hardware and installation instructions the quick kits also include an edelbrock carburetor and are designed to be used with the stock manifold throttle cables and a screamin eagle air cleaner it includes all the necessary hardware for a quick and easy installation important note highly modified engines may require different combinations than listed above 24