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innovation unique reliable quality and safety are key to creating responsible and innovative high-performance products edelrid has been producing innovative ropes made in germany for 149 years as the inventor of the kernmantel rope we have continued to set ever-higher standards our in-depth experience of rope production combined with cutting edge production technology and innovative finishing processes means that our ropes are state of the art duotec a new patented edelrid process to manufacture bi-color ropes one of the braiding spools is manufactured to have a contrasting color to create two distinctly different sheath patterns each half of the rope length has a different color the duotec process ensures permanent marking in the middle of the rope and a distinctive design the differently patterned rope halves are easily identifiable ­ very useful when rappelling determining how much rope you have left or butterfly coiling thermo shield the thermo shield treatment has been in use

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lukas binder dreams of youth a route for lemurs it all started with daniel and ari gebels expedition in 2005 they came back from the tsaranoro massif in the andringitra national park madagascar with these amazing photos in 2007 toni lamprecht also took great shots of his new routes in this incredible region lukas and wusel were completely fascinated and decided to go climb the tsaranoro massif for themselves ­ at some point this summer it was time to head for madagascar after collecting information from the gebel brothers and toni lamprecht they flew from munich to antananarivo the capital of madagascar via dubai and mauritius fellow climbers philipp hofmann and tobias baur also joined them for the expedition their first sight of the 700-meter cliff glowing red in the setting sun left them speechless it is a huge face and has few visible cracks it s so perfect it looks like something straight off a film set in fact it s almost surreal and then there is the surrounding landscape the

lukas we assumed that our route would have difficulties similar to the other routes on the massif unfortunately this turned out not to be the case dreams of youth i 7b/a1 18 pitches

apus 7,8 mm the apus complies with both twin and double rope standards making it the ideal rope weight and comfort on alpine routes creed you no longer have to choose between weight and comfort on alpine routes creed is an allaround harness with a laminated construction adjustable leg loops and protector at the tie-in point 5040 g 2x apus 60m 380 g 1x creed 380 g 1x zodiac 920 g 25 1x mirage deluxe 85 g ing sl n tio 1x belay sta 82 g um 1x hms magn 72 g 1x kiro ti 72 g g 1x titan mu 1220 g 2 x riot 360 g t 5 x mission se 8611 g total zodiac the zodiac is a lightweight and extremely stable hybrid helmet with an innovative closure system large side vents and integrated headlamp clips mirage 25 a technical alpine backpack with removable back plate and a raft of clever features detachable lid compartment integrated packing loop variable compression system with clip fix buckles and ice tool attachment loops

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facts about climbing ropes uncoiling a new rope the future of a rope can be affected from the moment you unpack it if you just open the package and lay the rope on the ground you will always have twists and kinks in it this is because ropes are coiled onto drums during production and delivered in this same coiled condition it is therefore particularly important that this process is reversed and the rope is uncoiled before use to do this carefully remove the securing bands place both lower arms though the middle of the coil and then pull them apart so that the rope forms a ring now unwind the rope slowly and carefully as if you were coiling a spool of yarn only in the opposite direction so that the rope falls loosely to the ground take care that no loops form around your wrist once the whole rope has been unwound run it through two or three times and shake it out slightly remove any last kinks when you are finished coil up the rope or even better store it in a rope bag it s worth

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boa duotec 9,8 mm the boa is a good introductory rope to the sub 10.0 mm diameter range our new duotec process provides permanent marking in the middle of the rope and a distinct design blizzard the blizzard is the most comfortable climbing shoe we ve ever made its straight cut and asymmetrical form save energy and the reinforced midsole provides increased support for edging or small footholds 1x boa 60 m 1x jay 1x blizza rd 1x eddy 1x hms st rike 1x caddy 1x cosmic 10x pure set total 3720 g 470 g 500 g 360 g 65 g 790 g 106 g 95 g 6106 g caddy the caddy is a revolutionary rope bag designed to keep things simple the rope is housed in a flexible cylinder in the middle of the tarp to prevent knots and tangles at the end of the day simply lift the tarp at the corner loops and the rope slides straight back into the cylinder jay the jay is the real all-arounder in the edelrid collection this harness features adjustable leg loops flexible gear loops positionable waist padding and

range of use dynamic ropes alpine sports climbing ice/mixed climbing sports climbing alpine climbing diameter [mm swift kite pro line falcon eagle apus heron dry line harrier kestrel merlin hawk osprey shikra viper entrance line boa python cobra tower 8,9 9,2 9,4 9,8 7,8 9,6 10,0 8,5 8,0 10,0 10,3 8,5 9,6 9,8 10,0 10,3 10,5,5 sports line big wall toprope project indoor name linie

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