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wtx-260 world tour bass amplifier the wtx-260 is the perfect amplifier for players who need a full-featured amp that will fit in the pocket of the average gig bag we designed the wtx-260 for the traveling musician especially those who travel internationally said david nordschow eden s founder and chief engineer you can slip this amp into the pocket of most gig bags and you can use it anywhere in the world with no modifications just attach the appropriate power cord and play away the amplifier automatically senses and adjusts itself to local voltage the pre-amplifier section of the wtx-260 is based on the golden ear chip for amazing warmth and musicality this is the same chip used in ultra-high-end recording consoles and is more expensive ­ and more musical ­ than the chips used by other manufacturers 8 x 9 x 2.5 3.8 lbs wp100 navigator our wp100 preamp features a tube input stage dbx type compression with variable threshold and rate controls tube character control enhance

d210xlt a favorite with professionals we consider this to be the best 210 enclosure available featuring our exclusive in-house handmade ec-1060xl cast frame woofers and an adjustable e-2700 cast bell tweeter this little system has more deep bass than many other 410 designs its tight deep focused sound lets the true character of your instrument shine through d210xst for those players who need a portable high performance rig with even deeper low end than the d210xlt we have designed a new 210 cabinet for our latest xst woofers this new 210 cabinet handles more power than many 410 cabinets on the market the low end is full but tight the mids are open and well defined and the highs are clear and crisp truly amazing low end output for a 210 enclosure

d112xlt the d112xlt is the newest of the eden xlt series the d112xlt features a strong aggressive character and an exceptionally open and sweet upper midrange this is a very versatile and sensitive speaker system it goes from slap to rock to jazz or other styles with ease it does all this in a tiny light weight package that s easy to transport this creates a new standard for 112 bass enclosures d115xlt our high-powered 400 watt 15 two-way system featuring the fastest responding 15 speaker available a classic bottom with great detail and transient response the d115xlt features our new cast frame ec-1500xl woofer with 3 high temperature edge wound voice coil and our e 2700 cast bell tweeter d 11 5 x l not shown this version without the tweeter features the same great sounding ec-1500xl woofer and has optimized front porting d212xlt the 212 design of this enclosure is perfect for the player who needs to cover a wide variety of playing situations the exclusive twin ec-1260f woofers and

d210mbx at the request of professional players we fit our famous d210xlt system into a compact monitor package the d210mbx retains all the sound quality and output level of the xlt enclosure you ll be amazed at the incredibly high sound pressure level and tremendous low end response this little system puts out this is a must for difficult stage monitoring conditions dc112xlt we have merged the popular wt330 amplifier system with our d112xlt enclosure in doing so we have redefined the standard for small professional bass guitar combo systems the dc112xlt is equipped with a proprietary spring loaded flip down support foot that lets you kick back the unit for perfect near field high angle positioning without having to use an odd box shape the dc112xlt has amazing tone quality and a massive output for such a small unit dc210xlt metro the new dc210xlt is the answer to requests for our highly acclaimed world tour and david series in a combo format our goal in designing the metro was to

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for players demanding uncompromising quality and aggressive tone the rs series is the perfect choice available in the following configurations rs410 24.75 w x 24.75 h x 16.25 d 62 lbs rs210 24.75 w x 16.25 h x 16.25 d 49lbs rs212 24.75 w x 24.75 h x 16.25 d 58lbs rs115 24.75 w x 17.25 h x 16.25 d 44lbs nemesis rs series combos the nemesis rs combos have been designed with rock bassists firmly in mind we ve incorporated several features to address the needs of players who want an aggressive mix-cutting sound each of the four models features redesigned graphics and our new back-lit logo for great looks in an aa void-free plywood cabinet for durability the rs series includes many of the features found in the nc series combos including solidstate input stage 3-band eq semi-parametric control section effects loop switchable autom atic compression di output with ground lift and level controls headphone and tuner outputs high-power all fet amplifier design delivering 320 watts rms 8 ohms

rs212 if you are looking for a traditional 12 sound with punch and portability here it is the rs212 has 320 watts of output power a set of matched 12 drivers and a silky smooth tweeter that will deliver solid performance in any setting rs115 the rs115 is a great traditional 15 sound with a great bottom a very smooth tweeter section and a light weight 38 lb package it has 250 watts of power and is great for small clubs all rs units come with a foot switch

silver series amplifiers we have introduced an entirely new line of products for the serious younger player it includes professional features such as a top quality sound and with a solid high output fet amplifier n15s the n15s features a 120 watt rms amplifier 8 ohms that is also 4 ohms capable it has dual channels and is made with all plywood construction the n15s has a big solid low end with smooth mids and has a very sweet sounding cast aluminum bullet tweeter for exceptional high frequency response this is one of the best sounding products in its range and is light weight and easy to move it includes casters and works well with 4 or 5 string instruments n28s now for something completely different this little micro metro will astound you with its punch and depth it works with 4 or 5 string basses and is stunning in its output level and tonal quality its 120 watts 8 ohms pushes this little unit right

nemesis n8 practice amp one of the biggest problems facing beginners is the ability to hear the nuances of the bass by offering them an amp that lets them hear exactly what and how they re playing new players will develop proper technique at an earlier stage of development the new nemesis n8 was developed with this goal in mind now with the introduction of the new nemesis n8 even beginners can have great tone this little unit 14.375 w x 19.25 h x 8.25 d 20 lbs has everything a new player needs to get started it s also an excellent choice for more advanced players needing an amp for personal practice or backstage warm-up the eden-designed 8 speaker is powered by a solid 40 watt rms amplifier front panel controls include active and passive inputs individual gain and volume controls bass mid and treble eq effects loop and headphone output other features include all-plywood construction and steel grill and stacking corners young players and their parents no longer have to wait for great