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7 take the comfort testtm ­ you ll instantly feel the difference the comfort testtm was developed to make sure that you feel and experience every aspect of stressless® comfort as well as all our patented features taking the test also shows you everything that really matters when you re choosing the recliner you re going to enjoy for many years to come you can take the comfort test in tm 7 are the height and width of the chair right for you 8 are you aware of how your entire body relaxes is the ottoman positioned in the right place to give you maximum leg support 9 10 is the recliner complemented by a matching reclining sofa just 5 minutes but most people relax and enjoy it for much longer stressless® recliners come in many different designs and sizes find your favourite and create your own comfort bubble can you adjust the headrest so that it lies flat when you recline 1 2 is your head supported comfortably as you lie down to read or watch tv 3 do you have the feeling that the seat

13 a stressless ® feature new stressless ® legend stressless ® magic medium best comfort ever last year we introduced stressless® magic featuring an extremely soft cushioning made of specially designed foam this unique cushioning feels instantly sumptuous and luxurious as you relax while it embraces and supports your body now you can enjoy the same level of ultimate comfort on the new matching sofas stressless® legend and stressless® wizard pages 16-17 as well as the new recliner stressless® voyager pages 10-11 stressless® legend high-back stressless® magic small s stressless® magic medium m stressless® magic large l stressless® legend low-back stressless® legend sofas and stressless® magic medium recliner shown in paloma rock/wenge stressless® duo table our complete range of models is shown on pages

19 stressless ® e200 a stressless feature ® stressless ® sofa with ergo adapt ® ­ whether you sit or lie down sit down and feel your body submerge into the soft cushion of a stressless® e200 e300 or long seat experience how the sofa adjusts to your body providing you with a perfect sitting angle now do the same lying down the feeling is the same only now the seat stays completely flat ultimate comfort that s the geniality of the ergoadapt system it is ® ergoadapt ® stressless® long seat ­ perfect for stretching out the ergoadapt® system is built into the from zero position to tilt position the new stressless® ergoadapt® system automatically tilts the seat as you sit down ­ providing the perfect degree of comfort and support seat base of the long seat providing ultimate comfort in any position the seat automatically tilts down giving your legs perfect support when seated while staying completely flat when you prefer to lie down the long seat can be freestanding or

25 a stressless accessory ® stressless ® jazz medium stressless ® jazz large close at hand stressless® flexi table this table is heightadjustable and the glass plate can easily be tilted and transformed into a standing pc-table for stressless® blues and stressless® jazz stressless® jazz medium m stressless® jazz large l time for stressless ® jazz it s funky it s groovy it s classy it s stressless® jazz with its elegant lines smooth surfaces and stainless steel curves the award-winning recliner truly lives up to its name when you sit down you immediately sense the renowned stressless® comfort this is a harmonious fusion of function and comfort that really strikes the right note yes it s cool ­ it s jazz stressless® jazz medium and stressless® jazz large recliners shown in paloma cerise stressless® flexi table our complete range of models is shown on pages

31 a corner for versatility stressless ® arion stressless ® orion lie down sit up stretch out curl up a medium corner or a big corner is the perfect complement to bring your sofa group together stressless® lets you choose from a number of combinations so you can find your personal comfort corner stressless® orion m stressless® taurus l stressless® arion high-back the combinations are available with the following models stressless® arion stressless® eldorado stressless® granada stressless® legend stressless® paradise medium and large stressless® wave and stressless® space large for more information see page 65 or visit stressless® design online at stressless® arion low-back mc 22 bc 22 mc 23 bc 23 stressless® arion sectional shown in batick snow/black wooden hoop and stressless® orion recliner in batick snow/black our complete range of models is shown on pages

37 complementing design stressless® offers a wide range of designs that complement each other perfectly this way you don t need to worry about not finding a matching chair or sofa ­ and you certainly don t need to compromise when you decorate your home just find the furniture that suits you and match it with a complementing design as shown in the picture below the stressless® paradise and the stressless® dream are a perfect match stressless® vision s stressless® dream m stressless® spirit l stressless ® paradise medium stressless ® paradise large stressless ® dream ekornes® ellipse table this flexible easy-to-move table is ideal because when you re in your `comfort zone you can easily reach everything you need stressless® paradise medium stressless® paradise large high-back stressless® paradise medium sofas shown in paloma light grey/wenge and stressless® dream recliner in paloma® black/wenge stressless® ellipse table ekornes® pegasus sofa table ekornes® corner

43 a stressless feature ® stressless ® buckingham stressless ® kensington high-back or low-back ­ choose your comfort sofas serve different purposes some are for lounging back reading or watching television others are for making guests feel at home or for enjoying long lazy afternoons that s why all stressless® sofas are available in both high-back and low-back with individually adjusting seats choose the combination you desire for any sized living space or setting stressless® buckingham high-back stressless® chelsea s stressless® mayfair m stressless® kensington l stressless® buckingham low-back stressless® buckingham sofas and stressless® kensington recliner shown in paloma black/natural ekornes® windsor sofa table our complete range of models is shown on pages

49 ekornes ® manhattan stressless ® eldorado a stressless ® accessory a multifunctional experience our stressless® ottoman is ingenious in at least two ways it has our built-in tilt system so the angle of the ottoman adjusts to your sitting position for even more comfort and under its removable top there s plenty of room for your remotes magazines and all those little extras stressless® eldorado stressless® tampa s stressless® reno m stressless® vegas l ekornes® manhattan ekornes® manhattan sofas and stressless® eldorado recliner shown in paloma khaki brown stained our complete range of models is shown on pages

55 simply great when you sit down it feels great when you look at it it looks great when you see a movie from it it heightens the movie experience the patented plustm system lets the neck support move in parallel to the lumbar support together with the height-adjustable headrest you re good to go for hours in front of the big screen choose between the ordinary armrest enjoy the practical features of the stressless® easy armrest table or the stressless® corner table perhaps you desire the multifunctionality of the upholstered sector or sector arm that can replace the armrest in fixed arrangements watching a movie from a stressless® home theater setup is simply remarkable stressless ® home theater stressless ® wave stressless® wave sca 121 shown in paloma khaki/steel legs stressless® oval ottoman stressless® space large sc 11 shown in classic vanilla/steel hoops stressless® easy armrest table stressless® double ottoman stressless® wave ct 121 shown in batick snow/round wooden

61 a stressless accessory ® functional tables designed for comfort and style all of our tables are developed to serve a special purpose some of them are designed to fulfil the unique stressless® comfort experience and some of them to complement specific stressless® sofa series the sofa tables with wooden legs are made of highquality toughened glass and beech and are available in seven different wood colors to match your furnishing and interior style a flexible and cleverly designed table in stainless steel and glass that fits perfectly above the seat of your sofa your snack or beverage is never more than an arm s length away stressless® coffee table can also be used as a side table and if you put two of them together they form an ingenious sofa table w:23 ½ h:19 ½ d:19 ½ stressless ® coffee table stressless ® flexi table exclusively designed in stainless steel and glass this table is height-adjustable and the glass plate can easily be tilted and transformed into a standing

67 stressless® magic s stressless® magic m stressless® magic l stressless® chelsea s stressless® mayfair m stressless® kensington l stressless® chelsea s stressless® mayfair m stressless® kensington l stressless® blues medium m stressless® blues large l stressless® orion m stressless® taurus l stressless® vision s stressless® dream m stressless® spirit l stressless® tampa s stressless® reno m stressless® vegas l stressless® tampa s stressless® reno m stressless® vegas l soft ottoman m w:20 ¾ h:17 ¼ d:19 ¼ soft ottoman l w:25 ¼ h:17 ¼ d:27 ¼ soft ottoman m w:20 ¾ h:17 ¼ d:19 ¼ ® soft ottoman l w:25 ¼ h:17 ¼ d:27 ¼ ® soft ottoman m w:20 ¾ h:17 ¼ d:19 ¼ soft ottoman l w:25 ¼ h:17 ¼ d:27 ¼ soft ottoman m w:20 ¾ h:17 ¼ d:19 ¼ soft ottoman l w:25 ¼ h:17 ¼ d:27 ¼ modern ottoman m w:20 h:17 ¼ d:15 ¾ modern ottoman l w:23 ½ h:17 ¼ d:23 ½ soft ottoman m w:20 ¾ h:17 ¼ d:19 ¼ soft ottoman l w:25 ¼ h:17 ¼