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4/5 the stressless book ® of

refreshingly comfortable the stressless e200 is a simple classic design which can complete the look of any living room with its multitude of colour options large comfortable cushions stylish legs and flexible modules this is a sofa that can be used for any and every occasion featuring the stressless® ergoadapt™ system the seat automatically angles in response to your body’s movement – turning every situation into a chance to relax ◂ stressless® e200 sofa shown in calido aqua steel legs stressless® easy armrest table read more about ergoadapt™ on page 63 our complete range of models is shown on pages

26/27 a perfect end to the day when quiet has finally descended on your home you can curl up in your own individual stressless® piano we understand that you want to spend a good deal of time in your stressless® so the quality of our recliners is of the utmost importance most of our stressless® recliners are available in all three sizes and with features such as the plus™ system absolutely everyone can enjoy a movie or good conversation in comfort stressless® piano m classic and stressless® piano l classic recliners shown in paloma sparrow blue walnut stressless® urban small

functional design a functional living room provides an extra feeling of comfort and the stressless® legend caters to practically every need enjoy extra-soft cushions an elegant design individually adjustable seats and the option to choose either high or low backs stressless ® legend stressless® legend sofa shown in paloma sparrow blue our complete range of models is shown on pages

40/41 inviting and exclusive stressless® windsor is for those who want to bring exclusivity to their home without compromising on maximum comfort both the low and high back models feature individually adjustable seats and a glide function that responds to even the smallest of

movie bonanza you move more than 300 times during the length of a movie this might sound exhausting but don’t despair – stressless® seating is designed to adjust to your every movement the spacious soft seats of your stressless® home cinema seating combined with a stressless® ottoman ensure an optimal movie experience regardless of how much space you have available for your home cinema setup our ingenious flexible modular designs ensure that there’s always space for a stressless® stressless® arion sc 11 shown in paloma tomato with steel legs stressless® oval ottoman stressless® arion sc 121 shown in paloma black with steel legs stressless® double ottoman the stressless® double ottoman features ample leg room for two plus a storage space inside it also comes with an optional wooden tabletop which can be placed on the ottoman to provide a handy table when needed the stressless® oval ottoman has been built around the same general idea

62/63 plus™ system perfect support and comfort regardless of whether you sit up straight or lean back this isn’t always easy to achieve but our unique plus™ system manages to ensure exactly that the provided neck and lumbar support adjusts as you move – perfect for watching the television however if the film fails to live up to expectations you can always activate the headrest’s sleep function with a single easy movement and enjoy a snooze 1 2 3 4 1 the patented stressless® plus™ system automatically adjusts the headrest as you recline – supporting your neck while you read watch tv and rest 2 anatomically correct lumbar support in all positions – synchronises with the neck support function as part of the stressless® plus™ system 3 the sleep function is activated with one simple movement to lay the headrest flat 4 for unbeatable comfort set the stressless® wheel once and then adjust your sitting position simply by

stressless® e200 1 seater w 75 h 83 d 96 seat height 46 2 seater w 172 h 83 d 96 seat height 46 3 seater w 238 h 83 d 96 seat height 46 long seat w 116 h 83 d 188 seat height 46 2 seater with long seat w 250 h 83 d 188 seat height 46 c 32/23 w 313 h 83 d 247 seat height 46 1 seater w 75 h 83 d 97 seat height 46 2 seater w 184 h 83 d 97 seat height 46 3 seater w 250 h 83 d 97 seat height 46 stressless® e300 side panel t=45 sp side panel t=45 armrest corner sp left right left right h 730 d 960 d headrest h 560 730 sd sd corner d longseatsh d 460 960 sd sofa lsua sd 560 ah 500 sh 460 ah 500 3sua ® right put your stresslessleft e200/e300 together exactly the way you want standard components standard components d sd c 32/23 left right w 319 h 83 d 253 seat height 46 2sua 1sua corner armrest left right ah h 2 seater with long seat w 262 h 83 d 190 standard components seat height 46 ah h 1sua side panel t=45 sp ah h 2sua h 730 d 960 sd 560 sh 460 ah 500 long seat w 130 h 83 d 190