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Elfa Norge A.S
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Elfa Manufacturing Poland Sp. z o. o.
Biuro Handlowe
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Elfa Manufacturing Poland Sp. z o. o.
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house of elfa nothing creates a more welcoming feeling than an organized home because when everything is in the right place you can concentrate on doing the things you like with the ones you love welcome to the house of elfa where everything is organized

mydressing room inredning classic i platinum

wall hang with white classic sliding doors estetic plain with filling satin white white frame

…and make your living room your favourite place with our smart storage solutions your stuff will take up less space and thereby give you more room to enjoy and socialize sliding doors estetic adapt with frame innocent birch and filling clear tempered glass wallbands with melamine shelves below sliding doors artic trio center with fillings grey avola foil and melamine with colour ncs s 3020-y60r matte silver frame white décor and utility

sliding doors vista plain with fillings full moon blue blueberry milk clear sky blue and happy plum matt silver frame wall hang with platinum classic platinum utility and utility door and wall rack

never do the washing again… …in a room that is messy when you organize your laundry room with drying shelves mesh storage bags and a smart drawer system the work will get a lot more fun white utility door and wall rack white utility wall hang with white utility platinum classic wall hang with white utility white drawer system

as we offer a wide assortment of customised sliding doors you can be sure to find your own favourite sliding doors estetic adapt with filling clear tempered glass sanded black frame wallbands with melamine shelves

everything relies on the top track if we would ever consider changing the name of this product it would be called “hero” this is the basic product that makes elfa so flexible and it’s super easy to install fasten the top track on the wall with only a few holes all other components are then simply hung on it wall hang with white classic the top track is the only thing you need to mount on the wall

our warranty covers any defects in materials and workmanship under normal home use for ventilated shelves brackets standards hang tracks drawers frames and movable components in sliding doors dividers for wire shelves makes it easy to organize your items after your needs top track everything hangs on the top track this is the only part you need to screw into the wall our smart drawers just got smarter with the mesh drawer divider top track cover covers the screw heads on the top track for a more finished look closet rod holder attaches the closet rod to the storage system shelf hook place an extra hook wherever you need one valet rod perfect for hanging storage in narrow spaces closet rod a bracket tray helps you keep track of your small items for hanging clothes in several different lengths door and wall rack basket creates space where there simply was none gliding pant rack pull-out pant rack gives a good overview of your pants gliding wire drawer perfect for all storage available

top track makes a stylish ending toward the ceiling and it is always in the same colour as the side profile the led light accessory are assembled in the top track led-lighting gives a soft and beautiful light energy efficient with long-life lamps no need for replacement soft closing function hidden function that is mounted in the top track makes the sliding doors close softly silently and safely sloping solution we offer sliding doors with sloping solution so you can be space-efficient fillings are available in many different materials and styles use one filling or combine several different fillings in the same sliding door wall hanged sliding doors bottom track the bottom track guides the sliding door and carries all the weight from the doors suitable as a door or room divider where an ordinary door would have required more space or where the ceiling is very high divider the divider creates a nice partition of the filling can be used to divide same filling or to combine two