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Elkhart Brass Manufacturing Company, Inc.
1302 West Beardsley Ave. • Elkhart, IN 46514
800-346-0250 • 1-574-295-8330


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elkhart brass our company elkhart brass is a 100 year “young” company with a strong tradition of close association with fire professionals the current catalog catalog f5 contains our complete product line at the time of ­printing as a market innovator we are continually expanding our product line and pushing the ­technological envelope to meet the challenges of the fire industry we invite you to visit our website www elkhartbrass.com to learn about our latest products and view detailed product information such as parts drawings and product certifications at elkhart we pride ourselves on being a company which delivers tailored engineering solutions ­utilizing the flexibility of our on-site capabilities located in elkhart indiana our corporate headquarters we provide a full-service operation ­customer service sales engineering foundry specialized manufacturing machining assembly and product testing if you have a special need please call us to discuss how we can