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industrial systems ercm industrial systems ercm hazardous location class 1 division 2 when a fire strikes seconds count prompt response can mean the difference between a minor inconvenience and a six-month plant shut-down instantaneous control needs to be in reach but well out of harm’s way at elkhart brass our advanced electronic controls provide prompt and dependable control of potential crisis situations that’s just one reason why many of the biggest names in industry protect their physical investments with our electronic remote controlled monitor systems ercms they also know we have the experience and capabilities to do the entire job right right from the start and all the way through final installation and service pre-engineered ercm systems are designed for remote firefighting and gas mitigation applications and support two to sixteen monitors thanks to systems expandability 5-3 7-3 spit-fire 8394053 features • 2000 gpm 7570 lpm max flow 200 psi 13.8 bar

industrial systems ercm base system 2x spit-fire monitors 2x brass x-stream master stream nozzles specify 1250 or 2000 gpm 2x monitor motor control panels mmcp 1x operator control panel ocp specify 1 or 2 monitor control optional multiconductor 7-45-4 cat 5/6 or fiber components options x-stream nozzle 1 industrial valve 2 motor controls 3 operator controls 4 x-stream series nozzle automatic industrial valve butterfly stainless steel touchscreen portable rf control portable rf control hmi touchscreen 5 components options control panels industrial systems ercm 6 illustration model 1250 gpm 4731 lpm 1 sm-1250be 2000 gpm 7570 lpm 1 sm-2000be 4” 1300 in/lbs torque 2 70117000 8” 2500 in/lbs torque 2 70133000 monitor motor control panel mmcp 3 81471068 operator control panel ocp 4 24359000 hmi control rooom consolette 5 24352078 wireless transmitter and receiver options 6 elkhart brass mfg co inc • 800.346.0250 • 1.574.295.8330 • fax 574.293.9914 •