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advanced information economics environmental impacts of transnational corporations in the global south research in political economy volume 33 editors paul cooney national university of general sarmiento argentina william sacher universidad andina simon bolívar ecuador synopsis this volume explores the impact of transnational corporations tncs on the environment of the global south during this period of neoliberal globalization since the end of the 1970s the role of tncs in the global economy has developed significantly and the subsequent changes to international institutions and the establishment of free trade zones have limited the effectiveness of environmental protections drawing together contributions from several continents this important book examines the environmental consequences and crises resulting from these changes it highlights the negative impact on the environment ecosystems and ways of living for many people across the globe and shows how this is reflected in the

advanced information education emerald points inclusive education in south africa and the developing world the search for an inclusive pedagogy emerald points author sigamoney naicker university of the western cape south africa synopsis this book offers policy makers teachers and teacher trainers a framework for understanding inclusive education in the developing world with a major focus on south africa it argues that planning for inclusive education must rupture old theories assumptions models and tools including a recognition of how the history of special education has psychologized failure with the mainstream taking ownership of the transformation to a fairer system the author contends that for inclusive education to take hold policy makers need to contextualize the curriculum to the needs of the developing country and to place the vulnerable and working class demographic at the heart of the planning process recognizing that the performative culture of developed countries will

advanced information education turbulence empowerment and marginalised groups in international education governance systems studies in educational administration editors alison taysum university of leicester uk khalid arar the college for academic studies israel synopsis this book investigates how governance at different levels can improve access to education for excluded communities it conceptualises turbulence empowerment and marginalisation in international educational governance systems and presents a comparative analysis of five nation states england arabs in israel northern ireland trinidad and tobago and the united states from these carefully-selected case studies readers are shown how senior level leaders describe turbulence in their systems and how they articulate both the kind of support they want and the support they actually get at the infrastructural resources and agency level it shows how the senior leaders hope to put their track records in school improvement into

advanced information education pedagogy in islamic education the madrasah context authors glenn hardaker university of brunei darussalam brunei aishah ahmad sabki beyond labels ltd uk synopsis pedagogy in islamic education looks towards higher education madrasahs in order to broaden understanding of education traditions in pedagogy as higher education becomes increasingly internationalised with unprecedented cultural and religious diversity there is a need to seek excellence from world religions this insightful volume offers just that opportunity illustrating how given the islamic premise of the inseparable nature of knowledge and the sacred islamic pedagogy is a spiritual rather than a social construct it provides a way to explore a universal approach to personalised learning by bringing together islamic and educational studies research this book opens up new avenues for investigation into islamic education and will be of particular interest to scholars working within the fields of

advanced information hr organizational behaviour emerald points living innovation from value creation to the greater good emerald points authors sang m lee university of nebraska-lincoln usa seongbae lim st mary s university usa synopsis the concept of innovation is always changing innovation systems are no longer rigid structures but agile and selfhealing systems and the goal of innovation is no longer limited to value-creation for organizations but often aims for much nobler goals namely creating a smart future where people are happy where organizations thrive and where the environment flourishes the emerging innovation paradigm for building a smart future is the practice of lived innovation here innovation and knowledge management experts sang m lee and seongbae lim offer a roadmap to these new territories and their futures drawing upon real-world examples from across the globe they explain the fundamentals of innovation they introduce emerging innovation tools such as convergence

advanced information information knowledge management internet oligopoly the corporate takeover of our digital world digital activism and society politics economy and culture in network communication author nikos smyrnaios université de toulouse france synopsis over the last decade the digital technologies in everyday life have multiplied our lives have been gradually taken over by digital devices networks and services although useful they have also become invasive additions to our personal professional and public lives this process has occurred in a globalized and deregulated economy and a few us-based start-ups transformed into an oligopoly of multinationals that today govern the informational infrastructure of our societies this book offers an analytical framework of the contemporary internet studied through the lens of history and political economy google apple facebook amazon and microsoft are examined as emblematic products of a new capitalist order that is resolutely

advanced information sociology gender and the media women s places advances in gender research volume 26 editors marcia texler segal indiana university southeast usa vasilikie demos university of minnesota-morris usa synopsis media images shape and are shaped by society they reflect the ways in which the social order changes and stays the same the contributors to gender and the media women’s places consider a variety of media to explore the impact of what is there as well as what is missing their focus is on women networks of the cyberbullying of women of color are rendered graphically and the agency claimed by women in western sahara refugee camps is shown in photos how college women and men respond to the masculinity reflected in hip-hop lyrics and videos and what it feels like to be a woman in a comic book store are conveyed in excerpts from interviews contributors detail how publications discuss rape in india and trafficking in moldova and ponder the absence of the topic of

advanced information sociology subcultures bodies and spaces essays on alternativity and maginalization emerald studies in alternativity and marginalization editors samantha holland leeds beckett university uk karl spracklen leeds beckett university uk synopsis alternativity delineates those spaces scenes club-cultures objects and practices in modern society that are considered to be actively designed to be counter or resistive to mainstream popular culture the idea of the alternative in popular culture became mainstream with the rise of the counter culture in 1960s america though there were earlier forms of alternative cultures in america and other western countries alternativity is associated with marginalization both actively pursued by individuals and imposed on individuals and sub-cultures and was originally represented and constructed through acts of transgression and through shared sub-cultural capital this edited collection maps the landscape of alternativity and

advanced information sociology media and power in international contexts perspectives on agency and identity studies in media and communications volume 16 editors apryl williams susquehanna university usa ruth tsuria seton hall university usa laura robinson santa clara university usa synopsis this special volume of emerald studies in media and communications is entitled media and power in international contexts perspectives on agency and identity scholars of communication media studies sociology and cultural studies come together to examine axioms of power at play across different forms of cultural production contributing to these fields the volume highlights the value of interdisciplinary work and international perspectives to enrich our understandings of agency and identity vis-a-vis key case studies of media consumption and production international contributions shed new light on the complex ways in which media reinforce and reflect power in different societal and national arenas

advanced information strategy the challenges of corporate entrepreneurship in the disruptive age advances in the study of entrepreneurship innovation economic growth volume 28 editors donald f kuratko indiana university bloomington usa sherry hoskinson university of delaware usa synopsis the new disruptive age in technology has presented a strategic game changer for most organizations the severe modifications in complete industries and unpredictable market conditions have created significant challenges for simple organizational survival let alone providing an avenue for growth innovation and new ventures these conditions have fostered a greater need for corporate innovative activities and a better understanding of the corporate entrepreneurial process within such an environment this volume focuses on the greatest challenges that exist in corporate entrepreneurship in this disruptive age and explores the complications posed by the dynamic environment that all organizations of today