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advanced information accounting finance the corporate real estate household government and non-bank financial sectors under financial stability the theory and practice of financial stability volume 3 author indranarain ramlall university of mauritius mauritius synopsis sound financial stability assessments necessitate intensive analysis of different sectors namely the banking sector the household sector the corporate sector the real estate sector the government sector and the non-bank financial sector this volume undertakes a systematic approach to provide a complete analysis and risk assessment of each of these sectors which interact closely to financial stability the book considers microprudential and macroprudential regulations and how they constitute core ingredients to ensure a sound and smooth functioning financial system the role of household debt as a coveted economic indicator of the building up of financial instability pressures the relation of the real estate sector to the

advanced information accounting finance a postmodern accounting theory an institutional approach author gaétan breton université du québec à montréal canada synopsis if accounting is a means of communicating information for decision-making then any attempt to define accounting must draw upon scholarly knowledge of communication and decision-making this means understanding accounting as a professional jargon a language and also as a social and psychological object that influences individual and collective behavior only when all of these aspects are accounted for can we hope to achieve a truly descriptive rather than normative accounting theory that will stand up to the rigors of academic inquiry here gaétan breton provides a comprehensive overview of what accounting really is not just what it is presumed to be for the purposes of ordinary day-to-day practicality-oriented accounting courses drawing upon frameworks employed in the human sciences—including those

advanced information economics austrian economics the next generation advances in austrian economics volume 23 series editors adam martin texas tech university usa daniel d amico brown university usa editor steven horwitz ball state university usa synopsis austrian economics the next generation brings together emerging and established scholars to explore the insights that can be gleaned from applying austrian economics to a range of different topics spanning a variety of related disciplines from history to politics to public policy this collection explores a wide range of topics and how they relate to key austrian themes how has austrian economics evolved over the past 40 years what is the relationship between history and economic theory how does the austrian school of economics compare to other evolutionary schools of economic thought what can public choice theory take from the concept of emergent order what role does departmental culture play in enabling or deterring police

advanced information economics understanding the mexican economy a social cultural and political overview authors roy boyd ohio university usa maria eugenia ibarrarán universidad iberoamericana mexico roberto vélez-grajales centro de estudios espinosa yglesias mexico synopsis the mexican economy is a contemporary political flashpoint and not just in mexico but in the united states as well yet few people understand it in its full complexity and fewer still understand the social cultural and historical factors that have helped to make it what it is today and that will continue to affect its future in understanding the mexican economy roy boyd maria eugenia ibarrarán and roberto vélez-grajales offer a comprehensive overview of these factors they provide a full historical economic and political context through which to understand the actions of the people and government of mexico and they give insights into how those actions impinge and might continue to impinge on the

advanced information education culturally responsive strategies for reforming stem higher education turning the tides on inequity editors kelly m mack association of american colleges and universities usa kate winter kate winter evaluation usa melissa soto association of american colleges and universities usa synopsis by the end of this decade the u.s economy will annually create hundreds of thousands of new jobs requiring a bachelor s degree in stem fields particularly computer science this increasing need for computer scientists coupled with an inconsistent agenda for managing dramatic shifts in the demographic landscape of higher education compromises our competitiveness in scientific discovery and innovation as higher education seeks to address this issue the need for more culturally responsive approaches to undergraduate stem teaching also increases this book uses the power of reflection storytelling and data to holistically demonstrate the effectiveness of a novel professional

advanced information hr organizational behaviour evidence-based innovation leadership creating entrepreneurship and innovation in organizations authors jon-arild johannessen nord university and kristiania university college denmark hanne stokvik nord university and kristiania university college denmark synopsis creativity in organizations is traditionally considered to be the domain of design marketing and research and development in practical terms this means that innovation and its implementation tend to become the sole responsibility of a few people rather than becoming part of the everyday pulse of life that runs throughout an organization as we transition from an industrial society to a global knowledge and innovation economy we need new breed of leaders and a new understanding of leadership jon-arild johannessen and hanne stokvik delve into the necessary conditions for this new type of leadership which they call “innovation leadership,” and develop a holistic model

advanced information information knowledge management emerald points knowledge management as a strategic asset an integrated historical approach emerald points author jon-arild johannessen nord university and kristiania university college denmark synopsis since it was established as a discipline in 1991 knowledge management has contributed significantly to our understanding of how firms can achieve competitive advantage to build a foundation for competitive advantage however a company must first consider knowledge management as a strategic asset it must truly grasp how knowledge management can be utilized to build the future of the company here jon-arild johannessen examines the history of knowledge management in order to highlight the contributions that the discipline can make to twenty-first-century strategic challenges through a series of case studies johannessen delves into the relations between knowledge management organizational learning innovation and internal training in

advanced information public policy environmental management cultural expertise and sociolegal studies special issue studies in law politics and society volume 78 editor austin sarat amherst college usa synopsis this special issue of studies in law politics and society aims to foster a dialogue that is inclusive constructive and innovative in order to lay the basis for evaluating the usefulness and impact of cultural expertise in modern litigation it investigates the scope of cultural expertise as a new socio-legal concept that broadly concerns the use of social sciences in connection with rights and the solution of conflicts while the definition of cultural expertise is new the conflicts it applies to are not and these range from criminal law to civil law including international human rights in this special issue socio-legal scientists with interdisciplinary backgrounds scrutinize the applicability of the notion of cultural expertise in europe and the rest of the world cases include

advanced information sociology gender and contemporary horror in film emerald studies in popular culture and gender editors samantha holland leeds beckett university uk robert shail leeds beckett university uk steven gerrard leeds beckett university uk synopsis the horror genre will always remain current because it reflects our anxieties shining a light onto our worst fears whilst creating worlds defined by darkness horror as a genre has always engaged with era-specific societal mores and moral panics often about isolation or abandonment changing family values and the role of women it is often specifically about how gender is constructed in everyday life women are commonly defined in horror by their passivity or monstrosity/sexuality or victimhood or a mix of the three at the same time women in horror are forced into psychological and physical torture ending in violent showdowns in which they emerge damaged but triumphant bringing together research from a wide range of established

advanced information sociology the politics of land research in political sociology volume 26 editor tim bartley washington university in st louis usa synopsis the politics of land are vital they stretch from fights over fracking gentrification and taxation to land grabs dispossession and border conflicts and they raise crucial questions about power authority violence populism and neoliberalism this volume of research in political sociology seeks to carve out a renewed political sociology of land bringing together classic questions about the state commodification and social change and contemporary studies of contentious land use in various parts of the world an introductory essay sketches foundations for a political sociology of land and specifies what is unique about land in comparison to other political objects chapters are based on highly original qualitative quantitative and/or historical analyses to shed light on numerous dimensions of land politics they include analyses of

advanced information strategy international business in the information and digital age progress in international business research volume 13 editors rob van tulder erasmus university the netherlands alain verbeke university of calgary canada lucia piscitello politecnico di milano italy synopsis this volume is dedicated to lorraine eden for her lifetime contributions to ib scholarship her research spanning several decades has addressed many interdisciplinary and societal themes at the heart of the ib field the story of her intellectual journey strongly influenced by the coming of age of the fourth industrial revolution is shared in the opening chapter of this volume this thirteenth volume in the pibr series covers an increasingly important area of research for international business ib scholars the role of multinational enterprises mnes in the digital and information age a limited number of mnes now dominate the landscape of the digital age but almost all internationally operating