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dependable design new brunswick™ celligen® pro pilot to production sip bioreactor

modular design easily adapts to changes in your process requirements the eppendorf line of new brunswick celligen® pro bioreactors provide a unique solution to the need for flexibility in pilot through production-scale bioprocessing the advanced modular cell culture systems feature off-theshelf components to enable rapid delivery and dependability these systems come with an industry-standard allen bradley® programmable-logic controller plc for reliable operation new brunswick celligen pro bioreactors incorporate robust devices to minimize maintenance and downtime eppendorf also offers training and a wide range of services to minimize start-up time and to provide ongoing support smart cgmp design open piping frame for easy access during operation and routine maintenance flush-mounted vessel ports in strategic locations to enhance our sterile design a variety of impeller options marine blade pitched blade spin filter cell lift and basket to facilitate your process production

headplate ports accommodate septum sprayballs level probes foam probes pressure transmitters rupture disk vessel light decanting columns and differential pressure transmitters resterilizable sip cip and addition valves enable sterile transfer of liquids into the vessel for ph and foam control or nutrient and media additions flush mount sanitary naconnect® quick connections in hard-to-clean locations eliminate dead legs extended jacket coverage surrounds the center and bottom of the vessel for optimal heat transfer allen bradley plc system lets you easily integrate data from auxiliary systems such as cip skids for total system

new brunswick™ celligen® pro vessel specifications vessel 60 l 120 l 240 l 500 l working volume 18.75 60 l 75.5 240 l magnetic drive 142 240 l 300 l 163 520 l 650 l total volume 75 l 37.5 120 l magnetic drive 65 120 l 150 l aspect ratio 1.9 1 nominal 1.9 1 nominal 1.6 1 nominal 2.1 1 nominal air flowrate 0 10 slpm 0 20 slpm 0 30 slpm 0 55 slpm construction code ratings asme/ce material 316l stainless steel vessel access optional headlift internal finish 15 ra 0.38 µm electropolish external finish 35 ra 0.89 µm brushed ribbon polish agitation range 0 150 rpm 0 150 rpm 0 150 rpm 0 150 rpm ac motor size 932 watts 1.25 hp 932 watts 1.25 hp 932 watts 1.25 hp 932 watts 1.25 hp drive top drive with double-mechanical seal or optional magnetic drive impeller options marine blade pitched blade spin filter cell lift packed-bed basket bottom drive with doublemechanical seal or optional magnetic drive ports headplate 3 1.5 in tri-clamps [dp transmitter rupture disk