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design success dasware® design software—applies design of experiments to

»perfect companions design of experiments and parallel bioreactor systems.« dasbox® mini bioreactor system for cell culture and microbiology the perfect tool for doe approaches the route to effective bioprocess development design of experiments doe is a structured method to investigate the influence of critical process parameters interactions and dependencies in bioprocess development in later manufacturing it streamlines post-approval changes and regulatory processes in early process development doe is a time and cost-effective way for clone and cell line screening or media optimization parallel cultivation systems fully support seamless doe

design your success through successful process design a reliable concept and diverse capabilities the dasware design software was developed to apply doe concepts to bioprocessing it is part of the dasware software suite for comprehensive bioprocess management the eppendorf dasbox® mini bioreactor systems and dasgip® parallel bioreactor systems are ideal platforms for easy implementation of design of experiments in bioprocesses the simultaneous operation of multiple bioreactors saves time reduces manual operations and eliminates reproducibility issues parallel bioreactor systems ensure defined and controlled process conditions to facilitate the screening of bacteria or cell cultures and the optimization of media or substrate quantities on small scale full factorial design dasware design comes with a full factorial doe builder users can easily define experimental factors and responses the software automatically fills doe data tables and positions runs on a random basis to

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