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epservices for premium performance epmotion ® epmotion performance plans epmotion and it’s dispensing tools are precision instruments as such they should be regularly maintained and calibrated which will help ensure continuing high accuracy precision and reproducibility with our performance plans options we help you maintain premium performance of your epmotion over an extended period of time our qualified service technicians will take care of your instrument our certification services include all function tests calibration and adjustment services needed for installation and operational qualification iq/oq of your instrument dispensing tools calibration calibration of the dispensing tools can be performed based on iso 8655 part 6 supporting your glp documentation value of service confidence in high quality results and instrument reliability simple service process professional maintenance keep your process in

epmotion® performance plans service operation order number for epmotion® 5070 order number for epmotion® 5073 order number for epmotion® 5075 cleaning and maintenance cleaning of housing/accessories checking epmotion® for external visible damages exchange of can bus cables/o-rings of dispensing tools software update functional check instrument set-up intitial operation instruction of user tip ejector level sensor and carrier barcode reader with epblue™ id thermal modules and vacuum chamber tmx module tmx module w magnetic finger module uv light/cleancap hepa filter memory evaluation of stored data verification calibration/adjustment of level sensor and carrier calibration/adjustment of vacuum chamber verification of operating parameters acc to specifications documentation check list provided dated service sticker to confirm eppendorf service iq report and certificate oq report and certificate supporting information contract period number of preventive services