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physiocare concept® make your lab a better

2 eppendorf physiocare concept the eppendorf physiocare concept® the mission of eppendorf has always been to improve the living conditions of their customers nowadays where people spend a lot of their time at work the ergonomics of their tools and the whole work environment is becoming more important for their well-being thus the development of each eppendorf pipette is based on three spheres that support the health of their customers sphere 2—the lab the physiocare concept allows the uncomplicated integration of instruments in the lab as well as adhering to its specific requirements each of these spheres offers stringent ergonomic criteria which are directly involved in the users work process sphere 1—the user sphere 2—the lab sphere 3—the laboratory

eppendorf physiocare concept sphere 1—the user the physiocare concept guarantees an ergonomic design and an optimized product performance according to the needs of the individual sphere 3—the laboratory workflow the physiocare concept ensures general support to enhance processes around the lab and improve the results of the whole organization

a holistic solution for improved work processes the word ergonomics is derived from the greek language »ergon« meaning movement and »nomos« meaning law combined they create a word that represents the study of designing equipment and devices that fit the human body its movements its cognitive abilities and thus reduces the physical and psychological stress the eppendorf physiocare concept with its three spheres encompasses the whole spectrum of ergonomics not just a single element rather than focusing on one specific product feature a physiocare labelled product always offers a holistic solution it starts with the product itself the shape the weight the forces the concept of operation from which emerges support that can enhance and improve lab

sphere 1 the user the direct impact of the product on the user is eppendorfs foremost concern eppendorf products are optimized to show with hand held devices like pipettes the user should benefit from low weight low operation forces and optimal control button positioning outstanding ergonomic design superior ease of use very precise handling a user should never be forced to make unnatural movements or to stress certain muscles or parts of the body excessively in this respect sphere 1 targets the most important thing — your everyday health and

sphere 2 the lab physiocare does not end at your fingertips the right storage and easy accessibility of your pipette helps to make your workflow easy and effective — as does the color coding of the different volumes eppendorf also offers various fully autoclavable pipettes — to keep your lab and your hands free from contamination sometimes small differences such as an easily identifiable color coding make a big change —  if you have to work with your pipette every

sphere 3 the workflow is the reproducibility of your results important for you would you like to use a calibrated and reliable pipette do you think documentation is necessary do you want to optimize your workflow would you like to learn more about pipetting eppendorf offers many forms of consultancy to enhance the processes around your lab and improve your results learn more about our extensive support for more information visit

your local distributor www.eppendorf.com/contact eppendorf ag · 22331 hamburg · germany eppendorf@eppendorf.com · www.eppendorf.com www.eppendorf.com/physiocare eppendorf® the eppendorf logo eppendorf physiocare concept® and physiocare concept® are registered trademarks of eppendorf ag hamburg germany epservices™ logo is a trademark of eppendorf ag hamburg germany all rights reserved including graphics and pictures copyright © 2013 by eppendorf ag order no aq32612 020/gb1/10t/1213/cchh/k&r · printed in