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extra versatile new brunswick™ bioflo ® /celligen® 115

2 easy to use and versatile too new brunswick bioflo/celligen 115 the new brunswick bioflo/celligen 115 is an exceptionally capable benchtop fermentor/bioreactor offered in 1 to 10 liter capacities this system has been designed to provide the versatility to grow a wide variety of cells and organisms it is ideally suited for biotechnology and pharmaceuticals biofuels r&d testing labs academic institutes and much more all 115 systems are pre-programmed with both fermentation and cell culture operating modes for maximum flexibility switching between modes automatically adjusts gas flow and speed ranges grow virtually any cell type aerobic or anaerobic bacteria yeasts insect plant and mammalian cells the compact control station includes everything needed for total process control color touchscreen interface three built-in pumps gas flow controllers for up to four gasses air/o2/n2/co2 foam/level sensors and ph/do controllers offered with water-jacketed or heat-blanketed vessels in

3 gas control options include automatic 4-gas mixing via solenoid valves manual gas mixing via rotameters automatic gas flow control via thermal mass flow controller tmfc manual gas flow control via up to 4 rotameters multiple gas flow ranges available ring sparger microsparger simple operation simple and logical layouts make the control screens easy to use and understand pre-defined drop-down selections radio buttons and tabs help you to quickly set up your process quick links at the bottom of each screen make it one-touch simple to navigate between setup calibration cascade pumps and summary displays reactor process control rpc software is provided as standard on all new brunswick benchtop fermentors and bioreactors for easy transition when you’re ready to scale up setup screens let you manage connections and operating modes for each vessel in your process exceptional application support our experienced and highly trained application specialists are readily

4 easy to get going and start growing the compact new brunswick bioflo/celligen 115 sets up in minutes adding extra vessels or a second/third utility station is plug-and-play simple no configuration needed control/utility station compact design cabinet footprint measures just 39.6 x 40.6 cm 15.6 x 16 in w x d touchscreen interface standard on control stations not provided on utility stations water-jacketed vessel shown with base heater exhaust gas condenser and magnetic drive motor heat-blanketed vessel shown with vessel stand exhaust gas condenser and direct drive motor easily accessed connections for sensors motor heater and sparge gas control up to four rotameters or a thermal mass flow controller two rotameters shown sampling assembly quick connects for water in/out allow utilities to be attached in seconds peristaltic pumps three fixed-speed 12 rpm pumps can be linked directly to medium acid base foam and level on-off easily accessed from the right side optional additional

5 a wide range of options and accessories 4 3 2 1 four impeller options provide flexibility to grow a wide variety of cell lines 1 rushton-type impellers for standard fermentation applications 2 low-shear pitched blades 3 marine blade impellers for gentle mixing of shearsensitive cell lines i.e insect plant and animal cultures 4 spin filters a cell-retention device used with a marine blade impeller for perfusion processes using anchoragedependent or suspension cultures exceptional flexibilty numerous threaded ports provide a high degree of flexibility for positioning sensors sampling tubes and exhaust gas condenser to suit your process port size vessel size 1l 6 mm 1 12 mm 9 19 mm 0 total ports 10 2l 6 7 0 13 5l 7 8 1 16 10 l 7 8 1 16 a wide range of accessories allows easy customization to meet your specific

6 intelligent controls operation made simple cell culture mode automatically mixes two three or four gasses for optimized cell growth two-gas mixing option in fermentation mode enables mixing air and oxygen for high cell yields easily switch between modes through touchscreen controls highly customizable gas flow options allow you to design a system specific to your needs choose one two three or four manual rotameters of various flow rates or select a digital tmfc  adjustable pid values for ph and do are automatically defined by vessel size or can be fine-tuned for the ultimate in control flexibility free firmware updates are easily accessed from our website no service technician or downtime compatible with new brunswick biocommand® software for advanced control strategies and data logging gauge screen change gas control modes and mix customize decimal displays set deadbands or change pi settings all from loop gauge screens dissolved oxygen do cascade screen automates

7 turn-key solutions simplify ordering and choose one of our pre-configured basic or advanced kits or design a fully configured system with many options easily add a second or third independentlyoperated vessel select a vessel kit and add a control or utility station ask your eppendorf sales representative about more options basic fermentation kit advanced fermentation kit advanced cell culture kit fermentor/bioreactor kit contents vessel kit – basic vessel kit – advanced master control station touchscreen temperature control agitation control ph/do control foam/level control 3 fixed-speed pumps manual gas mix automatic gas mix via 4 solenoids manual gas flow rotameter quantity shown add-a-vessel kit contents dish-bottom vessel with stainless steel headplate 1 heat blanket vessel stand agitation motor 50 – 1200 rpm fermentation direct drive agitation motor 25 – 200 rpm cell culture magnetic drive agitation motor 25 – 400 rpm cell culture direct drive

vessel specifications total volume 1l 2l 5l 10 l working volume 0.4 – 1.0 liters 0.8 – 2.2 liters 2.0 – 5.6 liters 4.0 – 10.5 liters design heat-blanketed or water-jacketed • all vessels are borosilicate glass autoclavable with dished-bottom weight 6.8 kg 15.0 lb 9.3 kg 20.5 lb 18 kg 39.5 lb 19.5 kg 43.0 lb bioflo®/celligen® 115 system specifications control station utility station aeration design compact control station with advanced integrated controller is capable of supporting up to 2 additional optional independent utility stations and vessels 21.3 cm 8.4 in industrial color touchscreen display is standard on the control station not included on optional utility stations fermentation and cell culture monitoring and control gas flow options 1 – 5 l 70 °c maximum temperature 10 l 65 °c maximum temperature pid for heating and cooling heat-blanketed vessels external heating blanket and immersed stainless steel cooling coil