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team players eppendorf microinjectors femtojet® 4i and femtojet®

precise compact and reliable microinjection has been a key method in cell research for several decades from classical developmental biology to genome editing with the crispr/cas9 system it allows addressing a wide range of experimental questions high–quality microinjection results require precision and reliability eppendorf s electronic microinjectors the femtojet® 4i and femtojet® 4x are your tools of choice for reproducibly injecting smallest volumes into oocytes adherent cells or small organisms/embryos the femtojet 4i and femtojet 4x are for research use only product features user-friendly operation for routine tasks injection volumes range from femtoliters to microliters programmable injection guarantees high reproducibility inject and clean function can be triggered on the device using the included foot control or optional hand control connection to injectman® 4 or transferman® 4r as well as injectman® ni 2 enables semi-automatic microinjection

perfect teamwork both the femtojet 4i and femtojet 4x can easily be combined with all types of micromanipulators yet they form the perfect system with other eppendorf instruments and consumables the electronic connection of femtojet 4i or 4x to the transferman 4r or injectman 4 guarantees simple rapid and reproducible microinjections into cells in addition all instruments can be connected to the eppendorf piezoxpert® for piezo-assisted microinjection the eppendorf micromanipulation system is designed to simplify your daily work and speed up your workflow injected specimen applications microinjection into suspension cells when combined with the transferman 4r micromanipulator e.g pronuclear injection of fertilized mouse oozytes reproducible and serial microinjection into adherent cells when combined with the injectman 4 micromanipulator microinjection into small organisms and embryos in the early stages of development e.g drosophila melanogaster zebrafish etc ⇢

technical specifications femtojet® 4i femtojet® 4x pressure display can be set to hpa or psi programmable parameters injection time injection pressure compensation pressure injection time 0.01 s – 99.99 s can be set in increments of 0.01 s injection pressure 5–6,000 hpa 0.07-87 psi compensation pressure 5–6,000 hpa 0.07-87 psi clean function maximum rinsing pressure of 6,000 hpa 87 psi continuous flow function 5–6,000 hpa 87 psi can be set in increments of 1 hpa 0.01 psi dimensions w × h × d weight 21.3 cm × 25 cm × 20.7 cm 5 kg serial interface 3.5 kg rs-232 usb for service only ordering information description international order no north america order no femtojet 4i programmable microinjector with integrated pressure supply including foot control 5252 000.013 5252000021 femtojet® 4x programmable microinjector with external pressure supply not included including foot control 5253 000.017 5253000025 ® accessories for