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easy visual volume check form follows function safe and contactless pipetting with ept.i.p.s.® 5 ml l tips another long distance tip completes the ept.i.p.s elongated pipette tips the new pipette tip ept.i.p.s 5 ml l with a length of 175 mm easily reaches the bottom of e.g 15 ml centrifugation tubes or graduated flasks avoiding sample loss or cross contamination of pipette and vessel the long and slim design of this new elongated 5 ml pipette tip gives you free access to your sample with reduced risk of touching the sides of tubes or the neck of your flask even minimal volumes can be recovered safely graduations allow easy visual recognition and control of liquid level when pipetting dispensing or diluting with this new 5 ml l ept.i.p.s pipette

extended reach minimizes sample loss no cross-contamination of pipette and sample easy visual volume check low ergonomic stress available in eppendorf quality™ eppendorf biopur® and as ep dualfilter t.i.p.s.® in pcr clean/sterile contamination free pipetting with ept.i.p.s.® 5 ml l tips is possible with following vessels vessel volume erlenmeyer flasks 100 – 500 ml schott® glass bottles 25 – 500 ml conical tubes 15 – 50 ml cell culture flasks 25 – 75 cm3 reaction tubes 0.1 – 5.0 ml cryogenic vials 1.0 – 4.5 ml oak ridge flasks edta tubes round bottom flasks 30 – 85 ml 5.0 – 10.0 ml 5.0 – 15.0 ml description color code purity international order no ep dualfilter t.i.p.s.® racks 5 × 24 120 tips 0.2 – 5 ml l 175 mm  p  urple pcr clean