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4 eppendorf epmotion family eppendorf epmotion® portfolio eppendorf epmotion® 96 eppendorf epmotion® 5070 the new epmotion 96 is an easy to use bench top system for high precision pipetting in 96 and 384-well plates it overcomes the limits of manual multichannel pipetting with its ergonomic design and intuitive controls epmotion 96 is a great tool for anyone who needs fast and precise liquid handling in 96 or 384-well formats save time and money while getting better reproducibility of your results from cell based assays elisa cell seeding nucleic acid quantification plate reformatting or other applications our smallest member of the epmotion family is the most compact solution for accurate and reproducible automated pipetting this makes the epmotion 5070 a perfect match for any routine application such as serial dilutions reagent distribution sample transfer from tubes to plates and sample normalization product features epmotion 96 electronic pipetting with parallel piston

eppendorf epmotion family accurate pipetting performance eppendorf air cushion free-jet or contact pipetting technology together with dedicated ept.i.p.s motion guarantee high precision and accuracy in 0.2 to 1,000 µl volume range while free-jet pipetting minimizes cross contamination contact pipetting can be used for better precision of small volumes thermomixer® fully integrated thermomixer with 2d mix-control improves yield and application results e.g resuspending bacteria pellets or magnetic beads peltier element for heating and cooling of sample and/or reagents flexibility of labware choice use the labware you use today with a growing data base of >1,200 labware files tubes range from 0.2 ml pcr to 50 ml conical tubes plate format of 6 to 96 and 384 wells supported micro plates and deepwell plates from various suppliers with special adapters for cooling and heating in our large portfolio of accessories can be applied eppendorf 3d-magsep™ technology combination of

10 eppendorf epmotion family eppendorf epmotion® 96 the epmotion 96 improves workflow and ensures reprodu­ cibility by making pipetting whole 96 and 384 well plates faster and easier than ever product features volume ranges 0.5 μl to 300 μl or 5 µl to 1,000 µl electronic pipetting with synchronous 96-channel piston movement for better precision and reproducibility of results auto-detect function for tip size use 50 μl 300 μl and 1,000 µl reload tips for best accuracy intuitive and industry proven software concept and convenient touch screen control intelligent preset applications aspiration dilution multi dispense pipette and mix available with 1 position or 2-position slider compact design to fit under the laminar flow hood reduced risk of repetitive stress injury rsi applications replication and reformatting of microplates cell seeding and media change reagent and compound addition 384 wells by 4 times 96 well pipetting cell-based assays

eppendorf epmotion family 13 eppendorf epmotion® 5070f with the epmotion 5070f all the benefits of automated pipetting are available for liquid handling tasks inside a cell culture bench or fume hood cell maintenance is one of the most repetitive tasks in life science research the epmotion 5070f allows you to automate key processes such as seeding cells media changes or performing assays e.g cytotoxicity it enables you to handle 6 24 or 48 well plate or even denser formats from 96 to 384 wells same as 5070 plus light barrier beam – monitors the closure of the bench hood for safety pre-programmed cell culture labware sterile pipet tips available autoclavable pipetting tools 5070f in cell flow

16 eppendorf epmotion family eppendorf epmotion® 5075l  he epmotion 5075l is the perfect solution for more complex t pipetting tasks it offers the same precision and accuracy as the epmotion 5070 5073 making it the ideal tool for demanding applications and higher throughput the 15 positions and the automatic tool exchange expand the application range to handle complex patterns and higher sample numbers with heating and cooling and the gripper option the epmotion 5075l is one of the most flexible automated liquid handling systems available 15 slas/ansi deck positions and unlimited virtual positions automatic exchange of 4 pipetting tools and gripper plate stacking – 5 microplates or 2 deepwell plates can be stacked by the gripper volume range of 0.2 μl to 1,000 μl for maximum versatility 3 thermal module options for heating or cooling of samples or reagents cleancap option – uv lamp and hepa filter for decontamination and clean air conditions

eppendorf epmotion family 19 eppendorf epmotion® 5075m the epmotion 5075m is the most flexible member of the epmotion family of automated pipetting systems with a large number of worktable positions and the mixing temperature control and magnetic bead separation abilities it`s ideally suited for various applications in the lab same as 5075t plus eppendorf 3d-magsep technology – facilitates magnetic separation mixing and temperature control in one location dedicated eppendorf magsep reagent kits for nucleic acid purification form 1–24 samples add optional preprack and reagentrack for use of eppendorf magsep kits just open bottles 3× prep assistants for user guided automation of nucleic acid purification with eppendorf magsep kits 4× pcr assistants to streamline pcr set-up

22 eppendorf epmotion family ease of use and flexibility the eppendorf easycon tablet is optimized for simple and comfortable access to liquid handling automation its space saving size is designed especially for the smaller members of the epmotion family 5070 5073 it has a large color display and is operated by touch or mouse control the key feature of the eppendorf easycon tablet however is its flexibility with pre-installed software assistants for easy and fast application runs and the epblue studio software for programing more complex liquid handling tasks touch screen or mouse control pre-installed software assistants epblue software 4× usb 2.0 ports for data transfer data backup csv and xml file exchange no extra power supply needed the eppendorf multicon pc versions define a new dimension in ease-of use and safety as premium product an industrial pc is included which ensures maximum working reliability by standardization and the multiple quality checks each

epservices for premium performance epservices for epmotion® – keep your process in motion it’s all about accuracy and reliability the epmotion and its dispensing tools are precision instruments as such they require regular maintenance which help prevent failures and keep your processes moving forward regular calibration of the dispensing tools will ensure system accuracy precision and reliability our performance plan options will allow you to maintain premium functioning of your epmotion over the life of the system eppendorf’s highly skilled service technicians perform the adjustments and repairs to return your system to manufacturer specifications less effort more impact our global certification services for epmotion gxp comply with fda 21 cfr part 11 eu gmp annex 11 glp and gamp 5 regulations we provide installation and operational qualification iq/oq services and the accompanying documentation to assist in the validation process of the instrument and the

28 eppendorf epmotion family technical specifications surface of systems 5070 39 in/98 cm 24 in/62 cm 5070 26 in/65 cm 19 in/48 cm 25 in/63 cm n.a width depth dimensions of device cleancap extra width depth height height weight without packaging and accessories 5070 5070f 5073l 5073m 45 kg 33 kg 50 kg 57 kg 99.2 lb 72.8 lb 110 lb 125.7 lb cleancap 5073 5 kg 11 lb power supply voltage frequency standby max output 5070 100–240 v ±10  50–60 hz ±5  50 w 150 w pipetting performance specifications measured based on iso 8655-6 single-channel tool volume ts 10 10 µl 1 µl 200 nl ts 50 50 µl 1 µl ts 300 300 µl 20 µl ts 1000 1,000 µl 40 µl 5073 39 in/98 cm 30 in/75 cm 5073 26 in/65 cm 24 in/61 cm 27 in/67 cm 4 in/10 cm 5075 56 in/140 cm 30 in/75 cm 5075 43 in/107 cm 24 in/61 cm 27 in/67 cm 4 in/10 cm 5075l 5075t 5075v 5075vt 5075m cleancap 5075 85 kg 87 kg 86 kg 90 kg 88 kg 10 kg 187.4 lb 191.8 lb 189.6 lb 198.4 lb 194 lb 22.1 lb 5073

eppendorf epmotion family 31 description international ordering no north america ordering no dispensing tools highly precise pipetting heads for use in the tool holder of the epmotion® workstation each dispensing tool is completely autoclavable at 121 °c 1 bar for 20 min a quality certificate for the measurement results accompanies each tool ts 10 single-channel dispensing tool for the volume range 0.2–10 μl 5280 000.100 ts 50 single-channel dispensing tool for the volume range 1–50 μl 5280 000.010 960001010 ts 300 single-channel dispensing tool for the volume range 20–300 μl 5280 000.037 960001028 ts 1000 single-channel dispensing tool for the volume range 40–1,000 μl 5280 000.053 960001036 tm 10-8 8-channel dispensing tool for the volume range 0.2–10 μl 5280 000.304 tm 50-8 8-channel dispensing tool for the volume range 1–50 μl 5280 000.215 960001044 tm 300-8 8-channel dispensing tool for the volume range

your local distributor eppendorf ag · 22331 hamburg · germany · eppendorf north america inc · phone 800-645-3050 · eppendorf canada ltd · phone 800-263-8715 · only for epmotion m5073 m5073c 5073m 5073mc and 5075m limited use label license notice to purchaser limited license for research use only this product and its use may be covered by one or more patents owned by gen-probe incorporated the purchase price for this product includes only limited nontransferable rights under certain claims of certain patents owned by gen-probe incorporated to use this product for research purposes only no other rights are conveyed purchaser is not granted any rights under patents of gen-probe incorporated to use this product for any commercial use further information regarding purchasing a license under