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larger display — easier working generation e multipette® e3 and e3x dispensing without compromise on accuracy and

2 eppendorf multipette e3 / e3x eppendorf multipette e3 / e3x »there are many reasons for a multipette® you are the most important one!« in 1979 17 years after introducing the first piston-stroke pipette eppendorf revolutionized the life science market again —  always having customer needs in mind the first positive-displacement pipette the multipette made serial pipetting without repeated liquid aspiration possible since then several generations of mechanical and electronic mulitpettes have facilitated your daily laboratory work we now introduce our new electronic multipettes e3 and e3x read how a multipette makes your everyday routines faster and easier save time the eppendorf multipette pipettes make long pipetting series faster and easier the aspirated liquid can be dispensed up to 100 times without a refill it is an ideal and smart solution for filling plates or large series of tubes e.g nucleic acid purification

4 eppendorf multipette e3 / e3x the one pipette missing in your pipette set you save time and money you work stress-free you get reliable results  ew easy to read enlarged n color display optimized contrast clear arrangement of all adjustable parameters one button tip ejection enables one handed operation new rfid chip contains all relevant data regarding the multipette serial no dispensing vol factory adjustment and more for more information one instrument only for precise pipetting from 1 µl to 50 ml automatic tip recognition perfected system with combitips advanced® for reproducible dispensing results defined dispensing speed increases the reproducibility of results eight different speed levels allow the optimum speed for each application reduced minimum speed increase the limit of viscosity of dispensable liquids increased maximum speed saves time without splashing selection wheel with seven operation modes with multipette

6 eppendorf multipette e3 / e3x eppendorf multipette e3 / e3x positive comments from participants multipette® e3 and multipette® e3x at a glance participants of an independent usability study conducted at the institute of human factors engineering technical university darmstadt germany showed positive responses the display always shows exactly what to do aspirating liquid and dispensing in individual steps was easy the settings were also easily made user-friendly operation and clear menu navigation — complex settings made easy c bender biology student darmstadt germany m reinhard dipl biol darmstadt germany anonymous tester feature high speed dispensing with motorized piston automatic combitip® advanced® tip recognition multipette e3 multipette e3x one button tip ejection volume range from 1 μl to 50 ml li-ion battery illuminated display automatic dispensing pipetting dispensing aspirate pipetting of supernatants titrate

multipette® e3 / e3x ordering information description multipette® e3 with charging adapter and 2 combitips advanced® assortment packs multipette® e3 with charger stand 2 combitips advanced® assortment packs and charging stand multipette® e3x with charging adapter and 2 combitips advanced® assortment packs multipette® e3x with charger stand 2 combitips advanced® assortment packs and charging stand charger stand for multipette® stream/multipette® xstream/multipette® e3 e3x for one device charger carousel for 4 eppendorf xplorer® and xplorer® plus multipette® charger shell for charger carousel eppendorf xplorer/eppendorf xplorer plus 4880 000.026 wallmount for multipette® stream/multipette® xstream/multipette® e3 e3x eppendorf trackit consisting of software and rfid reader ordering information for combitips advanced and accessories combitips advanced® color coding eppendorf quality™ box of 100 pcs 4 bags ×