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2 eppendorf multipette e3 / e3x eppendorf multipette e3 / e3x »there are many reasons for a multipette® you are the most important one!« in 1979 17 years after introducing the first piston-stroke pipette eppendorf revolutionized the life science market again —  always having customer needs in mind the first positive-displacement pipette the multipette made serial pipetting without repeated liquid aspiration possible since then several generations of mechanical and electronic mulitpettes have facilitated your daily laboratory work we now introduce our new electronic multipettes e3 and e3x read how a multipette makes your everyday routines faster and easier save time the eppendorf multipette pipettes make long pipetting series faster and easier the aspirated liquid can be dispensed up to 100 times without a refill it is an ideal and smart solution for filling plates or large series of tubes e.g nucleic acid purification kits multipette e3 and multipette e3x are the experts for long series pipetting and non-aqueous liquids relax with the light weight multipette e3 the risk of repetitive strain injuries is reduced in various ways it minimizes operation forces through an electronic motor drive and buttons are positioned to accommodate natural hand movements a new enlarged display reduces eyes strain when reviewing settings work precisely and safely the optimized system of multipette and combitips® allows automatic tip recognition for ease of use the syringe style combitip maximizes pipetting accuracy and precision it is not affected by liquid properties most manual pipetting errors and provides protection from aerosol contamination 3