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4 eppendorf multipette e3 / e3x the one pipette missing in your pipette set you save time and money you work stress-free you get reliable results  ew easy to read enlarged n color display optimized contrast clear arrangement of all adjustable parameters one button tip ejection enables one handed operation new rfid chip contains all relevant data regarding the multipette serial no dispensing vol factory adjustment and more for more information one instrument only for precise pipetting from 1 µl to 50 ml automatic tip recognition perfected system with combitips advanced® for reproducible dispensing results defined dispensing speed increases the reproducibility of results eight different speed levels allow the optimum speed for each application reduced minimum speed increase the limit of viscosity of dispensable liquids increased maximum speed saves time without splashing selection wheel with seven operation modes with multipette e3x dispensing serial pipetting for up to 100 steps in a row automatic dispensing volume is dispensed at fixed intervals between 0.1 s and 10 s pipetting precise liquid transfer of up to 50ml sequential dispensing individual volume setting for up to 16 dispensing steps multi-aspirate consecutive aspiration of liquid of the same volume into one combitip new aspirate and dispensing uptake and volume calculation of an unknown volume with immediate dispense in desired partial volumes titrate sensitive dosing of liquids while volume is displayed new store up to 225 different parameter settings to save programming time for routine applications new sleep mode saves battery when not in use and wakes up when multipette is moved long life lithium-ion battery allows filling of more than hundred 96-well plates in a row  ew software shows all n selected parameters at one glance proven intuitive software navigation — similar to eppendorf xplorer® pipettes  ew display in 9 different n languages