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get more eppendorf twin.tec® pcr plates lobind eppendorf’s innovative lobind material improves the recovery of nucleic acids by reducing their absorption to the tube wall eppendorf twin.tec pcr plates lobind ensure nearly 100 dna/rna recovery without the use of a coating eliminating the risk of sample contamination polypropylene wells with lobind characteristics are designed to maximize yield of your target molecules dna is less likely to bind to polypropylene and thus remains within the liquid subsequently more molecules are available for the chemical reaction e.g pcr features • maximum sample recovery • one-piece design combining a polycarbonate frame and polypropylene wells for optimum performance • thin-walled wells guarantee optimum heat transfer • exceptionally solid and torque-resistant frame • optitrack® matrix for faster sample identification • raised well rims for effective sealing • batch-tested and certified free of

increase the number of reads and transcript species in ngs insufficient number of reads or variation in transcript species can limit your success in library preparation for ngs with the twin.tec pcr plate lobind you can improve both the number of reads and the number of different transcript species find more information at application note no 375 at average number of transcript species of 10 ng total rna library eppendorf lobind average number of transcript species of 50 ng total rna library standard eppendorf lobind standard the average number of transcript species of ngs libraries prepared from 10 ng and 50 ng total rna of primary huvec cells in eppendorf lobind and standard plates the average number of transcript species is up to 30 higher in eppendorf lobind than in standard plates n=3 minimize dna loss over time loss of dna in sample preparation can cause problems in various applications like ngs and qpcr with the twin.tec pcr plate lobind you can minimize