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highest precision dasgip® phpo ga and od4 for monitoring and control of

versatility in ph do level and redox monitoring and control dasgip phpo modules eppendorf offers a range of dasgip phpo bioprocess analyzers choose from a variety of models offering measurement and online control of ph dissolved oxygen do redox potential and/or level/foam each module enables parallel monitoring of four or eight ph sensors for highest precision temperature compensation is performed using two pt100 sensors easy-to-use one or two point calibration schemes are integrated with our control software dasware® control formerly dasgip control users benefit from parallel cleaning and calibration procedures dasgip ph4po4l and ph4po4rd4l feature 4 optional conductivity-based level inputs four or eight input channels for parallel monitoring and control of bioreactors depending on model industry-standard ph do and pt100 sensor connections optical do sensors available hamilton® visiferm® without the need for external power supply optional level/foam and redox sensors

automated calculation of otr ctr and rq dasgip ga modules for exhaust analysis eppendorf dasgip ga4 supports precise online monitoring in four exhaust oxygen and four carbon dioxide analyzer channels four integrated mass flow sensors enable automatic calculation of oxygen transfer rate otr carbon dioxide transfer rate ctr and respiratory quotient rq in this way researchers gain valuable insights into critical culture parameters such as biomass development substrate consumption and product formation data can be used for automated process control e.g agitation gassing substrate feed or anti foam addition—boosting accurate individual control and high process automation at the same time no multiplexing continuous and accurate data available with two alternative electrochemical o2 sensors zirconium dioxide sensor for good long-term stability and galvanic cell for extended o2 concentration range and suitable for anaerobic fermentations robust dual-beam infrared co2 sensor

online cell growth monitoring dasgip od4 for optical density measurement dasgip od4 offers easy measurement of cell density in up to four vessels integrated correlations to offline parameters such as od600 or cell dry weight cdw provide online cell growth information dasgip od sensors are free of maintenance and available with various path lengths 5 10 and 20 mm making them optimal for cell culture and microbial applications proprietary cancellation technology for bubble-induced noise raw signal 0 – 5 au is correlated individually for each channel into od cdw cell wet weight cww total cell density tcd and others stand-alone solutions for monitoring seamless integration using the dasgip easyaccess software package dasgip ga4 and od4 modules can not only be used as part of dasgip parallel bioreactor systems but also stand-alone or integrated with new brunswick™ and third-party software opc communication allows seamless integration with existing process control

sensors do sensors standard clark electrodes as well as optical sensors ph sensors electrodes and optical sensors for accurate monitoring of ph redox sensors accurate monitoring of orp redox potential level sensors level control by foam-induced antifoam addition od sensors optical absorbance measurement with different optical path lengths temperature sensors platinum rtd temperature sensors pt100  for sensor details and ordering information please visit your local eshop going to www.eppendorf.com »as easy as stacking blocks.« the flexible eppendorf dasgip modules for monitoring and control meet the highest demands in research and process development labs or as a part of quality assurance the parallel nature of the dasgip modules and their compact stackable design enable individual operation of up to 16 bioreactors while making optimal use of lab space for more information please also refer to our brochures on dasgip solutions for temperature/agitation control feeding and

technical data and ordering information ph4po4 ph4po4l ph4rd4 ph8po8 ph4po4rd4l ph measurement channels 4 4 4 8 4 measurement range depending on sensor 0 – 14 0 – 14 0 – 14 0 – 14 0 – 14 do measurement channels 4 4 – 8 4 measurement range depending on sensor 0 – 500 do 0 – 500 do – 0 – 500 do 0 – 500 do pt100-type temperature sensor inputs 2 2 2 2 2 ntc-type temperature sensor inputs 4 4 4 8 4 channels – – 4 – 4 measurement range depending on sensor – – -2,000 – 2,000 mv – -2,000 – 2,000 mv channels – 4 – – 4 order number 76dgph4po4 76dgph4po4l 76dgph4rd4 76dgph8po8 76dgph4po4rdl temperature compensation orp redox measurement level measurement od4 od measurement channels 4 measurement range depending on sensor 0 – 5 au order number 76dgod4 order number stand-alone 76dmod4 ga4 ga4e ga1 ga2 measurement channels o2 co2 mass