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imagine the new eppendorf cell imaging consumables whether you perform inverse microscopy of living or fixed cells seed cells on microscope slides or cover glasses run parallel experiments or single investigations the new eppendorf cell imaging consumables offer tailored solutions for best optical performance in your imaging experiments premium design and manufacturing is combined with vigorous quality assurance during production all cell culture products are equipped with advanced surface properties to support reliable adhesion and spreading of your cells innovative design for ergonomic handling and optimized microscopic cell observation superior surface performance for adherent cells due to innovative tissue culture treatment low autofluorescence and high light transmission for enhanced signal-to-noise ratio easy access to the complete imaging area with immersion lenses for better handling and microscope compatibility precise planarity supports high

eppendorf cell imaging consumables the right product for your imaging applications eppendorf cell imaging consumables are offered in a variety of formats to suit your application needs innovative tc treated surfaces facilitate the growth of most adherent cell types eppendorf cell imaging plates are black 24 or 96-well plates with clear bottom made of either a thin 25 µm film or a 170 µm cover glass the plates with film bottom show excellent light transmission rates even for uv-a and uv-b light the autofluorescence of the material is lower than a conventional polystyrene bottom with a significant reduction in background signaling furthermore the film bottom enables high gas transfer oxygen supply and equilibration with the atmosphere are achieved directly through the plate bottom the glass bottom plates offer excellent planarity for sophisticated microscopic analysis 1 eppendorf cell imaging dishes ensure excellent results in the high resolution microscopy of living and fixed

eppendorf cell imaging dishes tc treated cover glass bottom available thickness 145 μm and 170 μm 18 mm central cavity for defined cell growth and staining low height allows easy access for micromanipulation microinjection excellent planarity eppendorf cell imaging slides and coverglasses slides with 1 mm thickness or 170 μm cover glass bottom improved cell adhesion due to innovative tc treated glass surface high chemical resistance for reliable fixation even with acetone easy and tool-free removal of chambers eppendorf cell imaging plates glass bottom with excellent pla narity for reliable results ultrathin film bottom allows for high gas permeability and uv-light transparency ideal for phototoxicity and hypoxia studies excellent signal-to-noise ratio individually wrapped for reliable purity ordering information description eppendorf cell imaging dishes with cover glass bottom tc treated sterile free of detectable pyrogens rnase and dnase dna